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most of the time

About Me

Conquering the highways of North Carolina with a little help from my friends (and Fleetwood Mac)

Favorite Songs

1. Most of the Time--Bob Dylan 2. Hounds of Love--Kate Bush 3. Challengers--The New Pornographers 4. I Don't Really Love You Anymore--The Magnetic Fields 5. You Made a Man Out of Me--Otis Redding

Favorite Artists

1. Otis Redding 2. Neko Case 3. Lucinda Williams 4. The Everly Brothers 5. Radiohead

Favorite Albums

1. Graceland--Paul Simon 2. Lucinda Williams--Lucinda Williams 3. Middle Cyclone--Neko Case 4. OK Computer--Radiohead 5. Used Guitars--Marti Jones

Recent Concerts

Gillian Welch

at the Cat's Cradle

Carrboro, NC



Hey senorita, that's astute

2007-06-08 06:18:13


From Head To Toe

The leg bone's connected to the knee bone. The Shins bone's connected to the Destroyer bone.

Songs From My "Street Funk" Dance Class

I am not promising that these songs are good, just that we listened to them in my street funk dance class. I still don't really know what "street funk dance" is, but it involved a lot of Britney Spears.


Open it, fill it, melt it, break it.

You Can Count On Me

Counting to twenty.


God, there is nothing better than handclaps. If raisins are nature's candy, handclaps are "nature's instrument." And also nature's candy, since raisins suck.

You, Too, Can Enjoy The Seventies

Don't hate, appreciate.

Sad Boy Strumming

There is a special kind of sadness that only boys can feel. Not being a boy, I can't understand it, but at least I can yearn to comfort this gangly and sensitive person, with or without a beard.


Oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got green eyes.


These people are serious about you not doing something.

Artists I've Seen Live

I've seen these people IN THE FLESH. That expression always seemed so icky for some reason.

Strange Things


And: IMP #14

Something and something else.

Why The Long Face: IMP #13

Songs that are over five minutes, melancholy, and awesome.

So What?: IMP #12

So and what.

T Time: IMP #11

Music for the Boston subway system. It's alright to get a little emo sometimes and pretend you're in a movie.

Horror!: IMP # 10

The obligatory Halloween mix.

Country Music: IMP #9

Songs with states' names in the titles. Not intended to be a "patriotic" mix, just fun with words.

The First Things I Remember: IMP #7

Songs from early childhood.

Graduation! Songs of My College Experience: IMP #6

These are all songs that remind me of college, grouped loosely by year.

The Name Game: IMP #8

Songs with first names as titles.

Dance Craze!: IMP #5

All songs that either started or perpetuated dance crazes, except for the first song, which is a figurative "call to arms," and the last song, which catalogues a bunch of dances.

Alphabet April: IMP #4

The obligatory alphabet- related mix.

Genre Shuffle!: IMP #3

Sometimes it seems like mixes (and I include mine in this) end up looking like an indie rock catalogue. I thought it might be cool to try to come up with a mix where every song came from a different genre. Of course categories are just for fun, very general, and entirely subjective, so feel free to take issue with my groupings---they're only a jumping-off point for a varied collection of songs.

My Musical Autobiograhy: IMP #2

A song I was (or probably was) listening to every year of my life, the year the song came out. Including the embarrassing stuff.

Songs That Make Me Cry: IMP #1

Feelings, wo wo wo


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Hi Rachel, December disc arrived in good shape. Many thanks. E-mail to follow.


No worries Rachel, look forward to receiving the Dec mix from you soon.


Hi Rachel, I'd love to hear your first IMP mix, 'Songs That Make me Cry'. Do you fancy a side-trade? Cheers, Danny


Lovely autumn mix!! First one I've received since rejoining after years off and you've definitely made me glad to be back ;)


Hi Rachel. Mailed out your October 2013 mix today. Hope you like it.


Thanks for the August CD. It arrived safe and sound and then I ate it. I mean listened to it. Thanks, James


your july mix goes in the mail tomorrow morning. i never look at my assigned person's profile til i send the mix out, but your mix titles and descriptions make me hopeful that you'll like what i did. have a good one!


