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I must apologize: I'm just sending your June mix today, from the States. Sorry for the delay; I hope it's worth the wait!


Robert: Did you get my mix tape from January of 2015? Just let me know. Thanks, Aimee Nocero


Hi Robert: I've told Mr. Mixtape that you sent me the December mix. But really...............


Plenty to enjoy on the Nov mix you sent. Many thanks.


Hello, Robert. Your mix went out on November 22. Hopefully it has arrived by now. Please let me know if there were any troubles. Cheers!


The August CD went out today 10/09/14. Sorry again for the delay.


Hi Robert, I'm so sorry, I haven't done your August mixtape yet. I've only just signed up and I never received an email about the assignment so I guess I forgot to add the address to my safe senders list. Anyway I will get onto it ASAP. Please forgive me!


Enjoying your mix. Really interesting selections. Thank you, Danny


Hi Robert, thanks for the April CD. Really enjoyed it - a great selection, with a mixture of old faves and new acquaintances.


Sorry it's late, but your Feb mix was mailed today. 1/4/14


G'day Robert, your June mix left Sydney today (June 13th)


Sent your mix today! Hope you like it!


Sent your mix out from the US. You should receive it before the end of the month.


Robert: My name is Aimee Nocero and I sent you a mix tape for the month of February. I received a notice that you never received it. Please e-mail me back at or and let me know if you still did not receive it as I sent it a few weeks ago. If you never received it, I will immediately send you another copy. Fondly. Aimee Nocero


Hi Robert, I'm your mixtaper for September. It'll be down to the wire but I hope to get your mix in the post by the end of the week (28th) .. it'll be coming from London so shouldn't take too long to reach you. Hope you like it!


6/12 Hi Robert! I've moved. Here's my new address: 709 Webster Street San Francisco, CA 94117 I can't wait. Sweet mask by the way. xo Nicole


6/4: I am sending your May 2012 Double(!) CD from lovely downtown Washington, DC this afternoon. You may preview the CD here e.php?mixtapeID=3864 or just be surprized. Either way I'm not re-doing it. Oh, the joy is yours!


my postage was evidently not right for the kind of envelope i used. should have called it a 'package'. your November mix is even later, but on it's way.


Hey Robert! Just put August mix in mail today, so it'll be a little late...Hurricane Irene didn't really let me burn CDs for a while there. Hope you enjoy!


May mix on its way...eventually


Hi Robert, Just got your January mix in the mail today (Jan 27). Apologies for my slowness!! Cat


Great mix! i really appreciate it!


Robert - I am sorry, but just sent your mix for July on Friday. LAME, i know, but its on its way. Taia


Robert - the April mix recently arrived and is outstanding. It's the kind of care that you took that drew me to this - you obviously know the genre that was mixed very well. I also appreciate that it was one continuous mix - that's how I put mine together as well. I assume you used either Mixmeister or Garage Band. To you I say - well done sir. Thanks, Andy


what great fun that mix was!


Robert, my mix for March is unforgivibly late - but on its way.


Mix CD is on its way!


True story.


Hey, you're my assignment this month! Just thought I'd give you a heads up! :) P.S. Your address itself makes you seem very important. :)

Nora E

Hey, I'm at my parents' house for the holidays and I left your mix at school. So sorry! I'll get it out early January, I promise!


cheers! may was fun ;)


That is most definitely the best profile photo i've seen on here. Splendid + Imaginitive!


hey thanks a million! that mix was right on spot and fantastic!!!! thanks a lot man!!!! love it yvonne-


Many thanks for the Feb mix, I love it!


Got the January mix today. I'm looking forward to listening to it as there aren't many artists here I know. Thanks.


Hey man... Doesn't look like you check this too often, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm FINALLY getting the August mix out to you (today is 11/9/08). I'm really sorry for the delay. It's just been nuts around here. Anyway, you should get it sometime next week. Enjoy!