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Fuck art; let's dance!

About Me

As normal and nice as the smell of bread!

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Supergrass, Pavement, Elvis Costello, Astrud Gilberto, Ween, The Beatles, Prince, X, Bjork, Sam Cooke, Spiritualized, Morphine, Cake, The Streets, Depeche Mode, Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Grandmaster Flash, The La's, Dead Meadow, Pulp, Arcade Fire, Chopin, Buddy Holly, Morrissey, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Squeeze, Bo Diddley, Yo La Tengo, The Beach Boys

Favorite Albums

Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa

Recent Concerts

Dead Meadow, Low, King Khan, Justice, X, The Slow Poisioner


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Your March mix is in the mail as of today 3/26/09


thanks for the February Mix, came across a lot of tunes I had nearly forgotten about!


Fantastic mix Rachel*Edith Piaf a big favourite.Enjoy it all. Jon*


Hi Rachel, I'm working on the mix for you for September and will try to have it in the post by the end of next week


My friend Art would say "Those are two good ideas."

Miss Ellie

I am not sure if you are my Rachel or not - but if you haven't received your March mix know that it is ON THE WAY. I just got back from bon-voyaging and appreciate all of your patience! Ciao!


Just watched "Jack Ass 2" and saw one of those Jack Asses with a 'fuck art let's dance' T-shirt on. I don't think it was Knoxville, I think it was Bam. (the most sensitive, scarf wearin' of the J.A.'s)

Melanie Anne

I had an awesome yellow "fuck art lets dance" pin from city lights bookstore once. Then I lost it. It sucked.