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selling daft punk tix (LA show). msg me if you're interested

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my mixes are always late. sorry!

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coachella arcade fire (soon) daft punk (july)!!!!!!


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There are a bunch of programs that do that. If you use Mac OS X, Senuti is one such program. See:


oops, found the info


hey val, never got the assignment, so let me know where to send and i'll get something off to you. cheers.


Looks as if you are filled with Funky Freshness... so how about sharing some songs and what not with the world (or at least the music community). hmmmmm Funky Freshness.... where did I hear that phrase... what song... just did a search to see if it would refresh my memory and it didnt. I think it was from a song by a band from San Francisco... ya know, but I cannot figure out the name of the band or the song.... something about jesus... or god.... you know, not religious but one of those "God is dead" things that was so trendy about fifteen years ago or ... maybe longer. hmmmmmm Damn, this is really bugging me. Bored? Well, yes, I am. You bored too? By now, probably yes. Sorry to run you through my mind like this... but it will bug me all day if I cannot figure out this song. Shit, it looks like I am screwed. If you know... let me know.