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If You See Kaye

About Me


Search 'Cornelius' on Facebook and 'friend' me, friend.

My 7 year old daughter Eva is my light. My wife is my beautiful. Music is my religion. Telelvision is the Satan. Black Rock City, Nevada is my Atlantis. Team Robot is my X-men. Intruder Alert! is my 'zine. When I was little I wanted to grow up and be Star Wars.

I am a part time robot operator, desert camper, bike rider, pen and inker, zine maker, internet troll, Stromtrooper, crazy go nuts break beat dance freak, and aquarist.

Favorite Songs


Favorite Artists

Clark Kent and His Supermen, Fillet of Soul, Wrathful Visions, The Cockroaches, Senate and the People of Rome, Ultra-Violet Hippopotamus, The Thing on the Doorstep, Science and Health, Key to the Scriptures, Glue Sniffers, King Kong and his Skull Island Dinosaurs, The 5 Dollar Hamburger, Riot in Cell Block Ten, House of Frankenstein, Signifying Monkey, The Damned Thing, Orange Moose, Indigo Banana, The Pink Elephant, Frodo Baggins and His Ring, The Mouse That Roars, The Crew of the Flying Saucer, Magnificent Ambersons, House I Live In, The Sound of One Hand, Territorial Imperative, Druids of Stonehenge, The Heads of Easter Island, Lost Continent of Mu, Bugs Bunny and His Fourteen Carrots, The Gospel According to Marx, Card Carrying Members, Sands of Mars, The Erection, The Association, The Amalgamation, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Climax, Broad Jumpers, The Pubic Heirs, The Freeks, The Windows, The Trashers, The Roofs, Moses and Monotheism, Steppenwolf, Civilization and Its Discontents, Poor Richard and His Rosicrucian Secrets, Wrist Watch, Nova Express, Father of Waters, The Human Beings, Washington Monument, Thalidomide Babies, Strangers in a Strange Land, Dr. John the Night Tripper, Joan Baez, Dead Man's Hand, Joker and the One-Eyed Jacks, Peyote Woman, Heavenly Blues, The Golems, Supreme Awakening, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Cold War, Street Fighters, Bank Burners, Slaves of Satan, Domino Theory, Maxwell and His Demons, Orabi, Acapulco Gold-Diggers, Epic of Gilgamesh, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Dracula and His Brides, Iron Curtain, Noisy Minority, The International Debt, Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, Cloud of Unknowing, Birth of a Nation, The Zombies, Attila and His Huns, Nihilism, The Catatonics, Thorndale Jag Offs, The Haymarket Bomb, Head of a Dead Cat, Shadow Out of Time, Sirens of Titan, Player Piano, The Streets of Laredo, Space Odyssey, Blue Moonies, The Crabs, The Dose, Grassy Knoll, Latent Image, Wheel of Karma, Communion of Saints, City of God, General Indefinite Wobble, The Left Handed Monkey Wrench, Thorn in the Flesh, Rising Podge, SHA-ZAM, The Miniature Sled, 23rd Appendix, The Other Cheek, Occidental Ox, Ms. and the Chairperson, Cohen Cohen Cohen and Khan, and Joint Phenomenon.

Favorite Albums

Black Sabbath : Paranoid

Rush : 2112

System of a Down : Hypnotize Mezmerize

Jesus Christ Superstar: The London Cast Recordings

***Buddha Bar Series***

The Beatles: Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

***Morcheeba: Who Can You Trust?***

DJ Shadow: Endtroducing...

***Uncle Tupelo: March 16-20*** Uncle Tupelo: No Depression

***Tom Waits: Rain Dogs*** Tom Waits: Alice

***Clutch: Clutch*** Clutch:Blast Tyrant***

Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind

***Turbonegro: Scandinavian Leather***

Fu Manchu: King of the Road

Recent Concerts

Marc Savlov took me to see The Germs play at Club Underground. It was really great. All ages shows are cool now that I'm an old dude because the kids really bring the energy. Too many of them try WAY to hard to look so "different" that they all end up wearing the same uniform of non-conformity.

My dear friends D-6, the It-Grrl, Professor Munz and I went to see DAFT PUNK and The Rapture in Berkley, CA at the Greek Amphitheater! Amazing! Positive! A whole lotta love that night. Fantastic mix of live show and DJ mixing mayhem. The Danciest Beats. No one can beat Daft's 2 million dollar light show extraveganza! And I was'nt even 'rolling' as the kids call it. Instead Me and the Professor drank seven dollar anchor steams outta these plastic bottles that looked like brown glass, until they closed the damn beer tent at 10 o'clock!

TOOL TOOL TOOL They abducted me and flew their star ship thru a dimensional door. A rift in the SPAAACE Time Continuum. Prying open my third eye with the most psychedelic sonic blast wave beam! No drugs required. Hail Discordia!

