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Imp.September.2009 (Imp.52)

September was rough. This mix was one that I put together a few months ago, but it was sitting on the shelf, ready for a month like this. While not quite as fresh, I think it still does its job admirably.

Imp.August.2009: In Order, Too. (Imp.51)

Slight concept mix. Each track occupies the same position as it does on the album from which it was culled.

Imp.July.2009: 42 For You (Imp.50)

Three years ago, I made a mix with 40 tracks. I figured it was time to see if I could outdo myselft. And what do you know? I could! And did!

Imp.June.2009 (Imp.49)

Sent late. As usual.

Imp.May.2009 (Imp.48)

Four Years of Imping! Dang. This one might actually have gone out on time. Another tribute to Warp Records. Back in the day.

Imp.April.2009 (Imp.47)

I think this one went out late, too. But at least I took time to work on the cover. Thanks to that YouTube video of Danny MacAskill for cluing me in to that Band Of Horses track.

Imp.March.2009 (Imp.46)

Rushup job. Again. Still, I was pretty happy with this one. I just didn't have time to put together some nice artwork for the cover.

Imp.February.2009 (Imp.45)

Another last minute (but still high quality!) mix.

Imp.January.2009 (Imp.44)

Rushed and Hurried. This went out a few days into February. My bad.

Imp.December.2008 (Imp.43)

Technicolored Static Sender

Imp.November.Twothousandeight (Imp.42)

Lots of new music.

Imp.October.Twothousandeight (Imp.41)

A little more minimal.

Imp.Sept.Twothousandeight (Imp.40)

This Is A Remix.

Imp.August.Twothousandeight (Imp.39)

For every month, there is a mixtape. This is the mixtape for August.

Imp.July.2008 (Imp.38)

Proper Songs About Girls And Clubbing.

Imp.June.2008 (Imp.37)

June rolled around. A mixtape was made. Its name was Ignatios.

Imp.May.2008 (Imp.36)

This is the mixtape I made for May. Can you believe that?

Imp.April.2008 (Imp.35)

Spring Mix?

Imp.March.2008 (Imp.34)

This one just kind of came together.

Imp.February.2008: Wintry Mix (Imp.33)

February was gross around here. Snow, followed by rain, followed by one warm day, followed by more snow, etc... Here's a mix for that.

Imp.January.2008 (Imp.32)

Happy New Year!

Imp.December.2007: Esses (Imp.31)

All esses, all the time.

'02 For You: Imp.November.2007 (Imp.30)

This'n was inspired by my friend Eric. We were talking video game music, and he gave me the Hyrule Symphony's Zelda Medley. Midway through the track, this melody line comes in, and I'm all like "OMG where have I heard that before?" Turns out I had heard it before on Boom Bip's Roads Must Roll from "Seed To Sun." Man, I was so blown away. Totally. Right then, I knew it was going to be the first track on my November mix. I started picking more tracks, and they all ended up being from 2002, so I just went with that.

Imp.October.2007 (Imp.29)

I really liked the way my October '06 mix turned out, and I'm pretty happy with this year's, too. Thanks to Angela who introduced me to The Avett Brothers with the September Mix she sent me.

Imp.September.2007 (Imp.28)

Mostly older stuff with a few new things thrown in that fit the mood.

Imp.August.2007 (Imp.27)

The August mix. Lots of recent acquisitions. Cover model: Senor Mysterioso

That's Just What It Is (Imp.26)

This summer's been crazy. As such, I had to do the unthinkable and send out a mix I made for a friend a few years ago. Still, I think it's pretty solid, and I hope the listener enjoys it...

Imp.June.2007 (Imp.25)

It's a mix with stuff from all over the place. Whoo.

The Essential VENETIAN SNARES (Imp.24)

Aight... I decided to do a single artist mix, in the grand tradition of Columbia/Legacy's Essential series. I think this actually turned out pretty well. I swear, Szamar Madar is one of the best tracks EVER.

Piano Magic II (Imp.23)

It's the season for sequels. Actually, this is sort of fitting, as it's my two year anniversary IMP. Dang. More piano-based stuff, this time with lots more vocals.

Computer Love II (Imp.22)

Everything I need to know I learned from Kraftwerk.

