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About Me

i can remember when acid house hit the midwest.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Want to leave this pretty open so as not to influence any potential mixes. My tastes run in many directions and I've been collecting music for a good long while now. Just not The Eagles, OK.

Favorite Albums

Chill Out (The KLF) Low Life (New Order) 76:14 (Global Communication) dubnobasswithmyheadman (Underworld) Mushwell Hillbillies (The Kinks)

Recent Concerts

Allen Toussaint Delorean Bear In Heaven Easy Star All-Stars Tom Verlaine


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revenge is sweet and so are you

April Shower

mix with Mixmeister Studio software. No breaks / track 1 plays throughout most of tracks 2 and 3.

April Shower


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Hey yes sorry! I moved acommodation so the current details are now correct. sorry for the mix up!! Alex


Cheers for the feedback Andy!


Hi Andy, This is an apology and warning for a late May mix. Hope it gets to you soon enough and it's worth the wait!


Andy, Your mix for February 2010 was posted this morning (18th Feb). It's coming from Manchester in the UK so give it a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy. Andy


Hey andy - thanks for my nov mix, you clearly spent a lot of time putting it together and it works beautifully. If your CD is anything to go buy, I think I'm going to have to invest in Mix Meister Studio too!


If you were the Andy that sent me this months mix. Thank you. Good stuff!


hey andy, cheers for the mix. twas rather tremendous. especially fond of the bonobo offering. cheerio! elly


Andy, cheers for the mix it's of the chizain, I've especially been canning the last 6 tracks


Hey, Ive been out of the loop for a bit with grad-school stuff. However, I just wanted you to know that I totally got it and I DO enjoy it. I currently have the cd in my car, so I don't remember what tracks I liked the most. I think whats interesting is that I for the most part didn't recognize most of those artists! I will leave another comment telling you what I liked most though, so don't worry. Thanks for the cool cd!


That dog is awesome.


Andy, thanks for the great mix. Loved the theme - and the cover art was swell, too. ~ Cheers.