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About Me

ceramic artist turned grad student slaving away in the frigid and beautiful Twin Cities and loving the music scene.

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Aloha, Apples in Stereo, Basement Jaxx, David Byrne, Flaming Lips, Beck, Cake, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, The Blow, BS2000, Cibo Matto, Intelligence, Islands, Soul Coughing, Morphine, Stereolab

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sun burn

a collection of summer songs.


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The January package is in the mail. Since I was so late I made it a double album. It would have been a few days sooner but my burner program kept inserting huge silent portions at the end of songs. I think the one I sent it OK. I hope you enjoy it.


Hey This is cool, I feel as though you jumped into my cd collection. I know all of these bands and many are favourites of mine. Almost spooky. Did you by any chance reuse the envelope? I believe I have a receipt from something you bought, but don't worry I will dispose of it. Thanks for the mix, so I can vibe to some bands I have neglected! Ciao, Merci


I totally suck. I have still not sent my January mix. I will have it out this weekend. As a penance I'm going to make it a double album. James (2/7)


Lauren: This kind of mix is the reason I joined IMP. Thanks a lot. I think many of these tracks will go onto my high rotation list. If I could be so bold I might suggest that you would like the biweekly podcast on Thanks!


Hi! Did you get a DEC mix? I made it but I can't remember if I sent it with all the busyness of the end of the year. Let me know.


Hi Lauren Got the mix on Friday and I am working my way through it on my journey to work and really enjoying it - the Toasters are great !!! Mark


Hey, Lauren! I just got your Feb mix -- I think it's yours, anyway. Thanks a lot, really looking forward to listening to it! Best, Ken


I always wondered how Criss Angel did that street flying thing. He seems more calm than you when he does it though.