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Wo Ai Car

About Me

I'm Car. I love my life even when it sucks. I am really into any kind of imagery. I really like comedy and it's hard to take me seriously unless I really don't know you and get shy and act all serious and shy and stuff. "I DIG MUSIC"- Russel from Almost Famous

Favorite Songs

too many.

Favorite Artists

too many.

Favorite Albums

English Settlement- XTC; Abbey Road- The Beatles; Cruel as School Children- Gym Class Heroes; On How Life Is- Macy Gray; Rufus Wainwright- Rufus Wainwright; Sunnysuperspeedographic- Ben Folds; Harold and Maude Soundtrack- Cat Stevens; Whatever and Amen- Ben Folds Five; The Colour and The Shape- Foo Fighters; Demon Days- Gorillaz; The Information- Beck

Recent Concerts

Ben Folds, Bruce Hornsby, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer(of Emerson Lake and Palmer), Rick Wakeman(Of Yes), Moe., The Disco Biscuits, The Almann Brothers, Tenacious D


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Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH! I just got your mix today. It's like water under the bridge. Now worries mate. It's all good. Know what I mean? Take care!!


Thanks for the update, I appreciate that. I was worried, I thought you got killed or something like that. I look foreward to your musics! (...but in the meantime I gots a killah mix from Cal Roach to replace the missing link)