April 2007 - Yuri's Night in Reno was awesome! No live music, just DJ's, planets, robots, light shows, planetoids, space freaks, mutants, moon people, Martians, astronauts, Burners and SPAAAAAAACE!


Currently there are no blogs published.


Reno Vs. VEGAS

The I.M.P. Mix Disc Battles continue to rage with the latest chapter in audio warfare! Reno versus Las Vegas! In a world gone mad... you'll be tortured by bad Cabaret AND cheesy Grand Showroom. Downtown is where all the melted cheese seasoned curly fry diseased meet to chainsmoke while eatin' a big bowl of King Crab Legs and gallons of melted butter sauce. Reno's depression to Vegas' glitz and glut. Why is it that every Casino smells like maple syrup, scampi, and cigs?

Phantom Mix-tape Duel!

Ten paces, turn, and fire.

February FIVES (an I.M.P. bonus mix)

I eyeballed my personal 5 STAR rated songs in the EYEtunes library and activated the "EYEtunes DJ" option (formerly "Party Shuffle"). When the comp was blasting the music and a really great sounding song grabed me by the cerebral cortex and drug my ass across the house to see "what the hell was that?" Other songs took over my nervous system and caused me to dance for the duration.


W.A.S.P.'s song "L- O- V- E Machine" did not make the cut.

Cover Your Ears.

The Good, the Bad, and the Golden Throats. ('nuff said)

Ides of MARCH!

Beware the.

Very Fucking Metal

Bend knees when attempting to lift. Consult a doctor before taking internally. This is not a test.

Twenty? Oh! Ate.

A compilation of music released in 2008 that struck my fancy.

Instant Sky Party : Dehydrated Soup Mix

When Venus, Mars, and the Moon did their celestial dance in November, I was lucky enough to be in a "light free" zone in the mountains of southern Colorado. The most beautiful skies + icy cold mini kegs of local amber ale = paradise on Earth.

December Day

Wake Up! Take a Nap!

Hibernation Head(phones)

End of Summer sadness leads to crawling into the cumfy Hobbit hole with a warm fire blazin'.

November Celebration!

The Elephant is dead.

Summers and Autumns

You'll wanna think TWICE before you side trade with the devil! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! "This Is The Hook: Buckethead, Neil Diamond, Suckadelic and Phil Collins???? You're a freak. And proud of it, I bet." - Chesty6. A wonderful romp through the falling leaves. Songs that remind me of the summers gone by. Plus a collection of songs that wouldn't leave my head from the moment my little eyes popped open in the morning until I played them 3 or 4 times for the family and the neighbors. "God, not 'Easy Lover' again!"

Helloween Town

Jack Torrance: Mr. Grady. You were the caretaker here. I recognize ya. I saw your picture in the newspapers. You, uh, chopped your wife and daughters up into little bits. And then you blew your brains out. Grady: That's strange, sir. I don't have any recollection of that at all.

You Boys Go 'n Set Up Yer Fiddles 'n Steel Guita

These are the drinkin' womanizin' honky tonkin' up against the wall red neck mothers songs I cut my musical 8-track teeth on as a kid in the 70's. Yeeeee Haaaaaw! P.B.R. me A.S.P. good buddy!

Guilty! (volcano part 2)


Brewing and bubbling under the surface, humanity's hatred for itself explodes in a volcano's fiery discharge.

Marchmash MEGA!

Obvious cliche's about the third month; lions, lambs, and rain, quickly transform into the narrative of one rail bound lad with time to think about the issues of the day. The ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, and the current administration's blindly aggressive empiric expansion boil into schizophrenic fantasies of violence and rebellion. Feelings of hopelessness eventually melt away as the train pulls into it's final station and a new face, a new hope, rises from D.C. like the spring sun.

Day of the Dead

Atmospheric soundtrack to murder and mayhem! The Homicidal Simese Twin of "Skeleton Guns" minus the metalic cheese acts. (oops how'd that Rob Zombie arm get in there?) In this installment we've up-ed the pure psychotic terror. While taking the ghost walk you'll want to visit the Slate at Coffin Rock during eerie moonset! I see dead peeple!

Skeleton Guns

A Haunted House Spook Show Special Extravaganza! SEE the Bronze Bat! the Scarecrow! the Evil Eye! SHAKE in your boots when you come face to rotting face with the Superbeast! SCREAM your fool head off on Route 666! DIE at the hands of the Children of the Grave! A Halloween Dungeon Slaughter Zone Spectacular in 3-D!