Hey, your May mix arrived. Pretty cool. I have to admit you're the first person to send me some Beyonce. Good on ya.


Yes, it's weird that... I've had the same thing happen two or three times to me. Regardless... I did receive your mix. It was pleasantly surprising. While I knew plenty of the artists; I didn't actually have any of the songs you sent. Very nice all around. Don't forget the god of Springtime.


Hey, thank you for the mix! Loved it!


Rachel. Your April mix is currently working it's way through my dog's digestive tract. Or it would be if I had a dog. You get the picture. But it's totally on it's way! Apologies for the delay Andy


Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.....it's arrived!!!! Haven't listened to it yet; but I will and the variety looks interesting. I can definitely say I ain't got no Beyonce from anyone else yet!!! By the by, it's been so long; I actually don't remember now if I sent you a mix to start this swap??? We've been perseverating so much about your tardiness that I've forgotten if I upheld my end of the deal to begin with.


Thanks Rachel..got your Feb mix. My ears are open but i'm not promising anything ;-)


You do understand what happens if you piss off the God of Springtime, don't you?


Hi, your Feb mix left the UK on 22nd, Gary


Thanks Rachel, digging the mix you made for me.


Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.........


Hi Rachel, your January mix left Sydney today (9th Jan).


Hi - Glad to hear that you liked your October mix!


Hey Rachel - I was running a little behind with my mix for October. I mailed it out today so you should get it shortly. Hope you enjoy it! - Shelly


Rachel: Did you get the thing I sent you?


Rachel: Who'd a known? You're my regular monthly sendee as well....


Well, I don't know about amazing...(mostly because I can't remember what I sent); but if you say it was amazing, amazing it was. Thanks. I will send you an email shortly.


Rachel: It's been a while....up for a side trade?


Thanks for the mix!


12/7: Sending your November CD today from the nation's capitol (and only a week late.) - James


Hello again - I just got a message to say you haven't received my August mix yet. I sent it from London on 31st and it can take a couple of weeks to make it's way across the pond. But let me know if it still hasn't arrived and I'll send you another.


Hi Rachel - I'm your august mixer. The CD went in the post today (31st) from London, so it might reach you a little late ... but it is on the way! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the 70s mix that you sent me a while back!


Then your mix was a victim of it's own success*when my pal snatched it from the CD player*saying I'm just borrowing this to listen to at the gym*Jonny


I was just listening to the last mix you sent me and thinking we should do another side trade! Do tell if you're interested. :)


Mix arrived on a day when I really wanted some Rolling Stones*Thank you*Jonny*


Thanks! The full one (which also includes my brother) makes it look a bit like we're both in some sort of metal band, which is obviously awesome. I know I keep saying this, but we should totally catch up - are you around tomorrow? (email me if so, I don't check comments here very often...)


Hi Rachel I got your mix today but had to go to the dentist after work and im enjoying your mix as the novacane subsides.I gotta feeling this mix will be in heavy roation.Thank you! Trish


I was surprised that someone could pull off a Graceland cover to be honest, but everything i have heard from The Tallest Man on Earth is seriously, amazing.


Oh yeah, i agree. There are a few good Beatles covers on the I am Sam soundtrack actually. What did you think of the Paul Simon cover? I think i put that on there. Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out. :)

Thomas J

August 31... just getting your mix in the mail today. Bad Thomas Bad. It is coming and due to lateness I added a second mix. Hope you enjoy. Thomas J.


Yep, that's Duritz. I love covers too, and sometimes it seems like some songs just SHOULD NOT be covered because they're so good in the original state, and then someone pulls it off with their own unique twist and it's just like WOW! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know. It sucks never knowing if someone got your mix or liked it or not. :)


Thanks for the June mix!! I'm thoroughly enjoying it


While it may have been proven with science (science!) that I am indeed what the kids these days are calling "a slacker," it remains that I have not forgotten about my side-mix for you, and I will indeed be putting it in the mail, complete with SWAK seal and perhaps some glitter, sometime this very week. Excitement!


Hey, did you ever get your May mix?


