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July Junction

It's too hot to jump around.. so chill, lay back, grab a cold one and throw on some summer lazin' tunes.

June Jalopy

My pal Mo, just had a birthday. This is the mix I gave her.

May Mayhem

My pal, Barry, says Timbaland is one of the best hip hop guys around.. maybe for producing, but I slammed it down and gave him some other guys to think about. Some of the best hip hop I've heard comes straight from the White North Hood.

April Apprehension

Moving almost from Winter directly into Summer, things are definitely heating up.

March Madness

Here we are, full circle, to another year of happily sending mixes to parts of the world.

February Fab

It's the month of "love" but that's got nothing to do with this mix.

January Jubilation

Winter is blah. These tracks are not.

Holiday Season - Dapper December

I love the holidays. I just wish that they lasted a bit longer and had less shovelling.

Winter Abomination - Never November

Snow is coming. UGH! Prepare yourselves by dancing around!

Scary Talent - October 2007

Halloween month - but no Halloween songs on here!

Feminist Ode - Sassy September (2007)

My personal ode to all those great Canadian female vocalists.. ah .. the times they've saved me .. hopefully you'll enjoy them too.

What the Bleep Is This? - August Abomination (2007

It's the end of the summer.. but we have to keep the grooves goin'! Listen to this mix and guarantee the party will start off with a bang and then gradually mellow out..

Mellow Out - July Jammin' (2007)

Thought I'd take it down a notch and smooth out the tunes with this relaxing mix of Canuck goodness. That's right, I'm a patriot, what can I say?

Peaceful Summer - June Joie de Vivre (2007)

It's time for a relaxing, share with someone you chill with type mix. Yes, all of it is Canadian - new hits and some oldies but goodies. Share at will.

Mucho Mash-Ups - May Marvels (2007)

If you don't know what a mash- up is, then this mix is for you. If you do know what it is, this will be even better! Judge them how you will, I know I couldn't put these together if I tried!

The Cover-Up - April Amazement (2007)

There are so many musicians, it's hard to ignore that there also are a lot of cover songs out there. Some are good, some are bad. This is an attempt to listen to a few songs that are actually good renditions of old favourites.

20 Years To Life - March Madness (2007)

20 Years Goes By So Quickly.. I liked being given an "assignment" this month. I started from my musical roots - well if I had more time and space I would have started with Raffi, but let's not go nuts eh? New Kids was my first musical love - and admittedly one that some people might be ashamed of. If you pay attention, you just MIGHT see an article written by me appear on the IMP website. That should give you enough information to understand where my musical loves progressed from and why it's important to remember the roots of your own musical passion. Play on, my friends, and turn it UP!

Canadian Grooves - February Funk (2007)

It's cold outside.. this mix will keep you hoppin' on the inside or while you're freezing in the snow..

The Great White North - January Joy (2007)

Canadian music is some of the best in North America. It needs more exposure, so listen up and find some great new sounds!


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Your May mix is on the way. A little late, but I put it in the mail today.


Hey there! I just wanted to thank you for the great mix. Well eclectic. Great warmth captured in a small plastic disc. Yes, we're usually warm here in FL, but it was still much appreciated. :)

The Ealing Collective

Did you get October on the end? Only ask as it is one of my faves so far - I would say that because it was all my own work and not an entire Collective effort. What did you think?


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your mixtape is going in the mail tomorrow. My Computer crashed recently and it has taken awhile to get all my music back on to it. Hopefully it wont take too long to receive (although it is coming from overseas). Thanks for your patience, Jeffrey


You don't suck. When it gets here it gets here. You're mixes look great so I am looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.


No sweat. From the looks of your previous mixes, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

The Ealing Collective

Greetings from the other London (across the sea). We so bad and we so lazy this month I apologise. FINALLY we have burnt you off a mix for October we have been tinkering with a while. It should be pretty self explanatory so I won't spoil the surprise - hope you like it? From perusing your other mixes I reckon you might. It'll be in the post so hopefully you should get it before the end of the month!! Let us know what you think.


i'm so glad you liked the extra! with a little wikipedia action, a printer, and some scissors, it could almost be like no pictures are missing at all :)


Your Mucho Mash-Ups - May Marvels mix, and The Cover-Up - April Amazement mix look fantastic :)


Tanya, A late mix is better than none at all. I just broke the bank at Amazon; bought too many CDs. So I can wait.


Hey Teach!!! Long time. No typing. I'm doing very well, thank you. And you?


Tanya - I got the June mix today. Thanks! Most of what's on there is new to me. I've heard some Sloan, but not that track. Peter Elkas strikes me as someone channeling Lowell George. Can't wait to listen to the rest of the mix. I grew up in the Toronto area. I've been to your town a few times, but only as a kid, so I can't say I have an informed opinion.


Hi Tanya, Thanks so much for the May mix! I was bumpin' so much I fell off my couch!


i'm so glad you liked it! sorry again that i suck and it was so late...


