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Sam Loved Beef - April 2013

It went a bit melancholy towards the end.

Sam Loved Beef - April 2013


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Hey Andrew, yes, I queued up the Jona Lewie as soon as I saw it on your August '13 mix because I haven't thought of that song for ages. It still slays me. Now I've had a day that included a delay on my train home that allowed me to digest the rest of your mix and it's stellar. Thanks for the introduction to Dean & Britta and keeping me up to date with Cornershop. They played the most resounding "f**k all of you, we really don't want to be here" gig of all time here at the 9:30 club on their "Handcream" tour and I lost track of them as a result. And that crazy 16 minute version of "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Words fail me, almost. Thanks. Steve


Got your mix. Enjoying it. Thanks!


5/24: I got the April CD out today. It's on the way. - James


5/6: I am the person who is supposed to be sending you a CD for April. I will get it to you but not right away. My hard drive with all my music on it crashed and I'm trying to recover it. Anyway, I will get something out to you but it may not be for a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay. - James


Hi Andrew I got your mix today the artwork and the music are cool.Your turning me on to new Bands! Great Picture of the beach! Thank you again Peace,love and music Trish