Hey, i finally burnt your May mix due to computer difficulties. Sorry. :( i will post it tomorrow. P.s. If its any consolation, i haven't received a May mix yet either.


Glad you liked the mix! If I'd known you played banjo, I would have added more banjo songs. (I could have caused a banjo overdose!) And Sting definitely has a way with writing songs sometimes. I totally agree there.


Howdy! I have completed your April 2010 mix and I will put it in the mail by the end of the week. I hope you like it!


hi rachel! i'm your march dj. sent your mix out a couple days ago. it's a mix of faves from manchester, uk bands. mistake on the track listing - the joy division song is 'digital', not what's listed. and i wrote 'doves' twice on the cd itself. temporary retardation aside, hope you enjoy the disc. have a happy one :O)


Thanks, got the mix today. Yours will be out soon. Thanks!


I'm so glad you liked it! It looks like our tastes align somewhat - I'm open to a side trade if you are!


In an imaginary pretend world we'd be best friends and ride our unicorns to concerts and swap epic mix tapes while chocolate chip pancakes rained from the sky. What I'm getting at is: would you like to do a side trade?


Hey, Got your mix ! Thanks :)


Hi Rachel did you get my mix? What did you think of it?Trish


Hi Rachel Im Trish your October mix maker.Ill be sending your mix very soon!Being your as eclectic as I am I think you'll enjoy it! Trish


Rachel, Very glad that you enjoy that August08 mix. Since you listen in your kitchen, might I suggest that a complementary food would be a turkey burger (or veggie burger) with lettuce\tomato\pickle, and that Asian chili sauce that has the rooster on it (or simple ketchup if you don't care for the spicy). A cru de te platter or "Chile Picante con limon" corn nuts will also complement. I'd suggest either a merlot (Francis Ford Coppola's winery makes a nice one that is quite affordable), or your favorite beer (Sam Adams, Harpoon, or Tremont Bitter should all be readily available in the Boston area..). Cheers!


very cool mix, thanks a lot!


Awww shucks ta...i do like the props, bit thin on the ground sometimes in IMP Land?! If you wanna do a side swap drop me a line at sittlington@yahoo.co.uk Sid


That makes me so happy you love the mix that much! :)


I love the Heart mix! Been blasting it in my car - tons of fun! Thank you!


'don't hate, appreciate' indeed! What a great mix...one for the car. Thanks loads!


Great mix, thanks. 3rd mixtape I've received with Skinny Love on it!!


After listening to the mix this morning (and dropping it in oatmeal, don't ask), my favorites were Human League, The Persuasions, and Laura Veirs. Some other "don't" songs for your collection: The Breeders "Don't Call Home" The Zombies "Don't Cry For Me" Belle & Sebastian "Don't Leave the Light On Baby" Spanky Wilson "Don't Joke With A Hungry Man" Galaxie 500 "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" thanks again! :)


looks like we were assigned each other for october. i just got your mix today. i like the theme, thank you!

Kristina Pia

hey hey. your mix got here alright. tks so much - haven't heard some of these songs for ages. and yes - it was a strange summer indeed.


Thanks for letting me know - look forward to hearing the mix when it arrives! Cheers, Matt


Aloha! Just wanted you to know I got the Halloween mix. There was some interesting choices on there! "The Horror" is definitely my spooky jam for the season. Cheers!


Rachel, I have no excuse other than I'm lame. Sorry your August mix hasn't arrived yet. I just mailed it though. Please forgive. Hope you find a song or two to enjoy.


Shhh! ...September's mix is on it's way Sid


Hi Rachel - I just sent your July mix, so it may be there a little late. Sorry! Hope you enjoy it. -Amanda


Ooohhh, bummer about your laptop! No problem on the mix. I’ll take whatever you can patch together. “Slightly different” sounds swell. Thanks!


Aloha! I noticed your 'obligatory Halloween mix' on the IMP home page. I made one of those too and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a monster mix swap?


I love that Cassie song a lot.


