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Hey I didn't get a chance to mail out your cd this weekend but I will ASAP!


Hi! Just wondering if you ever received the December mix that I sent out. I hope it made it to you safely.


I am sooo sorry! I'm mailing your December mix out tomorrow. The holidays got a little crazy. You should receive it sometime in the next week!


Thanks for the mix :) x


No worries I am in the same boat with December..


Hiya Melanie. I'm your December mixologist and I just wanted to let you know that the mix will be mailed out today (December 31) from northern Virginia, so hopefully it'll be in your mitts by the end of next week.


Hi Melanie, Thanks for the mix! Unfortunately the disc won't play (not even on my laptop). Cake would have been cool!


Ahhhh....another mystery mixer. Judging from the comments, you're into 'chill'. Think I'll send you the Holistic Medicine Mix. It's from several years ago, but I think you'll like it. (PS - Forgot to mention I'm your November DJ. But you probably figured that out by now.....;O))


Hi Melanie thank you for the mix!It came after a busy day and it calmed my nerves! Trish


Thanks for the mix - helped us through a long drive down to Stonehenge a couple of weekends ago!


Hi Melanie, Just curious what you thought of the mix. -Jenny


The mix was cool. I finally got around to listening to it. Thank you!


Thanks for the Feb mix. I listened to it on the way to Colorado for a Ski trip. Cool!


Sent your November mix out today. It's a strange little one. Only coming from Takoma Park to you, so it shouldn't be too much later.


I was just checking to make sure you received your mix from me for October.


I got the mix. I listened first in the car, but my car is way too noisy and so it was kinda frustrating because a few of the tracks are very low volume. But when I listened on headphones I really enjoyed it. I didn't find a track list with the CD. There are 4 tracks I couldn't identify; "Hit the ground running," "Fast car, dark night," the bluegrass instrumental, and the last track, "Trip away." Please let me know - I'm at


I'm sorry I was late mailing out your mix! But hopefully it should be in your mailbox tomorrow (I live in Arlington, VA) and mailed it on Saturday. Manda