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Profile - Son of Ravyn - International Mixtape Project
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Son of Ravyn

This is the day. . .This is the hour. . .This is Son of Ravyn

About Me

Husband. Father. Frustrated quasi- musician. Freelance music journalist (The Houston Press; Miami New Times; Denver Westword; Space City Rock; Broward/Palm Beach New Times).

You know how you get up at three o'clock in the morning to take a leak, and you flip the light switch without a second thought? Well, I'm the guy who makes sure that you never have to piss in the dark. You're welcome.

Favorite Songs

Just look at my mixes.

Favorite Artists

Just look at my mixes.

Favorite Albums

Just look at my mixes.

Recent Concerts

Sebadoh; Dan Deacon; Octopus Project w/Bring Back the Guns; Spoon w/The New Pornographers; The Linus Pauling Quartet w/Jenny Westbury, The Jonx; Hearts of Animals, The Mike Gunn, Linus Pauling Quartet. God bless freelance writing.



2008-04-30 10:45:48


IMP 015 - The Mixtape With The Janus Face

This mix is all about duality. Janus, the two faced Roman god of transition and opposition, is the inspiration for these song pairings. Each pair offers two opposing viewpoints on the same subject. Ecology, diet, relationships, nuclear holocaust, dignity, money. Each of these finds a home here - two, actually.

IMP 009 - Texas Twister

A while back, Ryan Mixtape reccomended a mix of songs that are evocative of a particular place. Few places in the world have such a universally recognized personality as does the state of Texas, my home of the last 15 years. I wasn't too sure about the place when I moved down here at the ripe old age of 11. I didn't understand what I was in for. I think that I had a similar preconception of Texas as do most who have not spent much time here: hicks, dirt, horses, cacti, and crappy country music. I've since changed my mind about the Lone Star State. I thought I might make an effort to change yours, as well. Did you spot the hidden picture?

IMP 008 - La Belle Epoque

Another installment of the children's mix series. This one was for my four year old's recent tea party birthday. I found it appropriate that my recipient lives in GB. Hopefully, this will provide the soundtrack to her next tea-time.

IMP 007 - Mix of Steel

June's recipient lives on Lois Lane. Enough Said

IMP 006 - Now Dig this Big Crux

A bioarchaeology major deserves a mix of bone/burial related tunes. I was more than happy to oblige.

IMP 005 - Six Degrees of Yo La Tengo

I've been trying to personalize my mixes for each recipient, to the extent that I am able. This is the first of those attempts. My recipient listed Yo La Tengo as one of his favorite bands. Figuring he already heard/had most of their material, I decided to play around with a new concept. I'm sure you've heard of the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Well, this is sort of a musical version of that game, with Yo La Tengo as its center. I have a little contest in mind for this one. The first IMPer who messages me with a description of how each of the artists on this mix can be traced back to YLT wins an additional mix of YLT related tunes. Have fun.

IMP 004(pt.2) - Juliette's Wild Things Mix

Disc two of a double disc collection of tunes I created for my daughters' third and first birthdays, respectively. For more information on these mixes, see http://www.nonalignm entpact.com/2007/03/ very-best-in- tattered-jeans.html

IMP 004 - Cecilia's Island Mix

Disc one of a double disc collection of tunes I created for my daughters' third and first birthdays, respectively. For more information on these mixes, see http://www.nonalignm entpact.com/2007/03/ very-best-in- tattered-jeans.html

IMP 003 - Non-Alignment in an Age of Alignments

A mix by Son of Ravyn - Inspired by the writers at Nonalignmentpact.com

IMP 002 - Southern Exposure

I cheated. This is one I originally sent to Electramummy in Alaska in return for a neat hand-painted icon. I was running out of time, so I changed "Aleutians" to "Brooklyn" I forgive myself for that laziness because this one flows REALLY well. Enjoy, Shayna.

IMP 001 - Armenian Alphabet

Quick, alphabetical survey of what I was listening to that month. Don't expect two discs every time!


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Hi, your april mix is on it's way. apologies for the delay.


