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too many too list...

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in free association form: fat freddy's drop, ozomatli, jurassic 5, bjork, sugarcubes, david bowie, les negresses vertes, M, raphael, amadou et mariam, manu chao, camille, the rapture, abd al malik, 113, dr dre, mos def, john coltrane, pharaoh sanders, max roach, alice coltrane, billie holiday, nina simone, charlie parker, charles mingus, the verve, beatles, natacha atlas, element, djivan gasparyan, .... that's it for now. i've switched topics now

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Apricots & Thyme

2007-12-15 04:08:57


Happy Girls Sometimes

La Vie Est Belle - Hip Hop Francais

No Whining Aloud (or Sunny Morning Happiness)

monday mornings at Bellevue

photo: Richard Avedon

passion then rejection

there is a search. a discovery. moments of happiness and excitement. then there can also come the rejection. the disappointment. this is not necessarily about that certain special someone. it's about something entirely different. gotta keep trying.

comme une chat qui sourire

a little bit of sly french humor

a story-badmootioun-une histoire

We were requested to create a biographical mixtape. Here is mine. In random order - the 35 songs that represent my life thus far (some years have more than one song, some songs cover many years, some years are blurred). Each song carries with it a memory, a lasting impression, or an important period in my life. Like my active mind memories resurface haphazardly. These songs traveled with me through my childhood, my adolescence and adulthood thus far... I wonder what the next 32 years will sound like? Painting by Vahe Berberian

Listening in on Paris


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Seta: Apropos of nothing...other than seeing an old comment of yours on Sarine's page...would you be interested in a side trade? A psychologist in Paris trading sad songs with an introspective Canadian with winter approaching.......imagine the ennui and depression we could generate!!!


Hi Seta, Your mix was here when I got home today and I'm digging it very much. I've noticed your mixes on the IMP frontpage before and admired them as well. Checking the foodblog later on tonight. Thanks very much. Steve.


I'm sorry your December mix is coming to you so late. I sent it out last week from Washington, DC so it should be arriving soon. Manda


No rush at all, I was late with my one too! happy new year!!! Vinny


I'm excited to sent this next mix overseas. It's practically made already; you're getting a mix of high rotation tracks from 2007 - as loved by my wife and I. I hope you likey.


i'm sorry that i never said thank you for my october mixes. I really liked them (especially the gyspsy in us). i wish i understood even half of the lyrics! - mia.


J'aime beaucoup votre Mixtape. Je ne parles pas si bien le Francais, mais pour la musique, c'est assez d'ecouter. Merci.


To answer your question, way too long. I'm honestly just glad you got it. You're the third person I've sent a mix to with those really intense booklet and case things, you're also the first person thats actually responded. Nothings more disappointing than spending 15 hours+ on a CD and sending it off to no one. Regardless, I'm so happy you like it. Furthermore I propose a trade, since I was looking through your mixes and you have a lot of sweet sounding music. If your interested I'll email you my address, if not thats ok too. And don't worry, I won't expect some crazy cd case.


So I think you're my September mix, and I pretty much didn't get around to sending it until yesterday, Oct. 1st. I'm really sorry, but on the bright side, the booklet is pretty kicking. So yea, I just thought you should know.


Happy Autumn my dear!


Got your mix the other day! How sweet of you to put a song on there entitled "Andy". Such a fun mix -- ecstatic to have finally gotten it!




"Passion Then Rejection" speaks to me and my life these days. Probably for many people, at that.


That sounds fun -- my e-mail is warholpirie@hotmail.com, if you'd like to send me your address.


Yes my sweet...I've sent you a lovely care package today. I hope you get it soon and I hope you enjoy!


Such beautiful taste. I believe I'm drawn to so much, simply because of the allure of french. How is Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album? I was afraid it would sound so much like another Air album.


I really like your mixes. Care to strike-up a side trade? Hmmm?


Glad you like it send me a mix sometime Smiles B

I live in Los Angeles right now, but I will be moving to Seattle soon. I'm from Beirut, though. Mmmm fasoulya...Naw, I hardly listen to Harout compared to the other stuff, but it's just one of those things...I did not know about the fame thing? What??? That would've been so awesome.

I found an Armo! I mean, you must, with the Harout and everything. Long live Harout Pamboukjian. We should so trade tapes.


Your Mix is on it's way you should get it by friday. Happy Day B


I am VERY excited!! cheers!

Carly A

Your March mix is going in the mail today. So sorry for the delay, I'm finishing school so all the fun stuff has gotten pushed to the side. The tape is coming from Canada so it might take a week or so to get to you, but it is on it's way.

Melanie Anne

thanks! Good job on completing the biographical mix. Mine isn't, really, although i have been a bookworm since birth. I just didn't know where to start with that one.

Carly A

Oh My, where has March gone?!?! I must apologize for not sending you your mix yet. I am right on top of making it and will have it to you ASAP. Please accept my most humble apologies. School has taken over my life and I just realized that the mixes were to be out by today. Yours will be in the post soon, I promise, Carly~


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