BURN NIGHT: Audio Guide Resource Experience (2)

On the last Saturday night of the event...a culmination of fire, music, drumming, high weirdness, dancing dust vortexes, rave kids, spring breakers, art cars, U.F.O.s, explosions, howling wind, partying freaks, and generally the niceset people on the Playa meet for one last time. The Man represents many things to many people, but ultimately...the God of Black Rock City will rise again next year! SAVE THE MAN! www.burningman.com

Burning Man Audio Guide Resource Experience

Once a year a mythical city materializes out of the alkali dust. To the center of an ancient dead sea they come: Gods and Goddessess, Demons and Fairies, Monsters and Hippies, Dragons and Megavolts, Crusty Punks and Ol' dried desert rats. Vehicles and spaceships glide through the powder mist while the thumpa thumpa drives you to dance dance dance. When you drink the waters of life there, you must drink deep and piss clear. Now you are in Black Rock City. www.burningman.com

"P" is for psychedelic

!THE battle of "the" bands! All the golden, shining, hallucinegenic Garage Rock you can stomach!


The FUNKIEST, HEAVIEST, most lyrically creative group of weirdos I'd love to buy a round of beers for and hang out with.

Uncle Tupelo

Before Wilco and Sunvolt, Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar were two incredible singer/song-writers sharing one band. Amazing heartfelt lyrics and hard core social critics. The soundtrack band of my '90's years.

Jesus VS. Satan

An epic battle! Brother versus Brother! A Bonus Disc for my man Sean!

I Was A Teenage Mullet! 2 Revenge of the RawkHawk

An Unauthorized Biography

I Was a Teenage Mullet!

An unauthorized biography

Mmkay? motion picture soundtrack

In a world gone mad, one man must navigate the hypocrisy and rhetoric of a society that promotes addiction to all taxable "drugs" while criminalizing substances that grow naturally on this earth.

Devil Sign

In a world gone mad...Amerika the once beautiful is now ugly and hated among the nations. A police state closes down on the mindless sheeple of the U.S.. A handful of dissidents who are disgusted with the administration use music to express their frustration. This is one such story.


Warmest music for cold cuts.


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Hey Probot: Up for another side trade? It's been a while. On a totally unrelated note, the unique-ness of your name got me thinking of any other famous or pop-culture related "Corneliuses" or is it; "Cornelii"?. The only ones I could think of are, of course; "Planet of the Apes" and more recently, "The Fifth Element". Being the Cornelius in question; maybe you know of your other famous namesakes?


Glad you've still got a tapedeck* Stay Cool camper* Jonny*


How the hell can i never have commented on here before...


Hi Cornelius, mailed your January mix today (Jan 12th) from Sydney. Hope you enjoy it.


Hey! Got November mix(es), thanks! So busy with the holidays, haven't had a chance to listen, but really do appreciate it and the thoughtful note.


Hey Cornelius, thanks so much for the suitably spooky Halloween mixes! Great stuff.

The Dark Pig

Hey Cornelius, I got you September mix today. I had marked it as late on the 10th... but you probably had sent it in plenty of time. There's a UPS custom sticker on it which means it was probably held up at the border for some byzantine reason.


Hey Cornelius. I saw your name on the outside of the package and thought, "looking forward to this because that Cornelius guy is a good time." Nothing about the mix disappoints either. Just in time for the Labor day cookout, this is going to be spinning and making an impression. Top marks for sourcing out that song of the Godfathers'. I'm sure I'd not heard that one before. Thanks. Steve


Thanks for the mix! I was especially impressed it arrived in July. Lovin The Balloon Farm and The Seeds -well most of it really ;)


Thank you for the fabulous mixes!


Thank you for complimenting the mix. I'm glad you dug it. Everyone I've let listen to it seems to like it. Long live trip-hop!


I received your mixes the other day, haven't got a chance to listen to them yet. Will get to it soon. THANKS!


Oh yes, no problem. Looking forward to it!


Kitty got his nip today fresh from Reno. The homegrown stuff is killer. Thanks my brother!


Hi! Thanks for octobers mix really enjoyed it! loved the halloween theme and the sound tracks made me to scared to leave the house alone! lol! thanks again kimberley


Hi Im back hey did my outer space mix reach your planet?I hope it didnt fall into the hand of the Mysterons or Captain Kirk and his crew!Trish


Hi Cornelius This is the voice of the mysterons we know you can hear us earthman!Ok its Actually your November DJ.Yes folks get ready to be rocked,be prepared to be rolled.Woowe do I gotta mix for YOUU!!! Trish


Phew, I'm glad it got there swiftly (once I finally got off my ass), and especially that you liked it... these letter ones I'm doing now are kind of stylistic grab-bags. I figured there'd be at least some stuff you'd dig (for some reason I was thinking you'd like the Ataxia track in particular, not sure what that was based on). Thanks for letting me know!


