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was that a can opening?

About Me

It all started when I was around 10 years old. I taped a penny to the Columbia House form and thus, my music collection began with ten 8-track tapes. Over the years my preference in music has expanded into a massive collection of classics, cult favorites, forgotten treasures, and just plain old garbage. In some ways it has become an obsession and in other ways it is true love.

Favorite Songs

I listen to everything and I mean everything! If I don't like it, I won't listen to it. I can give a rat's ass if you believe some of the songs that I listen to are bad. That is my taste. Music, to me, is enjoying what moves you. Does it give you energy? Does it stir up a fire inside you? Does it make you wanna dance? Does it put you to sleep? All the kiddies out there do not need to explain their reasons for their taste. Just play it and enjoy it!

Favorite Artists

If they made a difference and influenced other artists that I like, they are a favorite.

Favorite Albums

So many albums to list but they would be the ones that never fade away from being played over the years.

Recent Concerts


Currently there are no blogs published.


Christmas #16

Also available to download. See my blog above.

Christmas #15

Also available to download. See my blog above.

The Corpse Danced At Midnight

One of my favorite authors wrote the book.

Normal And Nice

Can you smell it?

Love Stains

That will never come out.

Life Ain't Nothin' But A Good Groove...

A Good Mixtape To Put You In The Right Mood

Sting Killed Rock N' Roll

with his bare hands


who wants another shot?

I Shot Kurt Cobain!

Yes I did. I just missed Eddie.

Hammer Valentine

The tears may be gone but the problem remains


from the stamen to the ovule comes this collection

A World Of Pain

over the line!

When You Feel Warm

That's when I rise.

Night Flight

operate to resonate

In The Daze Of My Youth


Go Ask The Gingerbread Man

gotta problem wit dat?

Hissy Fit!

watch out boy

Drink Like Burton, Dance Like Travolta

I think I've done that once.


Ryan Mixtape suggested this theme back in January but I just wasn't ready to make one at the time. Once the country's Independence Day started to creep closer, things fell into place. I can't recall whose art is on the cover.


Cover is photo of a friend's artwork; www.joetait.com


Love is a fire. It burns down everything it sees.

It's A Jack White World!

Everywhere you look, there he is.

The Forgotten Merchants Of Disgust

The sun will shine and give us a hug.

Grumpy Old Man

that's what my wife calls me

Lipstick On My Cigarette

Made in 2001. I made this for late night listening with my wife after working all night; we were only married for a few months at the time. Originally recorded from cassette then transfered to cd using my old cd burner on my stereo; I didn't have a burner on my computer at that time.

Lipstick On My Cigarette volume two

more more more from 2002

Tasty Treats volume 1

My March assignment likes old school hip-hop, funk, disco, punk, and all kinds of rock. There are all on this mix to suit his taste. The title is weak but I couldn't think of anything to go with this photo.

Tasty Treats volume 2

couldn't do it as just one mix

In Love

That is me and my wife back in '99; we look so young. This is just a little mix I made for her. The INXS, Peter Murphy, and The Cure tunes pretty much sums us up.

Music To Elevate And Purify Its Disciples

Made for a trade. A request for some classic and some more recent and I threw in some in-between.


side effects may occur

relax & enjoy

inhale & exhale


it's a little harsh

You Wanna 'Nother?

we can keep going

Ladies part 2

Ladies part 1

great voices and great tunes; more well known songs

fucksexlove volume one

a little bit of this, a little bit of that...and a little bit more

Stand Outs

they just do

a few favorites

yes, indeedy!

1987 vol. 1

i was 19 going on 20 and expanding my musical taste. there are a lot more that i wanted to put on but they're on really old cassettes like the butthole surfers' locust abortion technician.

Songs For My Father

That is him in 1961. This was music that he enjoyed. Peace be with you Pops!

40 years old, 41 songs, 1967-2007

Yes. Turning 40 in August and made a bio mix. From 1971- 2007 are songs that i just loved when they were released (my mom told me that i would go nuts when Indian Reservation came on the radio at the age of 4). I selected 67- 70 because they are favorites of mine.

Jesus Vs. Satan: The Rematch!

with much props to my man Cornelius.