Imp.February.2007 (Imp.21)

This month's mix. Warm electronics to help with the cold. Lots of vinyl-only stuff on here, as well as one of my favorite tracks ever, "We Believe in Broken Bones," from the equally outstanding "Parking Lot Music." Fun Fact: E*Vax is one half of Ratatat.

Imp.January.2007* (Imp.20)

New mix (of mostly older tracks) for a new year.

Everybody Let's Slam (Imp.19)

I got you some Electro for Christmas

My Formative Years (Imp.18)

Mid '90s electronic, from back when I started listening to this stuff.

Imp.Oct.06 (Imp.17)

I feel like this is one of my better ones...

Imp.September.2006 (Imp.16)

Continuous Mix

It's Time For Something Great (Imp.15)

This one came after a rough patch.

Shorts! (Imp.14)

40 tracks in 78:40!

It Must Be Summer (Imp.13)

A Summer Mix. Shake Yo Ass.

So Damn Tough (Imp.12)


Computer Love (Imp.11)

Packaged in an old 5.25" Floppy Diskette.

All The Beautiful Flowers (Imp.10)

Wherein I violate the cardinal rule of only one track per artist by featuring TWO by Matthew Sweet.

1999 (Imp.09)

Like the title says.

This Is What It's About (Imp.08)

Januaryohsix. I'm partial to the opener. I used to use that Beastie Boys combo to open up lots of mix tapes in and around '97

Eat Mor Chikin (Imp.07)

Parental Advisory. Explicit Photos of Beef.

Imp.November.2005 (Imp.06)

This was also the first edition of a little interoffice mixtape project I had going on with two other people for awhile.

Imp.Oct (Imp.05)

Beats, beats, and more beats. For people who like beats. For people who don't like beats, well... this'll learn ya.

Septembermemberember (Imp.04)

Sweet as candy.

Imp.Aug (Imp.03)

My mix for August of '05. I dunno. That's all i got.

Warp Tracks (Imp.02)

Tracks from the esteemed Warp label. I liked them better when they did more electronic stuff, but hey, what can you do?

Piano Magic (Imp.01)

My First IMP Mix. All tracks with heavy emphasis on Pianos. But no tracks by Piano Magic.


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I love that alot of your mixes have beats to get you moving.. if interested - let's side traaaaade....


Alan, your August disc went in the mail yesterday (9/3) & should make its way to you in the next 2-3 days. Sorry for the delay & I hope you enjoy the mix! Ashley


cheers for the april mix. it hit the spot nicely. one of my faves so far.


G'day Alan, your March mix left Sydney today (March 9th)


G'day Alan, your March mix left Sydney today (March 9th)


Hi Alan, Your July mix just went out yesterday so you should be receiving it soon! Shelly


Hey Alan! Sorry for the delay--your April mix is going out tomorrow. Hope you like it.


Hi Alan- I got your discs a few weeks ago and have been enjoying them. I really liked the Feb mix! So thanks - Shelly


Cool, thanks Alan! I am looking forward to getting the discs :)


2/26: I just mailed your February CD. Might even make it before March, it doesn't need to go far. I hope it entertains you. -James


Awesome awesome awesome. Thanks a lot!


A lan, For the first time in my IMP history I am sending out a mix early! On the negative side though, I'm sure you will find it dull, derivative, and dead awful. I would not be surprised if you found it so boring as to leave it in a sandwich shop bathroom. My preference would be D's 6-PAX & Hot Dogz Shoppe because although I don't eat beef\pork, they really do have a great selection of beer, and would like to think a drunken craft beer lover would find the January mix and use it as a coaster. Cheers, Eric.


Well....this is....weird. You're my November mix target. Go figure. I'll get something off to you shortly.


Actually....I meant you didn't need to send me another mix; I'd still like to send you one. But you'll have to send me your address. Use david.haw@cogeco.ca


Don't need to do a side trade, as you sent me my Sept. mix (s). Which I just got and they're great. I really liked the variety. Good job. Keep up the good work and all that......


Alan: You've got a lot of interesting mixes. Would you be in for a side trade?


Alan, Did the Dead Kennedys track "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" get cut short on the disc I sent you? I'd made two copies at the time and was listening to it the other day and noticed it on my copy. The weird thing is the track on my computer plays just fine.