Hey, I sent your Apr mix yesterday and realized, like the idiot I am, I forgot to add the liner notes - DOH! I am so sorry. If you would like them (it should be on the CD as well) look at my page. SORRY SORRY SORRY.


thanks for the mix! I haven't listened yet, but it looks great!


hi rachel. glad you liked my best of 2007 mix. the lucinda williams song has made nearly every mix i've made this year for friends. here, i was just wondering if that guy who was writing the article on imp ever sent you the article (i read other comments people left you)? would be interested to read it. bronagh.


Hi Rachel. So glad to hear my mix made it alright! I listen to Afrobeat while I sit in Atlanta traffic. Those 12 minute songs make the miles of bumper to bumper zip on by. Enjoy!


How the hell have you been? I love the name mix; the only one I can currently think of to add would be "Ada" by the National.

Son of Ravyn

Hi there. In addition to being IMP member, I am a freelance music writer. I have been working on a feature article on the IMP for my local alt-weekly, The Houston Press. I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions: How long have you been an IMP participant? Do you know Ryan outside of the IMP? Were you a mixtaper prior to participation in the project? Why do you make mixtapes? Do you get more out of making mixtapes or out of receiving them? Have you found IMP to be a good source for discovering new music (even if that would be old music thatâ??s new to you)? What is your occupation? How much time do you spend, on average, per Mixtape? Do you feel that artwork is an important part of a Mixtape? Would you recommend IMP to others? In addition to these few questions, anything youâ??d like to add would be more than welcome. Feel free to be as loquacious or succinct as you like. nicholas.l.hall@constellation.com


Hi. Your mix is going out tomorrow, My sincerest apologies for the delay and I hope you will enjoy the mix.


Rachel: Got your disc today and it's wonderful!!!! It is a reply to what I've sent you isn't it? Great job. I'd never actually heard that Gary Numan track either, so that was nice. Thanks a bunch.


I'm glad you enjoyed your May mix. Truth be told, I had been running themes, but due to being behind and so much going on, I just made a comp of a bunch of stuff I'd gotten hold of recently. What can I say? When talent and skill desert you, there's always dumb luck. But yeah, looks like we bark up the same tree. I'll have to look into your mixes. And pilfer shamelessly, likely.

Son of Ravyn

nicholas.l.hall@constellation.com Actually, a lot of those songs I got from fishing around on www.elbo.ws It's a blog aggregator. I just searched for tracks with subject matter befitting to my mixes. When I found something I liked, I investigated from that jumping off point, leading to a web of other finds. It was actually very interesting to me, as well. What did you think of the other disc? It was the much more traditionally Kiddie (sort of) than the other one. Then again, it also started with GnR. Congrats, by the way.


Glad you like it. Can't help you with any specifics about "This Boy is Exhausted" I didn't know the song or the band before I heard it the first time.

Rachel, love love the Dance Craze. This is my 2nd mix in a row that used music from many eras & genres with a unified theme. I'm thinking the girls are more creative at this than the guys...:~) Thanks...


It is on the way, Rachel. Sorry for the delay. Had to get some jewel cases. It that took much longer than was really necessary. But whattaya gonna do?

Son of Ravyn

Well. . .

Son of Ravyn

Glad you got it! I'm interested to hear your thoughts.


I've not proven to be very good at the themes yet, but if you've got something in mind; feel free. I'll contact you by email now with the "pertinants".


Hey Ho. Let's Go. Interested in a side trade? The waiting for my monthly assignment is killing me.


Very carefully.

Son of Ravyn

I couldn't even begin to tell you. Most (if not all) of the tracks on the IMP mixes I've posted, plus a lot more. I'd say at least 1000 tracks, or so. It does suck, but I've made a point never to consider MP3s as permanent commodities for just such a reason. Now, if I lost my collection of cd's, I'd go nuts.

Son of Ravyn

Computer is back. Lost over 1000 tracks, though. Luckily, I have been able to rebuild the selection I had intended for you. I am burning it as we speak, and I hope to have it in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for your patience; I really appreciate it, and appologize again for the delay. Let me know what you think, when you get it, won't you? As I said, it's kind of unorthodox.


I love Harry Nilsson!!!! I used to drive an Arrow. And I once put a lime in the coconut. And it's true...one is the lonliest number you'll ever know.


wahey- both put Gumboots in our autobiog mixes- you knows it!