Heather Has Two Tape Decks

1994! This is an actual mixtape I made in that year and just transferred to cd. Most of the songs were came out in 1993-94 and the sound bites are interesting; especially the OJ Simpson and "Lunatic Fringe". I remember making this mix right after that famous chase in the Bronco. The title comes from a children's book called Heather Has Two Mommies and was being protested by parents at libraries and I had friends that were childrens' librarians. I was also living in Queens, NY at the time. One more thing, this was made with two tape decks, one vcr, one cd player, and an old Radio Shack four track mixer.


just another day


one of my favorites. i found some good sound bites especially from that glorious tv show "knight rider"

The Disenchanting Addiction volume two

mo' fun

The Disenchanting Addiction volume one

just some good ol' fun


this is the second version of 'knife'. the first one has been destroyed.

1987 vol. 2

Everybody Dance Now!

dance sucka!


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Hey, Sean: Is there something going on with this site? My emails bounced back to Ryan and I haven't received a mix for a while. Know what's going on?


Hey Sean, Thanks for the November Mix! As usual you have great taste :)


Hi Sean, Your July mix is now winging it's way over the Atlantic Ocean. Danny


Hi Sean. I've finally gotten you as my assignment, so now we've come full circle. Will be sending you a mix this week.


Hy Sean Thank you for the mixes.They are cool!You Rock! Trish


Hi Sean, Apologies, your August mix is going to be a bit late but it's on its way and (all being well) should be with you soon. Sorry, Chris.


Thanks for sending a over a pair of discs containing audio bliss - great stuff and much appreciated!


Hi Sean, your July mix left Sydney today (July 12th).


6/24: Just sent your May 2013 CD out today. Yes, May. Funny story, that. Unless, of course, I already sent you a May 2013 CD and just forgot -- in which case, I just sent your SECOND May 2013 CD. Cheers, James


Hi Sean, thanks so much for sending the mix out again - and for the extra cd,. really appreciated. i very much am looking forward to listening to both. glad to hear you are still enjoying the mixes i sent you all those moons ago, nice to know they've gone to a good home. nell


mix is in the mail.


Sounds good so far. Thanks.


I got your March 2013 submission and am ripping it to my hard drive right now. Your CDs look pretty epic so I decided to skip the usual middle step of listening to them in the car. We have a sliver of overlapping interests -- which I like because that means I get to hear a bunch of new stuff. Thanks, James


Got your mix in the mail today, haven't had a chance to listen yet, but thank you!


Hi! Thanks for the bonus November mix as well as the regular one :)


Hey Sean your Nov mix was sent from the UK today.


Hey Sean, Glad you enjoyed the mix! I quite enjoyed yours as well. Hit me up if you'd like to do a side trade :)


Hey Did you receive my mix? Cheers Dan


Thanks for your comments on my mix, Sean. I hope you enjoyed it. You say you can never go wrong with a bit of Wire, but I've just realised that they have been on every mix I've sent since August 2011! Is that healthy?


Sent cd ( only had time to do one, sorry)but its a goodie!


Hey Sean I'm your August mix swap. I live on London, uk. Do you want a tape or cd. If cd, I'll do you two cos that's the way I roll. I see that you're a purveyor of all music, including the left field. I like anything that's different or weird and like a challenge! Cheers dan


Great mixes thanks! Lots of new stuff on there for me and a few songs I forgot I liked :)


Sorry, horrible person with a bad back and a lot of distractions... January mix goes in the mail tomorrow. Major apologies.


heya.. still nuthin? i'll pop a replacement in the mail.


hey sean -- sorry for the delay on your dec mix -- i sent it towards the end of the month, but i'd have thought it would have arrived by now. maybe an xmas mail-time hold-up..? i'll send another copy if it doesn't get to you by monday or tuesday -- is that okay by you?


Hey Sean - I was delighted to see my Oct mix was from you and unsurprised that it was up to your usual high standard. Some great stuff on there - thanks man


Hi Sean. Just a note to let you know your April mix will go out tomorrow. Hope you like!


Yep, got it. Thanks!


Hi Sean - I will be sending out your March mix this week. Hope you enjoy it! - Shelly


Thanks Sean - I've emailed you my address


Sean, Joyous news. Your December IMP mix was posted from Manchester, UK on 14th December. Hopefully it will make it to you for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the one you sent me in the summer. Andy


Sean, glad you liked the mix. I had a feeling you might but you never can tell... I would be delighted to trade with you on the side. Actually, I was browsing your mixes and noted the 'Life Ain't Nothin' But A Good Groove...' mix features my favourite ever track by The Creatures - Pluto Drive. I've been trying to buy the 'Boomerang' album for years but I guess it must've been deleted and Pluto Drive isn't on 'The Bestiary'. Could I ask you to include that track on the mix that you send me? (And make it a CD please - I don't have a tape deck). Let me have your email so that I can send you my address and let's make it happen! Cheers *M.


