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Profile - Clarke - International Mixtape Project
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Eclectic collector

About Me

boomer, collecting vinyl since a teen-ager and CDs since they stopped sounding like crap. The Beatles were the pebble that dropped into the pond of my musical consciousness and my musical curiosity has radiated out in all directions from there. I keep up with current rock trends only when they harken back to the roots of rock and roll: high energy music with good songs and/or good hooks; so Punk and early New Wave was my meat, and so is the music that returns to those basic essences. I dislike most 'progressive' music - Emerson, Lake and Palmer to whoever is doing it now.

Favorite Songs

Ballad of a Teenage Queen Ballad of a thin man Childe ballads Please, Mr. Postman Want Ads, How sweet it is, A change is gonna come, Be my baby, Skin Tight Ac-cent-you-ate the positive She's about a mover Have you seen your mother, baby? I only have eyes for you Dancing in the dark

Favorite Artists

Richard & Linda Thompson James Brown Beatles BeachBoys Vibrators WayneFontana and the Mindbenders Clash Tempations Supremes Miracles Pretenders ElvisPresley CarlPerkins ChuckBerry LittleRichard BoDiddley JohnnyCash Donovan Autosalvage Funkadelic Parliament SlyandtheFamilyStone JeffersonAirplane GratefulDead BigBrother and the Holding Co Doors Love BuffaloSpringfield NeilYoung GordonLightfoot BryanFerry BobDylan Byrds TroubleFunk ChuckBrown CandiStaton BobbyParker BillMonroe DavidGrisman TonyRice HankWilliams HankSnow LeftyFrizzell GeorgeJones MerleHaggard WillieNelson Television Patti Smith Blondie

Favorite Albums

James Brown - Mother Popcorn Beatles - Rubber Soul Jefferson Airplane - Baxter's Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde Vibrators - pure mania Funkadelic - best of the early years Velvet Underground Television Beach Boys - Friends Elvis Costello - Get Happy Terence Trent D'Arby - Symphony or Damn

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2009-09-11 12:26:04


What do I do now?


its in the title



Dawn to me, a change has come

to bugs, to busk, to thugs, to drugs

Covering Beatles

Anything you can do

Love again

Valentine's mix 2

Country 1947-55

Western Swing, Hillbilly Boogie: Steel guitars, fiddles and broken hearts

FLUTE thing

flutes around the world


Each song should be distinct from its neighbors

Almost speechless!

Jump blues, R&B, boogie-woogie, Jazz, and an East European detour near the end

No Alternatives

A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants

New Orleans

40's to mid-60's

Thompson Family

Richard & Linda as duo & solo, 1 from son Teddy

Love & its discontents

Happy Valentines Day Massacre

the future and the past

Music I like

demure, but with a visit to foreign climes and a somewhat raucous finish

Musica Popular Brasileiro

Sixties to nineties

March madness


love,longing,heartbreak and that old supermoon

Hadda to Dorough

Tis the season

American music

Tis the season

American music

Bossa Nova

Gilberto, Jobim, Bonfa had a sound that took over the world, and still remains vital.

Blues History

Southern country acoustic blues


from the library Al Green - Tom Ze

Blue Xmas

Soulful, Bluesy Christmas

Gospel truth

A survey, past and present

REQUIEM for a lost friend


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Wow, your blues mix looks super tasty. Respect!


Hi Clarke, I'd be interested in a side-trade if you feel so inclined. wallydehonk@hotmail.com


Hi Clark Musically we have alot in common.If you ever want to do a side trade please feel free to drop me a line. Also take a peek at my blog www.djtrishm.blogspot.com musically yours Trish


Hi Clarke. I am your June IMPer. Really sorry it's taking me so long to get your mix out. I admit to being a little intimidated by your profile - in a positive challenging way. I'm of the mind to produce something special for you, but the summer sun has sapped me and I've been struggling to think of something worthy of you. It's all on it's way though, I have it in mind and it will be with you soon....ish. mxbx


hey would you be interested in a side swap? all that original blues stuff and songs from new orleans looks tasty x


Hi! Just got your May mix today. Can't wait to give it a spin. Thanks! - Shelly


hey clarke, thanks for the cd, its a very good mix of songs. particularly dug the who and little richard tracks. great theme too, everyone loves girls!


Hi Clarke - a quick note to say thanks loads for my march mix. I really love it, especially the tracks from the 1930s and 40s towards the end of the mix. Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton etc - great stuff from an era in music that my collection is woefully lacking. BTW I've been eye-ing the 60s soul mix on your profile for a while now...would you be interested in doing a side-trade? Let me know mrtgb5@aol.com


I'm your February DJ: I have the perfect mix for you....


Hey Clarke, I'm really getting a kick out of your mix -- so chill but still interesting and quirky ... it fits my mood nicely right now. Thanks a bunch!


Your profile picture is simply magical.


Clarke, it's a new decade and your mix is egregiously late. I can only plead holidays and three children under 5. I'll put it in the mail as soon as I can, and I appreciate your patience.


Hi Clark Im Trish You have a great eclectic taste in music.If you would like to do a sidetrade That would be cool.You may drop me a line here or by email.If you want to see what Im into check out my page and read a few of my blogs if time permits my email is trishmull77@comcast.net


Your mix is done but I don't know if I can get to the post office today. It's 10/7. I'll mail tomorrow a.m. at the latest. Sorry so late! Angela


Hi Clarke: I'm your April MixMaker. I'm cutting it pretty close - I just stuck your mix in the mail today (4/28). It should make its way up the coast in the next 2-3 days. Hope you dig it. :Ashley


Your most recent mix is on it's way.


Thanks for the mix. The 'Oceana' tracks are great. I played 1st Call about 10 times so far. The Tom Ze track is awesome. Thanks again.


Clarke: I owe you a mixtape. Sorry, been moving house but on its way now! Richard


Hi Clarke, I've just sent out this month's mix. No doubt you've heard most of it before, but I hope you like it and don't find it too proggy.


Hey, last year you sent me The In Crowd from the Ramsey Lewis Trio...and I just came across Young-Holt Unlimited, a couple guys who played on that track and went on to do their own thing. Maybe you already heard of them, but I liked them and was pleasantly surprised to make the connection.


Thanks for the COuntry Music & Western Swing CD. It was so fantastic to get some random songs in the mail. I love it when the titles are so strong that you get all excited about the CD before even hearing the first note. Great stuff!


Just received No Alternatives mix - great stuff! Thanks.


Clarke, Thanks for the soul mix! I dig. Ali


Hey, thanks for the unsolicited mix. I'm really liking it, particularly some of the stuff from a hemisphere away.


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