Hey Cornelius, it's inexusable that I haven't sent out your September mix yet. Mea maxima culpa. It'll be in the mail tomorrow (Tuesday), you ought to see it soon. Again, sorry!


Hey Cornelius sorry for the massive delay in sending you your July mixtape - there'll be one winging its way to you shortly in the post. Nat


Hey, Hey, Hey, They arrived Hell Spawn. Listening to the covers disc right now. It's great!!! Thanks so much. I love the shockabilly and Primus covers, especially.


Kudos to your Very Fucking Metal. Viva la Rough Cutt! I have their first album and that cover was the inspiration for my first tattoo. Dammit! Where's my mullet? Oh yeah, I haven't heard Mnowar in years.


Thanks for the lollipop! I didn't know about the chewy center! Sting can be a cruel man. By the way, the Fatback Outhouse spoken word on the mix is my brother-in-law reciting his published work. "The growly sous chef" in the poem is me. I also deleted your comment by accident; that catnip is potent! Peace my brother!


No worries. I trust you to be a reliable devil.


Hey, Hey!!! Noticed you had Sparks on a mix. Excellent. And I also noticed Joel Grey singing; " White Room" on another. The Stranglers did a,not bad,cover of it; but what the hell possessed Mr. Cabaret? Might as well have Liza throttle; "Born To Be Wild". Cool bands can seem to cover smarmy songs by others (ie The Revolting Cocks doing Olivia Newton John or Rod Stewart), but rarely can the mayonnaise singers cover the cool songs.


Hey, thanks very much for the February FIVES and metal mixes... both were excellent... and a great intro to metal for me! Keep up the good mix work!


Looking forward to it Battlebot.


hey, just spreadin' the love; i just thought you might appreciate my handiwork...


yr 2 mixes arrived today - I am excited at the very look of them!


A smooooooth soulful mix is on it's way to you...


LOL I just read your comment.


Oi, Cornelius join us on last.fm!


Yesterday I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on last.fm. Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


So nice to finally get a mix from you. I feel like life has come full circle. Thank you for the wonderful cds and the lovely snowflake.


Glad to hear that you and Eva enjoyed 'Eighties Britain'. Godspeed to you both.


They sure as hell did!!! http://www.nwmusicblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/monotonix-aflame.jpg And i got anopther link for ya too - my december mix - top 20 tracks ffrom the top 20 albums of the year. Hope there's something good for you in there: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bb209b. Happy New Year to you and yours! MxBx


And a Happy New Year to you, Lord of the Robots!


Hey C. Glad to see you're into Monotonix. See them live if you get the chance, there's few other experiences like it.


i'd love to hear your Halloween mix. let's swap. my email is d1jezek@aol.com. look in your inbox for my address. David


Thanks for the catnip! I could use it after working long days in the food industry during this season. It is hard to keep my fur shiny and clean. Glad you are liking 11 & 12, 13 & 14.


Benny Hill, Red Dwarf and Monty Python are certainly good places to start; however, I do feel that the Python team unfairly ridiculed the good work that the Ministry of Silly Walks carries out.


Yeah, it's getting a bit chilly around here.


hello Cornelius, I am glad you received my mix, and I am happy to hear you dig it. I would have to say that you articulated the meaning behind the fuckitunes mix better thank I could have with words. basically all the songs one that mix are ones that I did not buy through itunes, and I put them together because of my frustration with the itunes.


Your December mix is now in the post, Cornelius, and I hope you like it. Mail from the UK to the US generally takes millennia so I hope that, when you receive it, the equipment still exists for you to play it.


I sent you an email present, please open before Christmas!


Thank you my brother! I am still hooked on Fiddles N Steel Guitars; classic stuff. Made me start listening to Outlaw Country on Sirius. Gonna get me some shit kickers soon. Glad to know that Knife still holds up.


Love the diversity on your Summers and Autumns mix. Everyone needs a little Phil, Neil, and Elton. "He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day, When the New York Times said God is dead..."


Phil Collins?!?!? You are EVIL!!!!


to a movie.


Its stranger than you think, for what really happened was that the director who made Capricorn One, was approached by a government man just before filming began and told that they were going to have to go to Mars to film the story; but that they couldn't tell anyone. So the whole cast and crew spent months travelling to Mars and then lived there in a space capsule that actully looked like a film studio. Once they came back though they had to be killed to keep it a secret, but a few got out with their lives. Elliot Gould's still around, as is Karen Black and Sam Waterson; but their days are numbered. Any day now one of them will have a "heart attack", "get cancer" or "die of old age" and no one will be the wiser. Actually, they may have already gotten Karen Black; it looks like they pulled a Darrin a la Bewitched on her ass in The Devils Rejects. Truth is really stranger than fiction that is stranger than the truth. Especially when it's made in


This Is The Hook: Buckethead, Neil Diamond, Suckadelic and Phil Collins???? You're a freak. And proud of it, I bet. Thanks so much for the mixes, mix-man. The zine was very cool too. Always a pleasure.