Hi Sean - I was planning on sending you a mix of old techno and house tracks when I realised that it's probably NOT to most tastes. Take a look at my profile and let me know if there's another mix on the list that you would prefer...cheers Martin


Thanks for the feedback! There was so many relevant songs especially with place names as well, i just spent hours listening through a very long mix weeding some out until there was a good 2 disks worth.


Hi Sean, Advanced apology for a late June mix. I have put in a couple of disks to try and make up for it! ta


Sean, I've just opened my mail at work and recieved your mixes! Thanks for sending them through. I'll give them a spin over the next few days and let you know what I think! Thanks again, Andy


Hey Sean - Was hitting 'refresh' on the IMP front page while i was bored at work, and the track listing for Music to Purify and Elevate It's Diciples caught my eye before I accidentally closed the page. Didn't even know it was yours until I searched for it. Can you drop a copy in the mail? I'll find one to send you in return. Happy Turkey Day.....


Just realized I never sent out the curmudgeon mixes. Alzheimer's is slipping in. Nice that you're still into prog hip-hop volumes #1 and #2. Gotta record more Subsoniq sessions on XM to get inspiration for #3.


hi sean, your aug mix just went in the post today (7/9/9) - many apologies for my shameful tardiness. mix is on it's way from UK, but hopefully shouldn't take too long to get to you. Hope you enjoy. elly


Hey there impish friend. I am your assignee (or you are mine, however the grammar works) for aug. Many apologies but am late sending out the mix. It will be with you soon, elly


The Urinal Fresh legal dept. is working on a waiver that people will have to sign before they listen.


and don't forget what lionel richie did to kill all forms of music


der....was just playing Pill the other day, and now it hit me - think your addy is inside of that


I know the catnip is a powerful stuff my friend. Hold on... yup... REAL POWERFUL stuff. Whew.


The garage mix definitely turned out well. Some sweet transitions in it, too. A copy will be sent your way...I'm pretty sure I still have your address (University Heights, OH?). But just to be sure, send me an email to hdtrip@comcast.net.


Sting may have Killed Rock n Roll but when the revolution comes let us not forget the role that his fellow traveler Phil Collins played in its demise.


By the way, Sean, Pollinate is the best. A lot of great new music for me. I've been listening to it quite a bit, just haven't gotten around to thanking you. Well, thanks. -Paul


Received my March mixes and they're great! Thanks so much.


Coolcool, thanks man. I hope soem more people do it - I thought it was a nice little idea too, ha! Speak more soon. MxBx


Hey Sean! How's things? Yesterday I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on last.fm. Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx




Glad you're into the REWK50 mix. It's the least I could send you as thanks the excellent #13 and #14. I think it's my best mix in a while. Phantom Planet is actually a band that Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Darjeeling Limited) started back in 1994. (He was the drummer.) He left the band in '03 - probably because he didn't have the time to focus on it anymore.


Listening to the #14 mix again.....always get a kick out of the Simpson's sample going into 'She Blinded Me with Science'....


Thanks. With winter finally here (with a vengeance), I thought the extra body fat would do me some good over the long winter months ahead.


God, I could use some 'catnip' right now......Merry F***ing Christmas! There's so much good music out there right now it's insane. Just stumbled upon The Constantines' 'Kensington Heights' several days ago and can't stop listening to it. And if you want some good mellow techno with an R&B flavor and a TON of movie/tv/etc. dialogue samples, check out The Avalanches 'Since I Left You'. (It came out around 2001, was their only CD, then they disappeared.) Thought of you about 5 minutes into the 1st listen - you might dig it....


Really loving (xmas) Thirteen and Fourteen . . . aaaaaaaannnndd (xmas) Eleven and Twelve. Here's a big green bag o catnip for you. Meow meow.


Dude - you've outdone yourself this time! I love both the Christmas (not-Christmas) mixes. My wife and I have been frustrated for years because we've never found a Christmas CD we like. Now we've got two! The segues are great, and some are funny as hell. I haven't heard that Abba song for like 20 years. The flashback gave me (more) brain damage. PS - keep meaning to check out Handsome Boy Modeling School a little deeper. Dipped my toe in, but that's it. I have 'Red Eyes, White Knuckles....and 50 miles to go' ready to mail, but haven't dropped it in the mail yet. It's not a Christmas CD, but it can be if you're traveling over the holidays....


