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wuffle house tunes

About Me

I am 23 and live in Atlanta, GA. I love to make embroideries, comics, animations, and mixtapes. Check out my animated work at, and my embroideries at

Favorite Songs

"T.I.B.W.F." - Budos Band

"Zap Zap" - Cut Copy

"Tropical" - FM Belfast

"Early Morning Rain" - Ian & Sylvia

"1983" - The Incredible Moses Leroy

"Where Gravity is Dead" - Laura Veirs

"Coney Island Baby" - Lou Reed

"Aruarian Dance" - Nujabes

"Vito's Ordination Song" - Sufjan Stevens

Favorite Artists

Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Cool Calm Pete, Cut Copy, Dorothy Ashby, Electrelane, Fleet Foxes, Hall & Oates, Joanna Newsom, the Kinks, Ladyhawke, Lykke Li, MIA, Montag, Nancy Sinatra, Nujabes, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Panda Bear, Peggy Lee, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Playa Poncho,Santogold, Ratatat, So So Def Allstars, Tom Tom Club, the Unicorns, Yelle

Favorite Albums

The Point - Harry Nilsson

Recent Concerts

8.11.07 : Daniel Johnston (Athens, GA)

9.26.07 : Animal Collective (ATL, GA)

11.17.07 : Joanna Newsom with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ATL, GA)

1.19.08 : Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (ATL, GA)

2.2.08 : Muffy (ATL, GA)

4.10.08 : Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (ATL, GA)

4.11.08 : Big Boi with the Atlanta Ballet (ATL, GA)

4.14.08 : The Ruby Suns (ATL, GA)

5.9.08 : Bonde do Role (ATL, GA)

5.18.08 : Laura Veirs (ATL, GA)

7.2.08 : Matt and Kim (ATL, GA)

7.26.08 : Black Lips (ATL, GA)

9.25.08 : Ratatat (ATL, GA)

9.27.08 : Cut Copy & The Presets (ATL, GA)

10.9.08 : Hot Chip (ATL, GA)

3.25.09 : Asobi Seksu (ATL, GA)

4.4.09 : the Coathangers (ATL, GA)


Currently there are no blogs published.


a Geography Lesson

Maps, Landscapes, and Places

Cake Walk

Made this mix for all the talented bakers who came to my cake walk.

Booty People

Mix for my girl Ellen from the block, Hartford, CT style.

85 South/95 South

Road-trip mix tape made for driving to Georgia.


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The collection of stuff on your blog is amazing and inspring. I especially love the antigque photos with embroidery overlay.. The music collaboration you did also looks intriguing..


Hi Aubrey! Hope u got my mix okay! let me know what you think! It my first one! well enjoy! Regards kimberley


Hi Aubrey! Thank you so much for the December mix. I finally got around to listen all the way through and it is my favorite IMP mix so far. I especially loved the first 3 songs and the Sam Prekop song. All the songs fit together so nicely and the cover art and magazine article was very silly. Thanks again!


You are very welcome! Snowflakes don't last too long here in Hell.


Did you like the lump of coal? Or... the bag of oranges?


They're done and on thier way to you.


i've been in the process of moving for the past month and i forgot about doing your mix. i'll get on it right away, i swear. would you accept a rerun of one of my previous mixes? I can do that and then send you a copy of whatever i do for december.


Another guilt injection. Should you need one.


Hey Aubrey. Never did get your mix. Did you get mine? Can you tell I'm trying to guilt you? Is it that obvious?


I am a hideous slacker recently. Music coming your way shortly. My apologies.


Hey Aubrey - Got your April mix last week - thanks so much. And thanks especially for the art. It was the prettiest IMP I've ever gotten. Take care, Amanda


Aubrey, your April mix went in the mail today. Hope you enjoy!


thank YOU man! I'm enjoying the J-train, and we should definetely trade again sometime! Let me know when, or I'll let you know when I come up with something good. - Joe


Hey, Aubrey!!! They never arrived????


Cool! I'll get on that!


No worries at all.


haha! Does this mean you're interested in a side-trade? I'd be honored, and would even make some fantastic jazz- afrobeat mixtape just for the occasion. Lemme know!


Hey man! I recieved your excellent mix, which probably has the most amazing cover design/artwork I've ever gotten through IMP. Thanks so much for it! (I'm totally inspired!)


Your mix is in the mail!


Sure, sure ... a swap indeed.


Please forgive that your November mix hasn't arrived yet, I'll drop it in the mail on Monday.


After much fartin' around; it's been sent. In fact you should get something any day now.


Just got your mix---haven't listened to it yet, but can't wait. I know a little Fela Kuti, a little Antibalas, but in general I know basically nothing about Afrobeat. So this is awesome. Also the packaging was beautiful, totally made my day.


Dear Aubrey, I'm pleased to have introduced you to the world after the beatles. It is a most curious coincidence that you list your Favorite Album as The Point by Harry Nilsson. And that this mix concludes with a clip from that particular movie, The Point, which Ringo narrated. Oblio + Arrow 4ever.


Sorry for the delays. I've been having cassette deck problems; but I think they're all solved so I'll try to get your stuff out in the next day or two.


Okay, Atlantan...I've landed too. I can be reached at Contact me there and we can exchange mailing info. How's life south of the Mason-Dixon?


Aubrey: I've moved too. Got a new address, but no new email yet. Give me a couple of more days and I'll send you the info.

Kristina Pia

eh, "god", of course.

Kristina Pia

good speed those ponies, then. and fast.

Kristina Pia

hey hey your july tape will be late! also, there's a song missing, and the tracklist looks like shit since my dad was standing behind me tapping his foot and playing with his keyring while i was finishing, waiting for me to get it over with so that he could leave for the post office. my sincerest apologies. i would love to offer to make up for all this, but i know i never will. la.


Hello, Just received your very fun and exciting note in the mail! I will put a new mix CD in the mail to you. In the interest of time, I am going to send a CD, but perhaps we can separately exchange mixtapes??


Sure, send me the next address and we're on.


Howdy. Got your tape today and it's great. Haven't heard it all yet, but I can tell I'm going to like it a lot. I like vinyl too, so the frying bacon sound is, well, literally, music to my ears. For some reason there's only one channel playing (not sure why that is????). But no biggy. If you're interested I'll send you a punkier cowpoke mix a friend made for me. Is the current address still good for a while?


These boots are made for walkin......the tape's on it's way, Aubrey. It was good to do a real tape again. Hadn't done one for a while. I mean this is the internationalmix"tape"project...isn't it?


Okay,'s my email; Send me yours and we can trade smail mail details. If you liked Big Hair, I've got another country-punk mix that might appeal to you as well.


Hey, Aubrey!!! (That sounds a lot like "Hey, hombre!!!")... anyways....would you be interested in a side trade (as opposed to what???...a straight-up trade, I guess???).....where was I??, oh, yes a side trade. Interested?


Tell me my fortune OH mystic sooth sayer!


I'm lovin' my mixtape. Esp the Aretha Franklin & Mama Cass Elliot songs. I loved the groovy packaging too. Thanks!


Yeessss....the splendour of the Spree. My son likes Soldier Girl. Or at least I'd like to think he does. I keep playing it in the car for him whether he does or not.


I've had a "thing" for Nancy Sinatra for a while (that pink bikini!!! ho-man ....) and I'm old enough to have seen Car Wash in the theatre when it first came out. An underrated film , I would like to point out. Every time I hear the title song...I'm right back in that movie house.