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Hey Boris! Got my mix today, great work!


Hey there! No problem, I just saw your comment on my wall so I already reported the mix missing, but no worries :)

The Ealing Collective

So Boris.....did you get it? It being the July mixtape.

The Ealing Collective

Surprise! You lucky thing, you got randomly selected to receive an Ealing Collective mix this month (July). However we all have been a little busy so Ian has done you a special guest mixtape. We burnt it last night and are now doing the cover artwork. Sorry it's a little delayed but I hope, when you get it, you'll like it all the same. It should be in the post late this week/early the next.


Thanks for posting that bit about Harry and the Potters. That wizard-rock phenomenon makes me glad to be alive. Apparently, the band came to our local library recently but I was unaware and hadn't read your article yet. I JUST missed them! But I won't miss 'em a second time, thanks to you!


Have you heard of the band "somebody Still Likes You Boris Yeltsin?" -- I noticed your name, and that band came to mind.


Hey I adored the article on Harry and the Potters. I've been into them for a little over a year probably, and finally managing to claim some on their cd's within the last few months. I personally am not a harry potter fan and am not afraid to say it. Yet from what I do know of the books, I still love the music. It is very quirky and not only do I have an album I have bought for my potter fanatic friends as well. They make great gifts for the Rowling worshipers that we all know. I think that it is a great new avenue in music that expands the accessibility of indie music and other genres. Plus a free show at your local library, what else could you ask for. Well thanks for writing the article and keep up the good work! Arielle