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Adventure + Sex =

About Me

I'm really not an opinionated egotistical maniac. I'm not going to smack you with my opinions screaming, "YOU THINK WRONG!!!" I just care that you have opinions, and that you are capible of forming, sharing, and cultivating them. I enjoy the exchange of though much more than an evangelistic barage of beleif. I'm not religious, but I'm open to the Idea of religion. Honestly, I wish I had grown up Jewish, but if I understood the whole "Jesus" thing, I'd probably be good. As it stands, I don't know, and it doesn't look like my beleifs will take any concrete form other than, perhaps, a random blog smacked upon the web somewhere. Yay. I've just been rambling, actually, but you probably get the gist of who I am just by reading my rant.

Favorite Songs

Private Helicopter -- Harvey Danger Sunday Morning -- The Velvet Underground California Dreaming -- The Mamas & the Papas

Favorite Artists

Harvey Danger The Velvet Underground The Mamas & the Papas Of Montreal Explosions in the Sky Kupek Casiotone for the Painfully Alone The Faint Belle & Sebastian Say Hi to your Mom The Shins The Clash The Cure Minus the Bear The Unicorns

Favorite Albums

Who will cut our Hair when we're gone? -- The Unicorns Where have all the Merrymakers Gone -- Harvey Danger Gypsy Hill -- Big & the Kid's Table Yellow House -- Grizzly Bear Etiquette -- Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Recent Concerts

Of Montreal The Faint Minus the Bear Bid D & the Kid's Table Reel Big Fish Mates of State Asobi Seksu Beirut


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2007-03-20 11:16:54



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Hi Kit, I believe you were my June assignment. I sent a CD to: 7220 Central ave SE apt 1035 Albuquerque, NM 87108 but it came back to me with a msg from the post office saying, "Attempted not known". I'll be glad to send this to you again if you'd like. Let me know when :)


kit, i recieved your disc. fantastic job. tons of ambient, switched up electronica combined with intangibles...and amazing use of foreign unreleased, hard to find music. i love a disc that flows. i have to listen again and again, because it's so much to absorb. favourite bit: the singe on the flag....priceless. thx!

Ryan Mixtape

Hey Kit...I'm dying to know what you thought of the website banners when you sent that message! Unfortunately, the site had a bug at the time, so I didn't receive most of your message. Could you write me back at or leave a comment to complete your thought? Thanks!


I never understood the connection between a man who preached love, and that same man's bloody body nailed up on a cross. Hey...waitaminute...I get it now, if you preach love you'll be killed. Okay, now christianity makes sense, it's a freakin' death cult of fear and controll. Duh for me.