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Need Cake

About Me

Artifact conservator in Los Angeles specializing in Native American ethnographic material. Seven year old son. Husband is also a museum person.

Favorite Songs

Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder, Love and Communication - Cat Power, Never Loved a Man - Aretha Franklin, Take Me To the Pilot - Elton John, Aerial - Kate Bush, LLL - Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Favorite Artists

Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, Beth Orton, David Bowie, Zero 7, Fiona Apple, Nick Drake, Kate Bush, Martin Sexton, Rickie Lee Jones, Neko Case, Jolie Holland, Mia Doi Todd, Madeleine Peyroux, Andrew Bird, Cat Power, Shannon Wright, Jesse Sykes, Oakley Hall, Eleven, Mark Lanegan

Favorite Albums

The Beatles White Album, Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Soundtrack from Garden State, Soundtrack from Amelie, Bruce Cockburn Breakfast in New Orleans, Cat Power The Greatest, David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

Recent Concerts

The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Band of Horses, ESG, MikaMiko, Los Super Elegantes


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Sweet Sounds

Happy New Year, Comrade


Autobiographical Assignment


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Heya hunni! I sent your mix off today! I hope it finds you well! =D <3 Heidi xo


Hey! Just got my first assignment ever... and it's you! :P I'm super excited. I'm starting it tonight. :]


thanks Angela! I had fun making it & great to hear you liked it. -Bill


I got the mix...thanks! Looks good, i will drop a line when i've had a listen. Sid


Hey, Angela. Even though I could, like, practically drive over and leave your August mix on the doorstop, that would be too creepy. So I'll have to stick with apologizing for the lateness and noting that my burner is very much shot, so I'm late. But, no laptop coming soon! So excited. Be prepared for mixtape fun soonish. Apologies, again.


HI! Your Mix is coming along nicely, just a few scant hours away from completion. Then comes the customary road test of the material, second party approval (the Wife) and then the obligatory last minute tinkering before it hits the mailbox of course, lol. Since this is my first "official" crack at making a mix for someone I don't personally know on IMP, I must admit that Iâm outlandishly nervous and sincerely hope that you enjoy the collection when it arrives in the near future. Perhaps Iâm missing the point of IMP; so Iâm sending along 2 compilations - one that I hope will become a new favorite of yours based on your profile and one that is a collection of what Iâm listening to. Cheers!


Hi Angela: Yes it's July, but I did manage to get your June mix in the mail today, along with a favorite bonus mix of mine from a couple of years back. Enjoy!


Hi Angela, I didn't twig until just now that you gave me the terrifically cool and moody mix a while back. I hope you do like what I put together for you. If I had to guess, what's going to floor you is the Simon Diaz one. If you're ever up for other trades, let me know what from my profile might you might like and let me know. Steve smedd1@comcast.net if you'd like to get in touch.


Did you get that thing I sent you?


Sent your January mix this morning!


Okay then. Anything really happy or really sad, eh? Great, that gives me some ideas where to start. Here is my email (david.haw@cogeco.ca)Contact me and we can exchange mailing info. Looking forward to this.


I really dig your musical interests. This is going to be a fun assignment.


I have cake. Would you like some? Also, would you be up for a side trade?


Glad you got it -- sorry if it was a bit late. Hope you liked it!


Hi Angela, I love this October mix that you made for me. I knew from the opening song that it would be right up my street. What I didn't expect was that it would then turn up my driveway, skip up the walk, knock on the door and then peek through the letterbox demanding to know if I was home. Thanks. Steve


Just wanted to let you know that your mix arrived a few days ago-- I just gave it a listen, and really enjoyed it! Lots of new-to-me stuff that I love! So, thanks.


Angela, I'm sorry to tell you that I have yet to send out your August mix. I'm taking it to the Post Office as we speak. Hope it finds you and the butt end of your Summer well.


Received the June mix, and it's a gem. My ears thank you.


Hey Angela! Sorry so late on the June mix. I will send it out tomorrow. Happy 4th!


Hey - Jan '09 arrived this morning. Thank you, am listening right now and enjoying very much! :) Kim.


No probs! Looking forward to it (",)


Hi Angela, I have your November mix mixed, but am having trouble getting it to BURN & PLAY properly!!! Memorex is on my *%@#-list now... Online geeks recommend Verbatim which I have just now ordered a spindle, will burn and send. Sorry for the delay. sigh. Hope you love it after all the frustration!


I've been away on holiday and so your October mix will be delayed slightly. Sorry I'll try to make it a good one!


Hi Angela, I sent your September mix out this past Thursday(10-2). Cheers! Corina


angela ... so sorry i sent your mix but it must have got lost. I am in mexico until mid october but will resend it when i get back. adios


ah! i just realized that is was already well into august and i have yet to get you your july tape! i just moved, and it's in a box somewhere. i will be sending it this week, i apologize for the delay!!


Received my May mixtape today, thank you!


Hi Angela, I just noticed the comments section and saw (rather belatedly) that you liked the march mix I gave you, especially the Jens Lekman track. Everyone loves that track. If you get the chance, do see him live. He came through California this spring and is one of those rare performers who is a real entertainer. The audience fell for him and he hosted a dance party afterwards with the promise of coming out and dancing with us. We forget everything except the moment, as a room full of happy people can.


Hi Angela, I'm a bit late with my January 08 assignment, sorry! The more of these I do the tougher it gets... Anyway, its now ready and will be posted very soon.


I received your mix and enjoying it greatly. The Eleni Mandell song reminds me of PJ Harvey and the Doves tune... oh yeah, beautiful. Going straight to my mp3 player. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thanks for the update on your mix. After looking at your mixes, I am looking forwars to it.


Angela, I am loving the mix! Great blend of old & new stuff. Thanks again. PS. You should definitely come down here some day. We're very friendly, it's beautiful & there's lots of interesting stuff.


Dear Angela, thank you for your kind words re: my Summer mix. I'm so pleased to know you are appreciating the music. All the best!


Thanks for letting me know. I'll confirm with you once the mix is received. I'm looking forward to it!


Angie- Thanks so much for the fabulous June mix- I work at a farm and it has been on repeat since it arrived! Thanks for introducing me to several new favorites :) peace, Laura


You were thanking the right person... I'm so glad you liked it. It's one of my fav mixes, personallly, and I never get tired of listening to it. So sorry about the delay!


hey angie, got the mix, sorry for satellite delay in response, was away. anyway, have listened and i LOVE it. that good advice song, stalk u is too funny, and little light is beautiful. this one's on repeat. thanks a million, this mix is golden. i shouldn't be thanking you it's gonna cost me a fortune to get all these albums i now want... blá


hi angela :-)...your march imp mix will be shipped out today or tomorrow. i call it my 'holistic medicine' mix....every time i'm not feeling well, i put this cd on and feel much better. includes tracks by massive attack, fatboy slim f. macy gray, primal scream, etc. of course, it will be accompanied by a full track listing. be sure to let me know what you think of it, even if you think it sucks donkeys through a screen door (lol).... ron c.


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