Alan - I had to go out of town unexpectedly but I'm back and will send your Feb mix on Sat 3/7 or Mon 3/9. Sorry about that.


Hey Alan - your October mix is in the mail. Not familiar with your music, so I sent you a new mix made just for the season. Hope you enjoy!


Oh, no worries! I just recently moved, so it will take a while to get to my new address anyway. I've been looking over your past mixes and I'm very excited!


Ah, I finally figured out how to add some comments on here. D'oh! Wassup, Alan!


I am not too familiar with your music so I just sent you variety of things that i been listening to lately. I hope you enjoy it .


I'm so glad you enjoy it! I recently discovered the Avett Brothers and I'm absolutely smitten. You should buy their album "Emotionalism." It's a gem.


Hey i'm sorry i didn't drop a note sooner because your August mix was great! I listen to it at work to get the creative juices flowin! Thank you, Manda


Alan, I'm so glad you liked my mix!


Haha, yeah, me too, me too. Just needs sending pretty much. Sorry about the slackness: email me again, in case I can't dig out yours Meatbreak@hotmail.co.uk. Also - love your Venetian Snares mix, but I would have to have put Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die on it. Not sure what I'd replace though! Cheers. Speak/Swap soon. MxBx


such lovely electronique selections you have chosen for your mixes. i do hope will be able to experience a mutual trade in the nearest future. immense cheers! =)


I got my mix last week...good stuffs!! Thanks a lot!


I got Computer Love II. Really good stuff. Thanks. Steve


My oh my...who could it be? If it's you, I await my mixtape with bated breath. Your mixes look pretty tasty... ;)


I'd say it would be even funnier if we exchanged mixtapes together!!! :)


Hey I just mailed your mixtape. Sorry for the delay. Go steelers!


The first month I signed up I got my assignment, then for the next few months I didn't get anything and Ryan didn't get my emails - until I figured I should set up a new email account which fixed the problem. I can be a bit slow like that sometimes. I'm up for swapping Beats mixes for sure. Here's me: meatbreak@hotmail.co.uk. Send me your address and we'll do it.


Yeah yeah, looks good now. you have a lot of mixes too - where you in it from the off? I second Ian's comment about your artwork, it is lovely. Some of your mixes are fantastic too - I love the beats beats one (incidentally, I named one of my mixes Beats Beats Beats Beats - I think you might like it). Keep everything up. MxBx


I'd love for them to add a column for times (as I mentioned to Ryan in a comment on his page), as that's something I tend to want to know about other's mixes, especially when I don't know the songs well. Your mixes look pretty interesting too, a good balance of stuff I don't know and stuff I love... I am deeply jealous of your cover art though. It's uniformly gorgeous on all of your mixes, whereas mine has just my chicken scratch covering it up.


Hey man. Yeah, that was a bit of a chore - but they load in in the order you add them. And if you change any details once you've alreadsy added it it will move to the top. So, start with the first mix, make some change to the title or something (it's why all my are numbered), do it to the second one, etc...until you get to the most recent. You will have it check your profile url to see how other people see them to rally know that they are in the right order - looking at your own screen shows them in a different order, but they don't actually appear like that in your profile. I can be incredibly anal about things like this, so I don't mind the hassle - which there was a lot of for a while!. Phew. Good luck with it if you take it on. I think it's worth it. MxBx


Whoa. That's alotta mixes. Did you make the picture for your Jan 07 mix - the one with the robot?


Hi You aren't kidding about the Feb mix helping with the cold. It's 35 below zero here, on the Aleutian Islands, we haven't had a mail plane in almost two weeks because of high winds.. but thanks for sending the mix during the window when I could get mail! I liked the Eliot Lipp, and thanks for the E'Vax, cause I sure do like me some ratatat. You added to a section of my music library that needs a lot of filling. Take care Claire


Shorts! Best cover art ever!

Ryan Mixtape

You managed to fit Matthew Sweet, DJ/rupture, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, and Patrick Wolk all on the same mix...I hereby pronounce you Prince Mixtape of the IMP Kingdom. Well done, gumshoe!


40 tracks is not bad, but that's 2 minutes a track. Someone should be keeping an eye on this, because maxing out the track numbers is going to get really competetive - 'specially among those glithc 'n'grinders with all their 2 second blasts. So who's claiming the title right now?


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