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I don't have a cassette player, so please only send CDS.

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claire! i've sent you your very very very delayed october mix. it should be in your hands soon. sorry it's so late! enjoy. aimee


Try this one instead. Grrr. jpg Have a great day! Jon


Claire - ignore that last comment. You'll get November's soon, and that was October's. It's been a strange morning and i tend to do thing too quickly!! I'll try and do you a cover too. Jon


Hi Claire. You should be getting your CD soon. I forgot to enclose a decent cover, so there's one up here now, or you could donload from here cheers Jon

Claire - I really enjoyed the mix... there's an amiable and satisfying groove that threads through your tracks. I came away with the sensation that I'd just eaten a great meal. Muy Bueno. In case you haven't already, I think you might enjoy some of the Stone Roses discs, Sly & the Family Stone's album Fresh, and Palm Fabric Orchestra's Vague Gropings in the Slipstream.


Thanks for the mix CD. Really like it, a lot of bands I already appreciated on there and some quality ones I've never heard of before. And this is the first time I've logged onto the IMP site to. Which this is a pretty cool feature :) Take Care Adam