My Brother! Just got the Xmas mixes thank you very much! Also have to thank you in the past again...I had 'Knife' on my ipod and enjoyed it very much again on my 8 hour travel day yesterday from Thanksgiving Ville to home (2 hour car ride to tiny airport, wait 2 more hours for delayed puddle jumper, fly to second airport thinking we missed next flight only to be delayed in Denver for another hour and a half) Great tunes!


Sean, I got the xmas mixes and can't wait to listen but life has been pretty shitty as of late but will return to normal soon (I hope).


It's me, still sucking. It's now finished, in the envelope ready to drop in the mail .. LOL .. you must hate me by now for making you wait all this time!


Ok, so I suck. I haven't sent out your mixtape yet - but I was gathering some ideas. I'll be working on it this week and I'll ship it out asap. I am so sorry!!! I promise I'm not usually this lazy.


I really enjoyed your CD's. I devoured them as soon as I got them. Thanks for the variation - the Buzzcocks and Major Lance are particular favorites of mine.


Well it's about time somebody noticed. It wasn't easy getting a body like this.


Hey, sorry for the tardy reply! That tape was a SONY. I had to dig it out of my car--my last tape player. Seems like I have a lot of TDK, SONY, Maxell and some random mystery cassettes... but no Denon deluxe tapes! I may have to reevaluate some of those old flames.


Sounds exciting! I'll sign you up for the upcoming Most Spinnable Tracks 2008 - you'll have to wait until December though. Things are good. My IMP actually expired last month and I don't plan to officially renew until January to bypass the busiest time of year for me. Last Oct, Nov Dec all my mixes went out later than I like and I hate that.


C'mon, grow the mullet.


All for me grog! All for me grog! AAArrrgg! AAArrgg! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Thomas J

Thanks for both mixes, I am enjoying them both. Wow 2006, that was before two computer crashes and losing all my music and playlists. Wonder what I was listening to then. Glad you still enjoy it.


"I like chicken I like liver meow mix meow mix please deliver!" - the Dr. Evil version


Here kitty kitty, I got some cat-nip treats for ya. Dude, as always, I'd love to side trade with you. 80's metal huh? Hmmm.


Yeah, what a weird (read 'cynical marketing') combo for a Bond theme. Still, it's got to be better than the last Bond song. Live And let Die is the only rock track that could possibly work as a Bond theme. Jack White is sleazy - but not in a Bond way!!


hey Sean - now I hear that Jack White is wanting to play Oystein Aarseth (Euronymous) in a film adaptation of Lords Of Chaos? Dang, that boy sure does get everywhere. At least if he does play that role we'll get to see him stabbed in the head 30 times. Well, almost.


sean! thanks so much for the june mix. i greatly enjoyed it. i took off for italy two days after i recieved it. i'm not back in the states yet so have been remiss about my imp communication. p.s. i grew up in shaker and remember very clearly the university school playground.when i was 8 or so it was brand new. i hope it is still totally awesome.


Like the 'Grumpy Old Man'. It comes across as a soundtrack to a really cool movie. Tarantino and Scorsese should have you on speed dial (lol). Haven't hit the other CD yet, but looking forward to it...


hahahaha!! Jack White World is really funny - you should have put the coke advert in there too - unless it appears between every third song, just like in real life. Hope all's good with you Mr Sean. MxBx


It's a Jack White World has arrived - and I have to say it's the best mix I have ever received! You have inspired me to highlight an artist in a bio mix. The White Stripes are one of those bands I would love to see in concerts, despite all the short comings of the concert medium, a friend saw them and said it was awesome. Thanks for the best side-trade ever.


Sweet! I'll drop #2 in the mail. Think you'll really like it - #1 is definitely the socially conscious mix, while #2 is the jam disc. Looking forward to Grumpy Old Man...


Hey Sean - Still digging 'The Pill'....like all the movie clips that are interspersed throughout. I used to do that with some mixes a long time ago, then just stopped for whatever reason. A joy to hear that again! But now, the reason for my comment: I ended up mixing another prog hip-hop CD. Wasn't planning on it - it just happened after Pandora gave me some hip hop (when I was looking for techno - lol) and after hearing Atmosphere on XM. Check it out under 'Mixtapes', and let me know if you want a copy! Ciao, Ron


Sean! Your It's a Jack White World mix looks amazing. I was most excited to see Hand Spring on there, I love that track. From the one Peel Session song I've heard I know that will be a sweet mix. Walking with a ghost is a cover of a Canadian band too, noice!