Hey hey Big C! Got your cds. Great stuff!, thanks so much for that. I totally forgot it was Halloween coming up - this year I'm setting up a strobe light and passing pieces of steak through the letterbox to the trick or treaters. Might beblasting 'em yr mixes while I'm at it. MxBx


Sorry I'm Laaaaaaaaate with your Sept. Mix. I'm sending three mixes off on Monday.


Lovin your work, thanks for the mixes! x


Well done on the Helloween mix. I love those Scurvy Bastards. I think I'll need to make a purchase from them.


just winged you an email. trades up. MxBx


The pony express is bringing you something special.


Dr. Rotwang: Sorry for the delay. I'll get what-needs-to-be-got into the mail tonight. Maria


Dr. Evil! I gots scurvy real bad. Those Bastards came out of nowhere. Me needs some asorbic acid!


Thanks Cornelius, I've sent you something altogether different from the Film Noir this time. Hope it hits you in your sensitive areas! Cheers! Steve.


Hey C-man. Good to hear from you, glad that NFR mix is still revealing her tricks. Plenty more where that came from - In a fit of self importance we even did a 'Best Of' a couple months ago. Hope all's good in yr world - I'm loving the last few tracklists for your mixes. Still feeling it. MxBx


Hello Cornelius, can I interest you in a Halloween mix? I figure who better to judge it than the Devil himself/


Yeah. A friend of mine wanted some for his workout program. I remember your profile used to say old metal head and Dokken. I am up for anything you have; they have all been great. If you are past that metal stage, I'll swap something else. seanvmcmonagle@hotmail.com


That's a good question. I write proposals for social service agencies. Outreach worker. Mental health counsellor. Started and ran a youth shelter for a while. Now I work for a literacy organization and am writing curriculum for essential skills in Industrial Arts courses. I've also been running an employment program for at-risk youth for the last few years. Someday I may grow up and get a real job.


I used to have that Transformers soundtrack on vinyl. I loved that Lion version. The movie was good too. One of Judd Nelson's better acting perfromances. I am working on an 80s metal mix for a friend (with and without the Aqua Net), let me know if you are interested in a copy.


Hi-dy, Hi-dy, ho. I'm feeling...sublime.....all Brad Nowell- like. How the hell are you Mr. Interlocutor? I've had Burning Man on the brain the last week of so. Was in San Francisco last week and it seems like every store I went into had a book or t-shirt about B.M. So I thought of you and Black Rock City (in an entirely gender-appropriate manner, I might add!!) I've got to ask...up for another round of side trading? I'm feeling kind of anxious....if you know what I mean? Hey, I'm curious...what do you do for a living?


Ah yes there is a good chap! The camaro is indeed parked on me but i think he's left the screwdriver in the ignition!


Sounds tasty! By the way, JCS is one of my favorite albums too. A couple spontaneous times a year, my cousins, brothers, and family friends will sing/act out the whole album (except the last song). We aren't religious, but we love a rock opera.




hello. i was wondering if i would ever get this red face person as my assignment and i did. only timing is not great. my june mix to you will be late. i'm doing a show (fashion) and things have been crazy. consecutive 3 1/2 to 4 hour sleep nights...and i have a 2 yr old. needless to say, its coming. show's this weekend. then i'll get sleep, then i'll do mix.


I'm glad you're liking "Urinal Fresh", you got the limited edition with the uncensored art work.


I got the new disc the other day and I REALLY LIKE it!!!


But there's always room for Jello!


oh Hell-no, to Jell-o.


Hello there. How'd you come across my profile, did you get me for this month's assignment? You've got some interesting mixes happening there. I think I'll finally get a Halloween one done this year.


love the mixes ... have you heard of captured by robots? you mix wil be in your mail box soon


"There ain't nothin' in room 2-3-7. Stay out. You hear me? Stay Out!" - Scatman Cruthers.


am super keen for the jesus vs satan showdown. although i may change the name from "sweet sweet jesus" to "w.w.j.c.b.i.t.c? (why would jesus christ be in the corner?)"


I don't know why, but any time I read any of your comments your voice in my head is that of Ed the Sock.


What a bummer that our beloved postal service took such lovely care of the package I sent you. I can only imagine Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation had something to do with it. Oh well. I did receive your package and thank you very much for the cds. I don't know which one is better and I have played them both a couple times but I do know that Crackerbash's "My Own Fool" has me hooked. Must have played that at least 10 times in the past 2 days. Thanks again.