Oh no you didn't get your April mix! I sent it over a month ago, so it really must be lost. Bummer! And for ONCE I know that the address was 100% correct. Not writing London, England was hard for me.


Tanya! So VERY sorry your mix for March is late! Let's just say 2008 has been off to a bit of a crazy start. I'm dropping your mix in the mail tomorrow, sorry again!


Hi Tanya, mix has arrived, thanks. Will be giving it a listen tomorrow...

Amber L

Just got it ...Yay! Looks great...now pressing play :-) Yours is almost ready to mail.


HI This may be weird, but I saw your profile on the "fetured profile" thing on the homepage, and we've gone to a lot of the same concerts, are you going to joelplaskket w/ Two hours traffic at cto?


My daw-link, why have we not side traded? If you wish to have a Burning Man experience, please email me anytime: intruderalert@hotmail.com ciao


I'm going to gone for a while, but afterwards I can send it to you again if you want.


Hey there, pretty lady! I contacted you...or I think it was you...on facebook, but I haven't heard back. Was it you? Anyhoo, if you want to send me your contact info you can e-mail me at vixxenlicious@gmail.com. Hope to hear from ya!!


Yayayayaaaaaayy!! Mixtape friends are gooooood! I will look you up very soon. It's midnight and I'm immersed in chemistry homework at the moment, but I'll try to hit you up this week. Didn't want you to think I forgot!


PS...if you like mash ups and you haven't already done it, check out Girl Talk or DJ Earworm. They're my fave mash up artists. Excellent Stuffs. Iffin' you're interested, I could send you some if you don't already retain their mash up gold in your personal collection. Yes, I said iffin'. I'm from the south. It is my blessing, it is my curse.


I heart mash ups, I heart your cover art and I heart your new tattoo. The geisha is still my fave. Sooooooooooooo loverly.




Teach - thanks so much for the recent mix. I was having a hellish day with my computer trying to make a mix myself and stormed out in frustration, went to get the mail and lo and behold....there was the cd from you!!! It made my afternoon. Apropos too, as I'm making a Canadian mix for another IMP'er. I'm going to send a copy of your mix (with due credit of course). Thanks a lot.


Enjoyed your article on Canadian rock. I still have Honeymoon Suite on cassette!


Scissor Sisters concert was a bit dissapointing. It was not at all what I expected it to be, so it goes. Lets hope the next one is better. Seeing any good shows anytime soon?


okay, I've talking to someone called mutnick in the mac room , but I'll look for you as new teach in the imp room


Make it 9:30, okay?


Okay, teach. Want to try again tomorrow (Sunday at 8)?


I LOVE your NKOTB article - we had a very similar "transormation from bad music to god music" in our formative years. And Donnie was my favorite too. ;) I grew up in Detroit, so I listened to a lot of Canada's finest on our "modern rock" station - Grapes Of Wrath, The Hip, Sloan, Eric's Trip. Now that I live in Charlotte, NC it's amazing to me that friends of mine don't consider songs like "Underwhelmed" and "You May Be Right" as nostalic favorites - heck, they've never even heard them! Keep on keepin' on lady!!


Mostly for the following reasons 1) When I download, it's almost always only one song, very rarely do I go for an entire album. 2) I put most of my full CD's on my Ipod with an earlier computer, and now I can't load them onto my new computer. So several thousands songs aren't available to share, just the ones I've downloaded recently. So if you can tell me how to get them onto the new one, I'd have lots of full albums available to share.


I feel like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. I was virtually stood up. But at the very least, I figured out how to browse your files. Should you actually be there , that is. So, we'll try at a later date.


Okay, Teach I'm "in" the mac users room now. But I don't see anyone named swatchy, newteach or tanya . So who and where are you?


No worries. We can always do it another time. Maybe it will look a little odd to be meeting some strange man (look at the way I dress) on-line on your husband's birthday.


Okay. I'll be there with bells on.....well....virtual ones at least. What room shall we meet in?


I always put my Bettas in large bowls...I feel bad for the ones in those small cup size bowls.


Okay, how about this let's pick a time to "meet" in one of the soulseek rooms and after that.....well you tell me.


Okay, ya got me. It's time to fess up. I don't actually have an MSN account. I've got some kind of irrational fear of not getting involved with it. Yeah, I know its silly. But what can I do? I can't explain my frog phobia either.


Okay Teach, I think this all started with an invitation from you for me to run my fingers through your mp3 files. But seeing as how I'm hopelessly inept with this tech stuff. How about I just give you my email and you recommend me some music you like? I'm dhaw@persona.ca S'all right?


As I was making mine, I was thinking that I probably liked better music when I was younger! (Barring the odd pop obsession of course - but The Lococmotion is still amazing). At the risk of coming off all pretentious I used 3 cds, hence all the tracks. I just didn't feel I could do it any other way, though I guess there is a bit of repetition I was trying to put a song on to represent a whole load of other ones. i suppose the listener would have to be a bit of a mind reader to figure that out though.


