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mr. tamborine man

About Me

isn't there something thrilling about something as trusting as this? i'm giving you my name and address and you could, honestly, be an ax murder for all I know--really, there aren't enough ax murderers these days...

i'm in japan--i came here to seek out something new, thriving..something to stick my fingers into...but i'm still looking.

i'd like you to send me things, new things--your things...inspire me. educate me. tweak my perceptions about genres i think i know..or teach me something i know nothing about. like yodeling. IS there really attractive yodeling music? is there SEXY polka music?

i have too much time on my hands.

Favorite Songs

raised on robbery--joni mitchell money (that's what i want)--barret strong in my life--the beatles kiss my love goodbye--bettye swann walk on the wildside--lou reed no feelings--sex pistols care of cell 44--the zombies temptation--new order winters love--animal collective blues--tangle eye Agaetis Byrjun--sigur ros L O V E (love)--al green

Favorite Artists

umm....most of the artists whose songs i listed...probably, right?

joni mitchell

the zombies

the flaming lips

al green

the bees

belle and sebastian

the mamas and the papas

sly and the family stone

ray charles

fiona apple



Favorite Albums

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my stuff

2007-02-06 03:20:48


This will be our year

every year I go through this emotional wash cycle--hot, cold, spin..then finally i give up alcohol again and i dry out. or something like that. so i tried to put something universal, as these feelings are, and also cyclical. So it's almost a call and response style cd...negative, perpetuity. AND then there's the perfect ALMOST hidden track at the end...


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Temptation is great, but have you heard Ceremony?


ack! matthew, don't hate me because i'm running a bit behind on your may mix. i'm finishing up grad school and some things are falling by the wayside. i hope you don't hold it against me too much. anyway, it's done, in an envelope and on its way to you. judging from the mixes you've posted and other comments on your profile, i think you might already have/know/like a lot of the songs on this mix. but i didn't even look at your profile until today, i swear. sometimes the world just tosses happy coincidences our way, i think. drop me a line when you get it and let me know what you think.


I am not an ax murderer, but if I was, I think that whole "I'm in the U.S., you're in Japan" buffer zone would keep you off my potential victims list... unless I had a serious personal vendetta against you, which I don't as I don't know you... So there's that. :) I see you like Fiona Apple - I thought I'd mention my girlfriend's music as you may also enjoy: Cheers, Laura


"Wendy...DARLING...I'm not gonna hurtcha...I'm just gonna BASH your brains in!" -Jack Torrance