Hi. Got your Feb Mix today. Looks great. haven't yet listend to it, but i assure you it will be on as i get dinner ready. thanks again


Well, here goes -- Season of the witch was also from the "I Shot Andy Warhol Soundtrack," from which Yo La Tengo played the Velvet Underground in the film, and had a song on the soundtrack. Dump is the side project of James McNew, Bassist of YLT; and Jad Fair is also a part of Half Japanese -- did a collaboration with Yo La Tengo for "Strange But True," pieces lifted from tabloid titles. That's the best I've got. Yo La Tengo have been number on with me since "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out." It would be great to recieve some sort of "Best Of" Yo La Tengo mix from you. I'm always interested to hear what tracks mean alot to other Yo La Tengo fans. This is really awesome. Much lv, Andy.


Hello! I just finished December's Not For Resale mix and thought you might like it. Here's the link to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. Let the demo mayhem commence!!!!! happy holidays. MxBx


Hi Ravyn. What happened to that article you were writing? I'd love to see the finished article. Also, really like your psychedelic Texas cover. I did spot the hidden picture! Your 6 degrees Of yo La tengo is great. I might have a go at trying to guess the relations. Hope you're well. MxBx


Being a native Texan (but now living in LA) I'm dying to know the songs on Texas Twister?! I love Texas. It's definitely the coolest state in the US.

Amber L

I made a couple different haunted halloween mixes and don't have all the song orders anymore. Here's a possibility, but I apologize if it isn't exactly correct: Thirteen: Johnny Cash Pumpkin Pie: Lemon Demon Cemetery Polka: Tom Waits Whistling Past The Graveyard: Screamin' Jay Hawkins Turkish Song of the Damned: The Pogues Riboflavin-flavored, non-carbonated, polynsaturated blood: Don Hinson + the Rigamorticians Bloodletting: Concrete Blonde Dragula: White Zombie The Witch: The Rattles The Season of the Witch: Donovan El Diablo en El Ojo: Tindersticks Kill WIth Me Tonight: the Devlins Death Came a Knockin': The Duhks Down in the Ground: The Handsome Family Bury Me Closer: Palomar Your Ghost: Kristin Hersh Ghost Highway: Mazzy Star I've Been Riding With the Ghost: Songs:Ohia Walking with a Ghost: Tegan & Sara The Ghost Woman & the Hnter: Lacuna Coil Werewolves in London: Adam Sandler Werewolf: Skybox

Amber L

Yep, that was mine. Enjoy!

Amber L

I sent your September mix out on Tuesday so it should be arriving any day now.


Hey, I filled out your questionnaire. Can I e-mail it to you?


I was looking at your daughter's Wild Thing mix and I thought you might like to know that there are cds titled "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of" and each album is luulaby versions of the artists' music. There is one of Ramones, Radiohead, and Metallica (Creeping Death is a unique choice for a lullaby) and I'm sure there are more versions.


Dude. Send me a link to the Press article! Hugs Claire


Yes, I was inspired by your kid mixes. I had another one ready to go and then I read your profile. I made a similar mix for my sons a couple of years ago. I don't know if this one is for kids or adults but I hope someone enjoys it in your household. - James


Hooray! I guess much of it is quite caustic - or beautiful, depending on the headspace you find yourself in. I look forward to hearing what you think in more detail.


Has it been 10 days? Has it arrived?!


Hey Ravyn. I just sent you a package to your folks home, so hopefully you will get it this time. Fingers crossed. We'll find out in about 10 days.


Hi, Thanks for the great mix (and outdoing yourself with the ol' double disc). I'm a big Yo La Tengo fan and those were some early cuts I wasn't familiar with. Really cool all around. It had a nice flow/feel. (you know, not just twelve hip or current radio freindly cuts slammed togeter as was starting to be the norm for other mixes sent to me) again, thanks.


Still? That's no good. Right. Third time lucky. You know each package keeps getting bigger as well, to compensate. i hope this one gets to you, coz it's going to be mayhem! .... Unless customs keep impounding and burning them. It's a possibility.


Hi Ravyn. That's really annoying you haven't got it. I'll send you another one, because I'm guessing it won't ever make it. I also don't know if I'm 100% happy with it now, so it might even get a little overhaul. Unheard of!! Your message got cut off too, but yeah, I'd love to be involved in your article, that would be interesting. I'm always up for that kind of thing, thanks. Take it easy - until my mix plops on your mat anyway, then feel free to run shrieking into the street and gibbering manically. MxBx


Hey! The mix made it, and I love it. Thanks! No worries about the lateness. . . it happens. I totally understand.


