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aka. Potch

About Me

I try to make my Mixes a true reflection of what I've been listening to that month, though often with a few older favourites thrown in for good measure. My MixTapes also always have a 70's song at the end just to make sure you get one song you might like.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Shimura Curves, Datarock, Brazilian Girls, WhoMadeWho, Square Pusher, Chromeo, Poj Masta, Lionel Vynil (aka. Geek Chic Soundsystem, FAKEID, Elektrobank,, Spank Rock, The Plant Life, Neu Tickles, Ying Yang Twins, Junior Boys, Smokey Robinson, Curtis Mayfield, Rick James, Stacy Lattisaw, Party Ben, MSTRKRFT

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You Are Not Alone

Cover Me Badd

If stupidity got us into this mess...

"If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?"

Les Resultats Sont Super Sexual

Say What You See

BFC4: Foil Wrapped For Freshness

BFC2: Clubbed to Death By a Baby Seal


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Sent the mix out on Feb. 25. Hope you get it soon........


I sent May's mix TODAY! It will be late, but I put time into it and I promise it's on it's way.


Hey Oliver! I keep changing May's Mix, so I'm sorry that it's going to be late! I'll send it out within a couple days, but in my past experience with sending something to England this could take up to a month. I'll let you know, but just FYI.


just want to thank you for the excellent March mix. I dig all the tunes and probaly played the cd at least 20 times. thanks again.


Hello, Olivier. I hope you received the cd I sent you. I deliberately tried to avoid being both pretentious and predictably campy. So sorry, no Skid Row this time. Instead, I threw on stuff I like right now, and accordingly to whatever mood I was in at the time. Enjoy! David


hello name is brian and you have the luck of being the recipient of my inaugural mixtape in this project...i'm eager to please and would like to send you something that you would really like...i've got two ideas gestating and would like to know which you might prefer...firstly is a bus ride through the american southwest on a subtle dose of psychedelics...or a more intense soundscape-y middle eastern tinged thing...let me know soon because it takes a long time to swim up the hudson and across the atlantic...


Potch Spice? Is that you?