Hey Sean - Glad you're diggin' the CD! You must have beamed the 'Pill' to me, because I received it last Thursday. I like the whole CD - it's been played three times so far, and it sinks in more with each listen. 'Summerland', 'Pauline' and 'Open Your Eyes' have always been among my favorites. Mike Patton shows up on both our mixes (Peeping Tom is his lastest project). Thanks for the trade....Ron


hey sean - sure, i'll drop a copy of the prog hip hop in the mail to you. checked out your mixes....can i get a prescription for a 'pill'? ;-)


Hi Sean, CD's arrived..... fantastic. A couple of Fall songs I didn't know, a bit of PWEI (took me back to secondary school). Love the Rogers Sisters' track. I remember when I was at sixth form college one of the girls we all loved used to sit outside in her car at lunch time giving it that Amii Stewart track. I got the 12" somewhere. Forgot how good Electronic were, too. Plenty of stuff I don't have but like - nice to have a tailored selection! Darren (I sent this as an email first but it kept bouncing....)


Five days to Japan from the good ol' US of A. Just rocking out to The Damned as I type this ;)


Sean! I just got kicked in the head by the Peel Session with the 'Stripes doing ASTRO. Great track, I have to hear more of their Peel Session. Very nice. I really like the samples you have smattered throughout the mix, breaks everything up in a cool way, you've even mixed some crossfades in which is an AMAZING bit of effort the likes of which I have never seen on an IMP mix before! Many many thanks!


Sean! The eagle landed today in the form of two mixes! Can't wait to spin them. I'm a huge 'stripes fan and Death Letter has always been a favourite. Can't wait to sink my ears into these, thanks again!


Glad you dig it!!!


Glad you like the mix, if you want any info on any of the bands let me know. I'm looking forward to getting your mix.


Hey, Sean. I just took a closer look at your "40 Years old, 41 song" mix. And, man can I relate. We're close in age and I definitely see the parallel tastes , or at least, influences from the 60's to now. I have to admit I was slow on the uptake of the some of this stuff until about 77. I certainly remember the "big" songs from my childhood (my "Indian Reservation" moment came from listening to "Crimson and Clover" on headphones!!!); but I didn't really start to listen to music (or at least genuinely get into it) until just prior to the Police in the late 70's. In fact, I'm embarrased to say, the very first album I bought was a Ray Parker album. Yes, the "Ghost Busters" song. I know, I know...I'm not proud. Anyways, I hear ya and I'm glad you never stopped listening to new music as you got older (as many of my high school friends have apparently done).


Very cool mixes you have there.


Dude....No worries. I will burn you the Christmas mix here when I have a few hours off. I am kind of stoked that someone wanted one of my mixes. So don't worry if you thought you were rude.I didn't think so. Anyway....I listened to "Pill" and it's so damn rad.I love all the snippets between songs.There were a few bands that I have wanted to hear(Lime Spiders)and Elvis Hitler! My friend Scott was obsessed with them in H.S. I will get to the Christmas mixes this weekend.I can't wait! Thank you again and I will send that mix out soon.


no problem will send it out this weekend. My jan cd has not arrived either. bummer huh?


I have decided to try to do one side-mix per month, but heck, I can't resist! Are you looking for a copy of "Most Spnnable 07" or something else? You mix selection is intriguing. Just the right amount of music that I already love, and an exciting amount of music that I've never heard of. Let's exchange addresses by email: myfriendarley@arleym.com


no bother at all. if i resend i'll chuck febs mix in as well. and Damn canada post!.Damn them all.


keep me posted ok. shall we give it a week and i'll try again.?


Did januarys mix arrive yet?. i hope so. still waiting for mine. not sure who its from. if its lost lemme know and i'll fire off another one.


Glad you like Emmet Otter too! It's enough of a family staple that my sister-in- law hid it from the children. Oh well, she can't make me stop listening to the music. Too bad the Riverbottom Nightmare Band never put out an album.


I was really happy when I saw your package in the mail, and then really sad moments later when I opened the envelope and saw all those smashed pieces. What a bummer. You're welcome for the December Day mix and the Robotrock! Crackerbash was a fantastic Portland band I saw in Reno, Nevada in some bar. Rocked my sox off.