Hey man. I sent your mix a couple of weeks ago, so it should be landing with you any day now. I thought you'd have already got it - don't look at my profile!!


Oh, plus: A few weeks ago I went to a karaoke night and saw this guy do what may have been the funniest version of "(You're The) Devil in Disguise" ever performed.


Whoops. It cut me off. I was going to say more comments soon. I guess it's actually more reasonable, if you're going to write a lot, to just send an email. What's your email, again?


Sorry for the long delay in commenting! I graduated from college and since then I've been on vacation bouncing from place to place. I really enjoyed reading the link you sent me about the mixes---I completely agree with what you said about kids being capable of appreciating good music, and a lot of variety. I'm really glad my parents weren't condescending in what they played for me (although I did have some Raffi, but I also had some Paul Simon, some Muddy Waters, some Rolling Stones.) Anyway, the mixes are great---I've been mostly listening to the Island one currently, because I'm on vacation and it seems to hit the spot. I also had a lot of fun reading about all of these old- school Hawaiian artists on Wikipedia---where did you find all of this music? I'd be interested to know, since it seems like such an eclectic mix of stuff I'd never heard before. My current favorite is the R. Crumb and Cheap Suit Pretenders track. More on this and the other


Hey! Got your mix(es) in the mail today. I am super-psyched, can't wait to listen. Will comment more soon.


Howdy---I still haven't gotten your March mix, but Ryan told me that you sent it. Did something weird happen in the mail? I'm just hoping it didn't get eaten by the post office or something.


Yes. Unpack the ointments and balms and begin the ritual. A weeks worth should probably sanctify you enough. I enjoyed this one.


The Goslings! Nice.


Cool, I'm looking forward to it. I will definitely let you know what I think. That's a bummer about your computer though. What music did you lose?


You're in trouble now man. I'll say no more. For now.


Um, sock monkeys are friggin hilarious. Also, I was slightly negligent in sending my mix at the appropriate time. Because my mix was late, I thought a sock monkey might ease the pain. I think you could even put him on a keychain and possibly name him. He'd like to have a name, I think. You know, give him street cred.


Ok, no problem, just let me know when I should check my mailbox for it. I can listen to tapes, too, if you have a way of making those.


Not sure if you sent the mix yet, but unfortunately I'm at home for spring break and won't get it till I get back to school at the end of the month. Looking forward to it, though.


Thanks for the mix and intro to the non alignment pact. It was like a six flags ride in a parallel universe. A good six flags ride. Not one of those stupid, wait in line for 3 hours only to be disappointed by 5 seconds of no thrills. It was instant satisifaction. Although my dog freaked out a little during the goslings song, but he's too short to be riding rollercoasters anyway.


Uh oh....how worried should I be?


Hey, thanks for the input! That was my inaugural mix, so cherish it.


Hi SoR. Man, I am so far behind with this thing. You seem to be rolling right along. I need to add 10 more hours to my day so I have time to beef my tunes up again. Send me some songs for this weeks podcast ok? I am subbing for Kilian and don't want to dominate the podcast. EM


Yes dear friend I am trying to "talk" to all the people, if you will. Putting the unity back in community. Music is the next "religion". It will unite the people of earth and someday we will all dance together. (or something like that: sway, hug, rock out, thrash, mosh, spaz, wiggle, bop, twist, pogo, groove, etc.)


Wow, a Wild Things themed party. I bought my dad a model of Max in his fox suit, and one of the beasts (can't remember it's name). It's just an eternally captivating story, plus those images!. The kiddie thing is an interesting concept for mixes. I'd really struggle to make mine family oriented. If you get me, you can take the child locks off. I reckon you'll have already thought of this one, but for Wild Rumpus tunes, you couldn't do better than New York Dolls 'Stranded in the Jungle'. or the James Johnson original - it's that much softer - a man still gets put in a pot though! Not before bedtime.


Hey Ravyn. Best picture on the site, for sure. Congrats. Interesting mixes too.


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