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About Me

k lets see im 19 almost 20, a girl, i have a bf, im sorta a makeup artist, goin to school to be an esthetician.. love makeup, music, shopping, the oc, juicy, chanel.. so much more

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Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight Oasis - Wonderwall

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thanks for asking david, i like a lot of things. right now i am interested that they are using 'the the's' song - you know, this is the day jingle, in a tv commercial. thought most forgot about that band and bingo bango, there it is on the television... i dont know, probably selling insurance or some shit, but who cares... it is a great song and i like to hear it being used rather than dying. now i know some would disagree with that assessment... you know, the whole commercial exploitation, but shit - if a song is going to die, should it not have one last chance to grab someone who has not heard it and let them ask themself... who is that singing that song? just my ramble... and 'this is the day, your life will surely change.... this is the day when things fall into place. check out THE THE and see if you get hooked.


What other music do you like?