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About Me

Like lots of music, but can't mix for $h!t.

Favorite Songs

In no particular order:

Toma - "NE GA I" Madonna - "Open Your Heart" Sheryl Crow - "Leaving Las Vegas" Van Halen - "Jump" Rank 1 - "Airwave" <Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force Mix> Matti Laamanen - "Flakes" Kaskade - "It's You It's Me" A:xus - "You Make Me Feel Like (Peace & Love & Happiness)" Floppy Sounds - "Late Night" Eros - "Anthem" Miguel Migs and Jay-J featuring JoJo Hailey - "Friend of the Blues" <Original 12" Mix> Christian Cambas - "Paramount" Green Day - "One for the Razorbacks" Savage Garden - "Truly Madly Deeply" The Funk Band Five - "Jamaica Lady" Solvent - "A Panel of Experts" Outputmessage - "Sommeil" LEN - "Steal My Sunshine" Jase from Outta Space featuring Claire - "Do What You Want" <Infusion's Sky Mix> Le Click - "Tonight Is the Night"

Favorite Artists

Ananda Project Atlantiq A:xus John B. Big Ass Truck Ferry Corsten Echomen Eros Fatboy Slim Groove Armada The Halibuts Haze Hybrid Hyper Go Go Kaito Magnapop Mylo Outputmessage Andrea Parker Positive K Savage Garden Signal Silicone Soul Technotronic Toma TRF Uusitalo

Favorite Albums

10 Spot (no particular order except alphabetical; subject to change)

Air - "Late Night Tales" Eros - "Eros" Haze - "Lopside" James Holden - "Balance 005" Janet - "The Velvet Rope" Kaskade - "It's You, It's Me" Keoki - "" Madonna - "The Immaculate Collection" Technasia - "Future Mix" Van Halen - "1984"

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Mix CDs vs. Mixed CDs & the Art of Restraint

2007-02-28 00:15:38


Butterfly Affect

randomness (yes I meant "A" instead of "E")


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Someone else you loves Magnapop? OMG! F*cking AWESOME! (flashes "devil horns" hand gesture)