Miss Ellie

I am not sure if you are my Rachel or not - but if you haven't received your March mix know that it is ON THE WAY. I just got back from bon-voyaging and appreciate all of your patience! Ciao!

Son of Ravyn

So sorry, but my 1yr old knocked my computer off the kitchen table. Before I had finished your mix. It may be a while, but I will keep you posted.


I really like the idea and execution of your most recent mix; but I think the reason most people stick with not too much genre diversity here is just because it's harder to get stuff to flow that way. But when it works, it's so much better...


I had to look it up, since I only have it on MP3 thanks to a friend, but apparently "Series of Dreams" is from some box set of bootlegs, rare tracks, etc. It's actually from the Oh Mercy sessions, too, so I guess my thinking that it's kind of similar to Most of the Time isn't too far off! If you'd like me to send it to it's not a problem, just drop me a line at imathers@gmail.com. Kate is easily cool enough to think that's a good idea - ohh, I wish they would. Doing some sort of mashup wouldn't work, but hearing her fronting them for that song... too good. Have you seen their video for it? Kind of adorable. If only their second album didn't suck... Oh, and thanks for giving Ryan the idea for the assignment. I can't do it this month (already had it finished, for once), but I'm already mulling it over for April.


I kinda tried to pick two songs that pretty much everything else I love could fall in between. I love the video for "Hounds of Love," which isn't that far from your image. Actually, all of hers are great - and I don't just say that because I've got a totally temporally/geographically inappropriate thing for Kate Bush. Have you heard the cover of "Hounds of Love" by the Futureheads? I sort of heard both around the same time so I didn't have any problem loving either, but once you get used to it it's an amazing version. I admit I'm one of the many who didn't hear "Most of the Time" until High Fidelity, but still - gorgeous song. One of my Stylus buddies who loves non-classic Dylan introduced to some more songs of his that are kind of along the same lines sonically if not emotionally - ever heard "Series of Dreams"?


Hey, there IS nothing wrong with pop. So, damn the naysayers. Say it loud. Say it proud. I like Fleetwood Mac!!! I like Collective Soul!!! I like Lenny Kravitz!!! I like Kenny G!!! Oh, wait-a-minute.....got carried away there. Ignore that last one......


Your picks for your #1 and 2 favourite songs are completely badass.


Be honest Rachel. Have no fear. Someone else had the .....courage (I guess that's the right word).... to cop to liking Vanilla Ice on their profile. If they can do it without shame or artifice, so can you. And besides, Fleetwood Mac was pretty good. I mean....really.

Son of Ravyn

Well, it will be. . .different. You can take a hint from my profile picture. . .

Son of Ravyn

I appologize in advance for the mixtape you are about to receive. . .

Ryan Mixtape

Hey Rachel. I really like your Autobio Mix #2, especially your use of the Albums column for years. I think I might borrow this idea for the March assignment. Awes!


Yeah, I thought Win looked really mad, especially when the entire band just stalked off before the end credits were done. Little did I realize that they were just getting ready TO PLAY SEVERAL MORE SONGS for the cast and studio audience! Very cool of them. I thought it was a great appearance, though I couldn't hear anything on the first song but xylophone. I hope people liked them, but I sort of have to think that most viewers were scratching their heads. I didn't watch any of the show yet except for them, but since you had good things to say about it -- and I do always like Rainn Wilson, even if he does still kinda crep me out -- I'll give it a shot. Best, Ken


I wouldn't count on it. :) On the other hand, I don't think I've seen a minute of it in at least five years, so maybe it's brilliant now for all I know. Yeah, right.


Arcade Fire on SNL 2/24!!! Arcade Fire on SNL 2/24!!!


Glad you liked it. The Cyndi Lauper one is in the Goonies, and Teen Witch is a classic 80s movie.


Have you heard Barrence Whitfield & Tom Russell's version of "I Just Wanted to See You So Bad"? Not as good as Lucinda's, but interesting to hear a different take on it. Oh, and the upcoming Arcade Fire record is awesome!


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