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Standard Student Bum

About Me

Hello, my name is Alun. Thats pronounced 'Alin'. Unsuprisingly, most people get this wrong.

My passion for music comes from my drumming, and my love of shit dancing. An unsuprising fact about me is that I am in a band. We are called Cloud Atlas. I'm not going to provide a link to them. If you really are interested, you do a search on MySpace. Theres a challenge for you.

If you're reading this and are bored, get in touch! I love talking, and to be fair, it is much better than revision!

Favorite Songs

I can't really think of any off hand, my favourite songs list is too rapidly changing, or too big. Perhaps a firm favourite song that will always be a pleasure to listen to is Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

Favorite Artists

Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, Iain Archer, Feeder, Elbow, White Rose Movement, Snow Patrol, Queen..

Favorite Albums

Ummmm, can't really think of any outstandingly favourite ones, but I always find that Radioheads Amnesiac is one that suits all moods.

Recent Concerts

Kate Nash - June 07 Hell is for Heroes - June 07 Maximo Park - Apr 07 Threatmantics - Mar 07 Bloc Party - Feb 07, Threatmantics - Jan 07


Currently there are no blogs published.


Boys vs Girls

Tried to strip this mixtape down to purely unplugged tracks, pitting the sexes against each other, for a bit of fun.

12 Reasons to not listen to the Fray

After a nice drink at the pub with a rather gorgeous girl, I discovered she liked the Fray. I set about creating this mixtape to Exorcise this terrible habit. It must be a good mixtape, as she's now my girlfriend! So I used it for IMP, because its that good.

My First Mixtape!!

No real theme tbh, though it starts more upbeat than it ends perhaps getting a little acoustic and solo artisty at the end.


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Hi Alun good selections.are you the same Alun that went on mobys facebook page and there was this chick who used to write him weird poems and was madly in love with him?Trish


your mixes are great (iain archer!), and did you enjoy the kooks concert? i saw them in chicago a few weeks ago and it was really fun