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Hi Frank - just got your mix. Looking forward to listening to it. Nat


October mix is in the mail, so it should be there by then end of the week. Hope you like it! Peace, Kalin


your mix for last month (aug.) is in the mail. actually there are two because i took the suggestion to make it out of things from mixes i'd received and had a hard time narrowing the playlist down. have a good one!


Hi Frank Thanks you for the june mix.Thank you for not putting gangster rap on it.Let me know if you ever up for a side trade! Have a great summer! Trish


Got your mixtape, and am loving it! Really like the Supersuckers one especially - thanks! x

The Ealing Collective

We did it! Or rather I did - last night mastered, burnt and packaged! Sorry about the delay - had to hand-do the cover so apologies for it's lack of usual professionalism. As it's going trans-atlantic in the post today it should be with you in a week or two. Fingers crossed - let us know what you think

The Ealing Collective

Frank, Big apologies but we just been so busy here at the Collective we haven't done your Sept Mix. I know, I know, we've been naughty people. I'm sorry. Well you will be pleased to know that this week we fully intend to get the situation sorted out and next week your new mix should be winging it's way to you. Hope the wait s worth it!!


thanks for the mix


Hey, Frank. I got your tape. Thanks so much. Great variety of bands and a good flow too. I'm really enjoying it.

Jane Everyman

I am SERIOUSLY JUST putting your mix in the mail. I'm a sailor, I've been on patrol. SORRY!!! Hope you like it, mystery man. ~Jane


sorry about the delay. your may mix is on the way.