I've got NKOTB in my autobiography mix too. Is that what catharsis is? It sure felt weird.


thanks for the comment and thanks for reading! don't let any PHiSHhead tell you it's too late to learn. the best way to find some cool stuff is through live shows... visit http://stash.nugs.net for free downloads. y'know, i don't want to push it or anything! as for the links, those were added by Ryan Mixtape in the editing process, so if you're thinking about submitting to the site don't worry, he'll spruce it up if it needs sprucing. take care, happy mixin.


hey tanya, send me your postal address and i'll send you a mix of what's new on the stereo of london town if you'd like... A fire_babii@hotmail.com


I was reading Angela's comments and saw that your last name is Kearney. What's really funny is that I know someone whose name is Danya Tierney. Rhyming first and last names! How funny is that?




Excuse the lateness of my reply; (didn't Ringo say that to Marge Simpson?). Also excuse the mangling of my punctuation. As a teacher does that must be particularly annoying. Anyways, I have mastered the art of downloading songs from Soulseek. But still don't know how to "get" into a room and I can't find your username anywhere. It hasn't changed has it? In terms of MSN....I've never used it either (ya I know it is kind of embarrassing). And did I just screw up the spelling for embarass? Oh, God, I can't stop!!!!!!.....


I wish I could say that I made the robot, or even took the photo. Alas, I found it by doing an image search on Google for "robot". Maybe in the future I will make robots.


no live journal, sorry. I`m in Nagoya, and loving it!


Will write up the tracklisting properly soon!


That sounds like a fine belt buckle. I think, were it in my possession, I would love it with the same fervor as yourself. Kearney is also a fine last name. You should check out Jen Kearney...if you're a fan of the Latin soul genre. She rocks . Oh, btw, your tattoo is BREATHTAKING! I heart geishas.


Good God, I'm not good at this. I can't find you under Mac Users or New Teach. But I am there as Chesty6 and I'm not sure how to get into a room..I'll try MSN


Okay Teach, I've figured out how to download files on soulseek, but I don't know how to find you by name so I can "browse your files", so to speak. Help.


Took the time to update. Okay, I ignored my Grade 11 English class to do it, but it's done!


It's Chesty6 and I'm on near, but not in, Toronto time.


Okay, I've checked out soulseek and seeing as how I'm a bit thick on these things, I don't clearly see how we share music with each other yet. But I'll get there. I was able to open a user account. So I've got that going for me.


No tag backs!


And what is a soulseek? You kids and your internets.


I just use the "view comments" link in my profile, but yeah, it's not ideal. I'm one of those few Canadians that doesn't drink Timmy's... but a friend of mine in Alberta was at 3/3 last time I checked. Maybe he's stealing all the winners.


Oh man, "Maybe We Should Just Go Home" - I love that song, and I haven't heard it in too long! He's such a nice guy, too. I think I might sneak "True Patriot Love" in when I tackle the assignment... but it'll have to be April, because March's was already finished. Good to see plenty of Canadians on here, and good to see that we make awesome mixes.


Man, I'm dangerous with accidently clicking on that "delete comments" button.....anyways, if you have the technical know-how to raid my computer files....feel free. If someone has the where-with-all to do so, more power to them for using their power for good instead of evil (like raiding my bank account). If I must be robbed, let it be for music.


Another Canadian (teacher) heard from here... I concur about our music scene. I often lament the fact that some fantastic talents we have have not 'broken' through the 49th. Just caught a Chantal Kreviazuk/Raine Maida show. Wow, you hear her voice, and you really question what passes for a female vocalist on the charts!


Jeeezz...I had some kind of Freudian block about ol' Celine. Didn't even remember her. But I did manage to mention Loverboy far too many times. Me thinks I dost protest too much.


No, no, not at all. I totally agree with you that we have some great artists and bands now who are known outside of Canada. I was just pointing out that it wasn't always like this. We've always had a pretty good music scene, but in the past, it seemed only Canadians knew about it. And those few artists that did get famous in the States and elsewhere (Loverboy and Bryan Adams)didn't really appeal to me (or represent the good bands we had). For every Loverboy album sold, someone was't hearing Parachute Club, Rough Trade, DOA, Toronto, ...etc). There were exceptions obviously. Rush is , and has been, known around the world for a long time. However I distinctly remember telling a South African once (who liked Rush) that they were a Canadian band; and she didn't believe me. But now we have so many great bands who are breaking outside of Canada. I feel the Loverboy days are finally behind us.


As a fellow Canadian I can attest that it hasn't always been Feist, Metric and Sloan. There was a time when the only Canadian music known outside of our few acres of snow was Loverboy and Bryan Adams. On a somewhat related note, I swear I once saw Carole Pope from Rough Trade in the audience during an episode of SNL (back when they would have a shot of an audience member with some cruel caption added on). Can anyone confirm that? Maybe I just imagined it.


Triumph is one of my favorite power trios!


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