Grrk! Thanks man. Let me know which are your favourite tracks/bands, I always like to know what's going down well. My email is meatbreak@hotmail.co.uk - get in touch and I'll give you my addy for sure. Give me yours too and I can send you a hard copy of something special. MxBx


Hey Mr C, here's the new December NFR mix for you: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v This one, I am pretty pleased with, though I seem to say that every time. Pretty killuh though, I guarantee. Enjoy! Hope you're having some good holiday time out there in the desert. MxBx


hey cornelius, just tried to send you an email but it was blocked- said you've complained about mail from my IP address- if you are getting spam or something please let me know. it ISN'T me sending it- need to know if i've been hacked or something. cheers.


I'm preempting your message to me. In reply to what you were probably going to say: "no way!", and "I dunno, I'm getting nineteen".


I sent you and other IMP members whom I've traded with a holiday mix. My appreciation for the great music you have given me. Robots rule! Off to the store, out of catnip.


damn! i just deleted your comment by accident (hit the button assuming it was 'reply'- and it was such a good one too- thankQ, can u rewrite it?!). will try and do more mixes that work like that (to the sea), more of a journey (without tryna be pretentious)than just a collection of songs.or something.


Glad you liked the mix! I was not sure that it would be 'hard" enough for your taste...so I am glad you liked it. That Michael Been song is from his little known 1994 solo disc "On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough." 2/3 of The Call is his backing band so it feels very familiar to Call fans. I tried to pull out some stuff that I hoped you wouldn't have. Always a challenge when making a mix for someone who has a wider listening range.


Ah, glad you like it. There's one every month too. Woo hoo! My picture was for Halloween. I changed it now. this one's much nicer. Ha!


Hey C. Man. I thougt you might like this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7vly85 Not For Resale download - demo mayhem and super new releases from the UK and a bit further. MxBx


Glad you are digging Heather. By the way, the artist known as T-bone is actually a certain Crue drummer solo project.


I come home after a long day at work; drained, beaten, tired and lo & behold a "Day Of The Dead" mix was waiting for me. I poured a choice beverage into a glass and pressed play. Very cool stuff! Fun, haunting, and calming. Thank you sir! Time to break out some catnip and press play again.


Thanks for the mix! The Sabbath and Iron Maiden brought back some hazy memories.


Heather is on her way to you!


2 things. 1) just finished a Bill Hicks book called "Love All The People- letters, lyrics, routines". Pretty interesting stuff, especially the letters after getting cut from Letterman. 2) great choices for Skeleton Guns and after seeing Maiden on there, I hafta go play Charlotte The Harlot now! Holla to all robots!


Hello. I would love to get a copy of your Clutch mix. Take a look at my pages and see if you are interested in a trade. Thanks, Bruce


yep, deffo up for a bit of side tradification, what do your ears desire?


saw via sean that you both have done a Jesus Vs Satan mixtape, i did a similar thing too- check out my 'god botherer' mix. cheers.


Cornelius! THANK YOU!!!! I have been thorougly enjoying your Burn Night CDs...Wonderful..Genial...This is exactly why I joined IMP.


I passed on your "Burning Man" mixes onto a friend of a friend who was at the event in the past. She let me know that her friend said you captured that moment very well. Thought you might like to know:)

Son of Ravyn

Hi there. In addition to being IMP member, I am a freelance music writer. I have been working on a feature article on the IMP for my local alt-weekly, The Houston Press. I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions: How long have you been an IMP participant? Do you know Ryan outside of the IMP? Were you a mixtaper prior to participation in the project? Why do you make mixtapes? Do you get more out of making mixtapes or out of receiving them? Have you found IMP to be a good source for discovering new music (even if that would be old music thatâ??s new to you)? What is your occupation? How much time do you spend, on average, per Mixtape? Do you feel that artwork is an important part of a Mixtape? Would you recommend IMP to others? In addition to these few questions, anything youâ??d like to add would be more than welcome. Feel free to be as loquacious or succinct as you like. nicholas.l.hall@constellation.com

Jane Everyman

Yo Cornelius, you look pretty crimson in your picture.


Hey! I loved July's mix(es). I listened to them a few times over on a drive from Minnesota to New York City. Thanks!


Thank you Hal 2000. And you're welcome. The City Boy mix was actually done for me by a friend a coupla years ago. But I like it and I thought you might too. Give the Long Shins a shot. It's no Freddy Fender mix to be sure, but what is?


Hi Cornelius.. I sent out your mix a week or so ago. Hope you get it. I never got yours, though. :(


I've been eyeing Burning Man for years;always wanting to go. Read about it. Looked at the pretty pictures of the weirdos in the desert (my kind o' peeps). But I hadn't really imagined the soundtrack.You actually have it and it's perfect. Thanks a bunch.


Just finished playing Burn Night. Just awesome!


excuse me, but it was Burning Man Audio Guide Resource Experince [1] that I was blasting in the house not Burning Night. Still f***ing terrific!


