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About Me

milk sandwiches, i will always be in rockland with my ink and pen, lend a hand the world is meant to explore

Favorite Songs


heroin bag

i was deep in a dream and i didn't know it

Favorite Artists

tunng, the velvet underground, mi & l'au, why?, neutral milk hotel, the 13th floor elevators, colleen

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

shark!shark!, miss derringer & the deadly syndrome, dan deacon


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Hi, your september mix tape is running a tad behind. I will get it out to you soon. Hope you enjoy it. :)


Hi Ellen!! Thanks for the cd it's fantastico! Love Sheonagh xx


Hey there, I'm sending you a mixtape - was having some MASSIVE issues with my computer burning but I think it's fixed now. Will be along shortly! Promise!


Hey Ellen, So now I have both mix-tapes, both of which I enjoyed. Drop me an email with yer address and I'll send you a CD to even us up. Cheers, D.


Hey Ellen, thanks so much for the mix! I really enjoyed it, mostly because we have very similar taste in music. Hope you had a nice New Year!


Hiya Ellen, Unless it was the replacement mix, your Nov 07 mix arrived today - so thanks and no need ta send out another. I haven't had a chance to listen yet - looks like a good one - but thought I should drop ya a line right away so you didn't send another out... Cheers, Dan


Thanks for the excellent Sept. mix!


Glad you liked the mix!


Hey -- I'm late for September, but it's going out this morning, October 2. Sorry for the delay.


Gross! Did some musik come flying out of your headphones, ricochet off your cheekbone and poke you inna eye?