All hail Heavy Winged!!! My band of the year. Through The Shimmer is indeed one complete ride of blissful insanity, glad it hit you in the right places. Hope you enjoy the NFR mix, I've already got a load of new stuff that I can't wait to get on to January's edition. let me know your stand-out tracks, I always like to get back to the bands and let them know that people round the world are into their stuff. MxBx


Hi Sean. Hope you're having some good holidays. I just did the December NFR mix: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. I've been enjoying the Xmas mixes, both of them. though I forgot to take them to my parental maison over christmas. Wouldn't have got a look in against Guitar Hero though. What a game!! Though it has somehwat ruined my music listening as I now can't listen to anything without seeing the screen scrolling along and wondering how it would work.


Listened to Christmas 11 while making paperchains and putting up The Tree over the weekend. Excellent stuff, the perfect mood setter. Looking forward to 12. Your end of year special will be in the post this week. MxBx


Hi Sean. CDs arrived today. Thanks so much. they'll probably be the only festively related cds that get played over the yule round my house. They look great too, the Alice cartoon is cool as! Haven't listened to them yet.....maybe I'll save them for closer the time, or maybe I'll have a quicklisten and see what's going on. Your mixes demand to be listened to all in one go though, so I look forward to the full experience. MxBx


Hey Sean, glad you like my RUCool mix...how you got 'hold of it perplexes me! I'd be more than happy to send you a copy of JazzConvulsions, just tell me where! Your fellow mixer, John


Sean: Got the X-mas cd's this morning; only heard the meow-meow tune so far. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Thanks so much. And Merry Christmas. Or is it Festivus? Happy Non- Denominational Holiday????


Thnaks man, thanks. What to go with Milk? That track blasts out of something noisy really well, so something heated might work quite well. I look forward to that. December is top 20 IMP mix time, so I'll get one of those out to you. It's been a very good year. MxBx


Hi Sean. Ah, that SexLove is great! I notice that you put a lot of samples in your mixes. It's a really nice touch and it's given me a few ideas, which, you know, if I do them I'll credit you with the inspiration! Some of them are antagonising me because I know where they're from I just can't name it! The music is fantastic too - I had that Wolfmother remix on rotation when it came out. And who'd have thought I could listen to a whole deathcab track and enjoy it?! Thanks.


coolcool. M&D are playing my club night next Friday, with Everyone To the Anderson - there's a band I'll have to send your way sometime soon too, I think you'd like them. Hope you like the rest of that mix - that Musixux track is so funny, that rant is ridiculous! - rest ofit covers quite a bit of musical ground, that's always the idea, sometimes it works better than others but the idea is really to get these bands heard. So idealistic, ha.


Hoooray! Really pleased that those bands are winners. I am liking your Few Favourites a lot, there's some great cuts there. Am making slow progress though, it's reviewing time for my magazines and a friend just sent me about 20 old 80's thrash albums and some weird psych-folk. Yours are like a little rock to hold on to as I weather the storm of demos and metal! Oh, and the other thing I've been doing is this: New Not For Resale download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7vly85 Hopefully there will be some more magic bands in there for you. MxBx


Hi, you are my assignment for October. I have not forgotten - it should be in the mail tomorrow Nov 5. So sorry, but it's not supposed to be November, I'm not ready.


Hello Catnip fiend, this is Just-plain-fiend comin' atcha! I am now in the throes of "Heather has 2 tapedecks" disc ONE. Holy ratshit batman what a great barrage of media and musica! My standout fav right now is "Creator", that Cult song in the mix is so awesome. Ian Astbury's voice is so unique and dark and soaring! Ohh the B-boys now! Great grooves mah-man. MUSIC IS THE NEW RELIGION


Wow, how's that for syncronicity? I got your mixes yesterday - 3 of 'em! They do look interesting and I will be listening to them over the course of today, thanks for those! Glad you like the NFR mix, that's good. I didn't really explain what that was about properly did I? It's all demos from Brighton bands and a couple from the US and Canada that I play at my DJ night - trying to promote the shit out of these amazing bands. So pleased you like the Dreamer track - it's this girl named Danya who's a fierce drummer too, hip-hop style. The mind boggles. Any other favourites off that? I do monthly downloads for NFR too, so if you like that and want more then it's there on the NFR MySpazz for the taking. November's mix is coming soon too. The track at the end of the Ghosting mix is....me! haha. Bit self indulgent perhaps, but that's the kind of place that track was made for. I'll let you know how I get on with yours soon as. MxBx


I always thought a lot of Spinal Tap was patterned after Maiden, wardrobe, stage show with giant ghoulish thingie...etc Could I have a copy of your homemade mix tape disc "Heather Has Two Tape Decks"? I'll send you my most recent creation! intruderalert@hotmail.com


It has been sent. Should be with in you about ten days.