I have just finished cranking out Burning Night! Outf***standing! It was perfect for my house repairs and chores while it was pouring outside (I know it's just the opposite of the desert experience but I'm in Cleveland). Every song goes well together and I have some new favorites. I will check out Burn Night next. Thanks my man!


Hey man, I'm really glad you liked it! Seems like we had a side trade to be remembered. thanks again!


I finally finished the Jesus vs Satan: The Rematch! and mailed it off today. It is posted on my profile.


looking forward to it! i'll have yours shipped out soon...i've been out of the country for a while and not able to make mixes/burn cds ... but i promise you will get it soon.


...yes, yes I will-Yes..Clutch, Uncle Tupelo, all things psychedelic...I want some! Something loud, something aggressive-and don't be gentle; I can take it! You can find me at emmab4@shaw.ca


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto (like you haven't heard that before).... Yes, whenever I'm feeling grim about the mouth, I get me down to the sea in ships.....no, wait, that's Ismail.... I also listen to; "It's Such A Pretty World Today...look at the sunshine..." How can you not be happy with that? Granted , it's about the only ray of sunshine on that disc. The rest of the songs are of the; "divorce his ass" and "I'm so bummed out, I'll cut my wrists"-type. I read you've been burned by your regular monthly trades a few times. If you're up to it, I'd be willing to do a little more side-tradin'?


Oh man, "P is for psychedelia" is SWEET! Lots of awsome stuff on it, thanks so much! Have you received the Os Mutantes? I don't know how much Portuguese you understand, but I can assure you that they are also quite psychedelic, not only in sound but in subject as well. Thanks again!


Wise words Lu'. Not only do you have the best tunes, you also talk the most sense.


Way cool! I am glad to hear you are maximizing the 87 mixes; brings back memories and my mullet! I will make the jesus vs satan this week and ship you a copy.


so glad you like my mixes...i'm a bit frightened of yours :) a side trade is an excellent idea...anything in particular you'd like? as for me, surprise me--- it's time i expanded my musical library a bit further. send me an email at setakaz@hotmail.com for the coordinates.


Yesterday, I was doing yard work and played "Teenage Mullet 2" and "Jesus vs. Satan". They are both great and gave me major adrenaline to knock out the jobs. I would like to attempt a version of "Jesus vs. Satan" if you don't mind.


Hahaha despite this being like a month late, thanks a bunch for the comment! Hopefully we'll get paired up at some point or another! thanks again, joe p.s.- by the way, i'm doing my first one artist mixtape of Os Mutantes, a brazilian rock band from the 60s. Seeing that you've done that kinda thing several times here, are you interested? it'll be posted on my profile, so you can check it out. they're awesome if you've never heard them!


Don't mind me-I really don't know how to spell...I actually meant H.Ryder Haggard ("She")-as for the "shrimping"-public toe suck by stranger or strangers unknown-I still wouldn't say no-As for the term "shrimping", I still don't know if it's a Limey thing, a militia thing, a rugby thing or just all of the above...


Yeah, I hear you. I think I've been hosed too. I seem to be sending a lot more discs out than come in. The side trades have been delightfully consistent.


Oi! You must have me confused-I'm nothing like that nasty bint from that H. Rydner Haggard novel...I'm much,MUCH more agreeable...In fact,if I were to find a big,scary, red Demon supplicant at my feet-I wouldn't say no to a "shrimping"...


The Mullet disks arrived today. In fact I'm playing one right now and listening to The Fixx, no less. Thanks a bunch Mr. Robot. Yours should be arriving any day now.


Thanks you cheeky devil you! x


As Mars shifts its orbit, a brilliant red light will dye your flesh crimson. Horns will sprout. Your snout will grow long. Eyes fade to black as the night falls.

Kristina Pia

feel free to. make sure to play some baccara though; it's just not the same without.


http://www.nonalignmentpact.com/2007/04/bugle-sounds-charge-begins- iron-maiden.html Maybe this link will get you there. It's not actually an article about Maiden, though I love them so. There's some cool versions of "the trooper" out there too... well, not as cool as the original, but whatever.


I used to have another fish in another bowl for just that purpose. It amused me how riled up they'd get.


Sorry Mr. Roboto, I meant your snail mail. So's I can reciprocate with the mix-tape.


Hey, Magnus, Robot Fighter: I've sent you my email, send me yours.


Actually, I'd be tempted to say that Maid Marian in Disney's Robin Hood is the best looking cartoon girl - that Rabbit one is way too pneumatic for me. I like foxes. People usually look at me weird when I say that. Yeah. Just like that.


Haha. Bet that's confusing for you. Didn't we all have a thing for Cheetara?


