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Mice Parade. Anticon. Frog Eyes. Converge. Starlight Mints. Sleater Kinney. Fugazi. At The Drive-In. Go!Team. Tilly and the Wall. Blood Brothers. Old Time Relijun.

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Old Time Relijun- Witchcraft Rebellion Mice Parade- Bem Vinda Vontade Fugazi- End Hits Arcade Fire- Funeral

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It's A Beautiful Day Mix


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Hey Morgan Le Fey. Interested in a side trade?


Feb mix is finally on it's way today! You can preview it on my profile. Hope you like...


How is the mix coming along? I have been sitting on the window sill for days waiting. Feed my need please.


Thanks! It's actually a llama...not as cuddly-looking as an alpaca, but same family.


I appreciate the update. Love your profile pic.

Thomas J

Thanks for the mix, this is the 3rd time I have been introduced to Man Man, time for me to invest.


Found you on a fellow IMP'ers page. LOVE your 'Its a Beautiful Day' mix =) <3 !!!


So do you hibernate a bit in Winter & create? What do you make? I am busy cooking and building wooden bird nesting boxes. Stay Cool* Jon*


Are you a Christmas person Morgan? Stay Cool. Jon* (Watched Sigur Ros film last night-amazing,but it will make you want to go to Iceland!)


I'm glad you enjoyed the mix Morgan. I like doing the artwork as much as I enjoy putting the mix together ;-)


Awesome Mix, we have similar taste in music. I enjoy it!

Kristina Pia



Morgan, got the mix. This is a bunch of unfamiliar stuff to me which is the best feature of the IMP. Looking forward to the weekend and a couple of hours to give these a spin. Thanks. Steve


Hey yo! Thank you SO MUCH for the mix!!! I totally love it. Plus: any gal who even KNOWS ABOUT Dragonforce and Mastodon is WAY in my Cool Book. In fact, you seemed to make the mix from my record library, which clearly means you have great taste. ;) Thanks again, and keep on keepin' on! ~kev


haha. oh man. your profile picture is so adorable. =] lamb! reminds me of lambchops. the cartoon? hah.


i'm so sorry that you haven't gotten your mix yet. i had a little spill and thus have not had a computer for three weeks (i got a new one yesterday). so i'll get that to you as soon as possible!