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Mike Long: Writer, Speechwriter, Not A Denture Wearer

About Me

The management of this theater in cooperation with the state fire marshall's office requests you to take a moment to look around the theater for the location of all emergency exits. The passageways in which you entered and the illuminated emergency exits visible to you at either the right.. or left at the front of the auditorium have been checked and are clear exits from the building in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your time and attention. Do you chicken nuggets? I do. From pretty much any place that offers them for sale.

Favorite Songs

Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys Cocksucking Blonde - Steven Yearkey Baby's Coming Back - Jellyfish The Living Bubba - Drive-by Truckers Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You - Bob Dylan

Favorite Artists

Bob Dylan / Ben Folds / Drive-by Truckers / Bill Lloyd / ELO / Elvis Costello / Elton John

Favorite Albums

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IMP Master

Stuff I like that, in general, is difficult to find. Much of it is indie. Some of it is unreleased demos from part-time bands. Mmmm, that's tastee.


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Your article was fantastic. You're never too old to rock. :D


Umm. I think I am probably older than many of the people on this site, but I'm not sure it's an issue these days. The great thing is that my now fully grown up children thinks its cool, and so do their partners. We can swop music with no embarassment, unlike my peers with their parents. I also have the pleasure of chatting to my younger work colleagues about their musical interests. The majority of my older colleagues are stuck in the musical era of their youth which is a shame, although some profess to have wider tastes, this usually turns out to be a disappointment, and I have to refrain from being too outspoken for the sake of harmony in the workplace! I refuse to allow my age dictate what I should listen to, but I do have to admit that I'm more "picky" these days.


I would take "Dad Rock" over Soccer Mom Rock" any day of the week. Nice article.


Excellent article, hits all the right spots. I too, with kids in tow...


Ahhh...so you are the young hipster with the obscure tastes I tried to impress back in May... how was it for you? I`m not so young myself, and a dad too, although my son is too young to complain about what I play for him...


Fantastic article!!


great article. very funny.


.......given the context of your article, are you being funny with your favourite artists?! ;-) (I don't give those smiley things out lightly, either) Rock it to 'em Mr Blue-Sky.


You're listening to textbook Dad-Rock to my ears my friend. Impassioned piece though, and that's more the point than specific artsists I think. The difference is in the investigation and willingness to experiment, which you seem to want to do, rather than take whatever FM/AM stations throw at you and be satisfied. So good on you, keep it up. MxBx


Your article is right on buddy! Rock on forever!!!


Hey I really enjoyed your article! Thanks for sharing with the IMP community!


That was a pretty great article, man! Thanks for posting. Rock on!


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