"Whee!" yelled the little fishies, "Here's a lot of fun We'll swim in the sea till the day is done" They swam and they swam, and it was a lark Till all of a sudden they saw a shark! Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu! Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu! Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu! Till all of a sudden they saw a shark!


http://www.phobialist.com/ There are better fears to have than commenting on my profile.


Hey, ho, let's go, man.....I liked your autobiography selections. Anyone who likes the Fixx is a friend o' mine. I once saw them at a Police Picnic and the lead singer stared at his outstretched hand like a maniac for the entire time it took him to sing; "One Thing Leads To Another" (yeah, yeah, yeah) I think they played just before James Brown. Whom the crowd didn't really like and started to toss things at. His trumpet player got a little pissed at this. Not James though as he didn't notice at all; doing his "cover-me-with-my-cape-I'm exhausted" thing. I also remember James Brown's member being prominently displayed in a pair of tight red pants.


Ooh la la you devil you!


I wouldn't say a hot potato, as much as an annoying yappy dog. Honestly though it really depends on the band or artist. Some start great, get successful and stay fairly true to their roots (i.e. Tegan and Sara) while others don't (i.e. Nelly Furtado).


Nah... the stache is so thick it just LOOKS like a sweater... the zipper is for decoration.


just got the cds today. the "jesus vs. satan" is great.


thanks for the tip! when you're trying to look like satan you should stay away from trying to fly.. I hear he likes it underground.


yeah actually! I probably should get it checked out it's been over a month now..


glad to hear that you are enjoying the cds.


How about Trooper, Pat Benatar and Honeymoon Suite for a concert series here in London, ON this summer. Mullet watching will be at its finest!


much random? i think i will, thanks for advice.


*throws a cupcake at you* *SPLAT!*


if you want a copy of the 87 mix let me know


Tag. You're IT!


Yeah, I think part of my laziness in looking for new music is that I just like the old stuff so much. Can't get enough of it.


how 'bout that--my feb mix begins with waits as well. my "dante's nightmare" mix was similar in theory to "mmmkay," actually...and for the record, you're right: i knew THE TEMPLE would be the real cross to bear, and ol' ted sent the shivers down to my sphincter. that guy must never have smoked a cigarette in his life.

Son of Ravyn

Damn, dude, you sure like to spread the mixtape love, don't you? I don't think I've seen a profile yet that has not been graced by your lovely visage.


Good to know other Magnapop fans exist out there in mixtape land. Their latest CD - Mouthfeel - was a pleasant surprise! Hopper + Morris = awesomeness.


i saw fu manchu live once in london...all i remember is that i bought a skinny fit t shirt which, as i am not skinny, didn't fit.


does the title "moonrock" refer to a mythological meteor that gave our hero and villain their magical powers? i loved how you made sure we could read the lips of the protagonists...


you look pretty good yourself. my diet mostly consists of wine and coffee.


Cornelius? Is that you? Where's the Shortfuse? What did the Undermen do to you? I've been....lost...not thinking straight...I need a new helmet. I can't get this one off. It keeps fogging up. I have to pee and my filter's not working. AND WHERE THE HELL IS THAT WEIRD COOING COMING FROM!!!!


thanks for your comments on my picture. the "no smoking ashtray" was at a motel 6 i was staying at in kalamazoo michigan, of all places. a tiny part of me wanted to take it with me, but that would have 1) been stealing and 2) robbed so many future guests of getting the same laugh about it as i did. funny, funny stuff.


Black Rock City! I haven't been but its in my top 5 "To Do's." I dream about it. My parents always warned me about Satan's music. I think they were just jealous, because you have got fantastic taste in music.


yup, that's k-werk...the opening of their live show a few years back at the hammerstein ballroom, nyc.


blawned, it's irish but noone here can say it either i like your blusher, very natural


*LOL* Triumph.. Rock on!

L.A. in N.Y.C.

So, are you a natural redhead?

Ryan Mixtape

I fear evil, so I only listen to emo -- it's like the aural equivalent of the Small World ride at Disney. Devil, keep your mitts off my mixtape!


Hey, so are you and Jay gonna duke it out or what?


We're gonna live like kings!! DAMN HELL ASS KINGS!!


i'm hoping once ted neely retires, they'll do another jcs tour with ian...i just saw it a couple weeks ago, and corey glover as judas was impressive! neely was great too, but a 64-year-old jesus is pushing it...


Just you wait man - Slamma, CLSM, Slipmatt, Smart-E's, Wishdokta, Hixxy, Gammer, Breeze - all comin' soon enough. Maybe. Do you want some?!


That's because we both ROCk! Get it? COR~ROC


Hi, I was supposed to send you the January mix, however, my computers disc drive is broken, so I couldn't make it. As soon as it is fixed I PROMISE I will send it! I am so sorry.


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