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About Me

As far as music goes, I like pretty much everything, but have a special affection for folk/jazz/"world" music.

Favorite Songs

Depends on my mood.

Favorite Artists

Pinback, Tom Waits, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Sean Hayes, Taj Mahal, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Greg Brown, Leo Kottke, Leon Redbone, The Cure, Habib Koite, The Magnetic Fields, Neko Case, The Be Good Tanyas, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Iron and Wine, Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel, Built to Spill, Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom, Tom Petty, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Gillian Welch

Favorite Albums

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-Wilco, Crossing Muddy Waters- John Hiatt, Big Earful-Claudia Schmidt, Still on the Journey-Sweet Honey in the Rock, Alabama Chicken- Sean Hayes, Chinatown-The Be Good Tanyas, Alice- Tom Waits

Recent Concerts

The Swell Season- Savoy, Düsseldorf Germany The Decemberists- Fox Theater, Oakland CA


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lovely Human


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I'm glad to hear you like the mix. Thanks & cheers!


Hey, wanted you to know I really liked the December mix. Thanks a lot.


Just got it today;haven't listened to it yet, but will let you know once I have. Thanks.


That's weird, I was your Nov. sender. Hope you received it?


I apologize for the delay but your mix has been sent.


Hi Megan. Glad to hear you liked the mixes (and covers). The April mix wasn't what I'd typically listen to, but it was a bit of a nostalgia trip for me. Tschuss!


Thanks for a great mix!


Hi Megan Yeah Im up for a side trade.You may mailing infor to my email. trishmull77@comcast.net I look forward to hearing from you! Trish


Hi Megan, thanks again for the December mix you sent to me - I'm listening to it again right now, I've been really enjoying it. We went away with friends for NYE - I put your CD on in the car on the way back and our friends have asked for a copy.


Dear Magen I have a niceplaylist of world music is you ever want to do a side trade.Trish


Oh, no! I am late sending for August! It goes out today!


I'm so glad you got the mix okay! Enjoy Deutschland!


Hi Megan! I sent your July mix a couple weeks ago but I just noticed that your address changed. Do you get mail forwarded from your CA address or do I need to send a replacement? -Jenny


Hi Megan, I've got you for June... I'll be sending it out this week. I'll throw in an extra (bonus or not) to ease my guilt.


Hey, just to let you know your march mix went in the post this morning (march 24th) from London. Hope you like it!


hey megan, thanks for the mix last month and sorry to get back to you so late. It was all very new listening to me.. but very enjoyable. thanks again

Xiao Wen

Hey you! Thanks for your kind comments :) Glad you like the mixtape. Enjoy your week ahead! Cheers, X-Wen www.fash-eccentric.com

Xiao Wen

Hi Megan! I sent in your Feb mixtape last week - soooo sorry for the delay! Had a few projects to finish up. Hope you like it! xoxo X-Wen :)


Hey glad you liked it - did it first for a sax playing friend's birthday and thought it ideal for a chilly January!


Hey Megan. Your December mix is in the post, winging it's way across the pond from England. Sorry it's late - I have been ill - but it is a 2 disc-er to make up for it...


Thanks! I'm glad the mix made it to you safely & that you're enjoying it. Agreed...cheese curds are delish! My mom is from Wisconsin & childhood summer vacations were not complete without curds for the kids & Leinies for the adults. Hope you get your fix soon!


Hi Megan. I'm your November MixMaker. I dropped it in the mail today (11/17) & it should make its way to you in the next 3-4 days. Please let me know if you have any problems. Otherwise, I hope you dig the mix. Thanks, Ashley


Hi Megan! I'm getting your September mix ready, and wanted to know if you wouldn't mind sending a stamped postcard from where you are. I'm gaslighting some friends as to my whereabouts, and Berkeley sounds like a good a place as any for me to fake-be. :)


Aw, thanks! Glad you got a kick out of it.


Hopefully you'll like the one I'm about to mail you (today!)... it's all covers, but I think I avoid most of the usual suspects. It's got a Pinback cover, so I'm glad to see you like them.


fun cd! I like how the song order progresses - very clever. Also, LOVE the case! thanks so much!

Son of Ravyn

Hi there. In addition to being IMP member, I am a freelance music writer. I have been working on a feature article on the IMP for my local alt-weekly, The Houston Press. I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions: How long have you been an IMP participant? Do you know Ryan outside of the IMP? Were you a mixtaper prior to participation in the project? Why do you make mixtapes? Do you get more out of making mixtapes or out of receiving them? Have you found IMP to be a good source for discovering new music (even if that would be old music thatâs new to you)? What is your occupation? How much time do you spend, on average, per Mixtape? Do you feel that artwork is an important part of a Mixtape? Would you recommend IMP to others? In addition to these few questions, anything youâd like to add would be more than welcome. Feel free to be as loquacious or succinct as you like. nicholas.l.hall@constellation.com


Thanks for the Locomotion Mix! I haven't had an opportunity to fully listen to it, but looks like some great stuff.

Son of Ravyn

Mix is in transit as of today. Sorry for the delay. Let me know when you get it, and what you think, eh?

Son of Ravyn

Hey, I thought I had covered all my bases, but apparently you slipped through the cracks. I am about 3 months behind on my mixes, due to the fact that my daughter wrecked my computer. I have been rebuilding my mp3 library and trying to get out mixes, but it's been kinda slow. Sorry for the delay. I'll try to have yours out in a few days; I just finished April's mix and am working on yours as we speak. Thanks for being cool about it. Nick


hey... i know you :)


Do you listen to music when studying the bones?


ALICE by Tom Waits!!! Mee Too. Imagine that.


you like shadows too...


nice selection of music on your mixtape by the way.


nothing wrong with a little bones.


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