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maybe I'm moody.


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Hi April wow you go from feist to the ink spot if we drove like we make mixes we would both get tickets for failure to stay in one lane! Musically yours Trish


Did you get my Mix Mama.


I love Johnny and Santo's Sleepwalker. And I was very intense about the Ink Spots for a while; almost obsessively so. I used to play their songs late at a dorm at a summer camp I worked at. The 8 and 9 year olds hated them. But the 50 year old drama teacher loved 'em. Go figure. And moody???? I don't think so, maybe you're just artistic and in emotional repose.


no, you! and what fancy music taste you have...i want a taste...a fancy taste...mmmm huh?


Hi..putting your April mixtape in the mail today - i'm a classic procrastinator - sorry! Hope you enjoy it (you might need a french-english dictionary though :)


What a kick ass mixologist you are April I liked the mixes can't wait to sink my teeth into some more. Hey and do I know you from some where :o0


Hey, don't worry. I've got your mixtape okay after all. I've been having some mail-related problems recently, so I apologise for the false alarm. Twas a rock-ass mixtape anyhow.


Your mixtape is in the mail. You should have it by Saturday or Monday. Hope you enjoy.