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A Bastard of Everything Negative and Positive Comin' Out of Colorado Now-a-Days

About Me

Favorite Songs

"Jigsaw Puzzle" - The Rolling Stones "Good Morning, Captain" - Slint

Favorite Artists

Pixies, Pavement, The Smiths, Xiu Xiu

Favorite Albums

Loveless, The Moon and Antarctica, Beggars Banquet, Entertainment

Recent Concerts

Deerhunter @ The High Noon Saloon 11/08 Stephen Malkmus @ The High Noon Saloon 10/08 Sunset Rubdown @ The Annex 09/08 Xiu Xiu @ The High Noon Saloon 09/08


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oh geez, it burns so bright!

What Is Not but Could be If

oh 8

my favorite licks from 2008

Lesbian Bar


Broken Train

so I'm rollin' down rodeo with a shotgun these people ain't seen the browns get mad since their grandparents bought one



Mitch in the S'th

"I'm in the S'th and I wuld like sme sp"

Bad Mouth Kid

I beat yo daddy's ass

Say Hello

some fun jamz for Jan


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Matthew - I just received the January mix I sent you as undeliverable (originally mailed on Jan 20th). Please email me your correct address at Thanks, Andy


Matthew, Did your December mix ever make it to you? Let me know if not and I can send a replacement, Thanks Andy


Hey, Your December mix is in the post this evening. Hopefully it will make it before the Christmas rush but it's coming from across the water! Enjoy, AP


Ai yo! I pressed 'yes' I received your mix. I think I did. I got two the same day. A while ago. I am thinkign outloud. it;s Friday afternoon. you will get more sense from me later when i check yr cd! MxBx


7/9: I sent your July mix a few days ago, you might have already rec'd it. It was a double CD of songs from North Carolina bands. I also used it for June for someone else. It had a June label but unashamedly I used it for July b/c July is going to be busy for me & I really like these bands. Hope that clears any confusion. James

The Ealing Collective

It's here! "Oh 8" mix arrived the other day at Ealing Collective HQ and has already had a couple of spins before officially being unleashed on the group. Like it. Keep up the good work!


enjoying the tape you sent - thanks very much