...they became friends after that. I'd say that tops Hendrix's guitar burning, only wish there was a video of it, though I can imagine pretty well. MxBx


Hey Sean. Yeah, I can send you a copy of that, no problem (he says...) We can do swapsies if you like, send me whatever you feel like - my email is meatbreak@hotmail.co.uk. Send us your address and off we go. Also, about that hendrix burning guitar thing. I just read Nick Tosches' Hellfire biography about Jerry Lee Lewis. Firstly, it really is the greatest music book I have ever read, written totally differently to anything else, except maybe Chaucer and the Bible. Secondly, there's the bit where Jerry Lee is touring with Chuck Berry and is affronted by Berry's headlining slot over him, so on the first show when he's totally peaking on Great Balls Of Fire, he whips out a bottle of petrol from his coat, douses his piano with it, flicks a match on it then hammers the hell out of it with it blazing over him until his hands can't take any more of the heat, stalks off stage past Berry and says "Follow that, nigger" (they still spelt it 'er in those days). Th


Yeah I think so.... I say think so because I moved recently and your cd is still packed up I think. But now I'm curious and I'm going to find it and listen again....


greetings, your sept imp mix is gonna be a bit late i'm afraid but i'm sending a bonus one to make up for you (along the lines of the jesus vs satan thing as i see you did one of them too...) enjoy, my septic brother. droog.


I'm actually listening to "plainsong" right now by The Cure, and that cat is really awesome.


Thanks Sean! That's awesome to hear that my Burning Man mix is making it's way around. Very Good. Alright Then!


Glad you got to hear something new. We went to see the ukelele orchestra in concert the other month and that was an excellent night out. Amazing music and very funny and entertaining people.The Apostles were my favourite band when I was a teenager they are now called UNIT. I'm currently enjoying a Trunk Records sampler.It one of those selections of music that you have to actually pay attention to.It doesn't work as background music.Have you found that with any music? Keep enjoying the city.Jon*


Hey Sean, glad there was some interest on the tape*was there a song you hadn't heard before that you liked? No worries if there wasn't*Take care and have fun Jon*


Oh yeah, I thought I wasn't a fan of Whitesnake... Boy, was I wrong! Ha!


I'm loving my CDs! Thanks for the extra one. That second song on Tuesday was so fun- when I first heard it, I was merging onto the Santa Monica freeway during the day and I felt like I was some heroine of a cheesy 1950's movie. It was just so perfect! I love the soundbites too. I gotta ask you what some are from when I get a chance to figure out the ones exactly. I also used to do some soundbites back when I did cassettes, but I'm behind on technology. You may have inspired me to figure it out now. Your CDs are on the way tomorrow. I say CDs because I did a bonus one of more postpunk stuff from the book. Thanks!!!!


Hey, I've been listening to your cd's a lot the last few days. Russian Roulette takes me back, boy. Nice combo of different genres and styles. And Deano is my Patron Saint.


They arrived today. Sean. Haven't even had a chance to listen to them yet, but they look interesting.


I'd be more than happy to send the Rip It Up mix...I'll take a cabbage in trade. :) My email is boogichild@sbcglobal.net. Send your address.


Hello Kitty: All right. Let's go. My email is dhaw@persona.ca Let's exchange particulars.


The fact that you have Goat Boy (Bill Hicks) on yer J vs. S mix is OUTSTANDING! I bow low to you dear sir...and Billy is smiling down on us from his throne in Heaben.


Dually noted! And I have recieved the mix and am listening to it right now! It is pretty awesome.


.....and I gotta say goddamn awesome job on the double-disc mix set. Top tunes - tremendous blend of the familiar, the vague, and the completely unknown. All joined together by the (un?)common thread of quality, with the choice samples between the tracks being the needle that sews the whole thing up. What more can I say but "ta very much"?


Right on. I'm glad to hear the mix has legs. I guess this is the season; the outdoors, the sunshine, bbq + beer, and some funky tunes. Once again, it is always nice to feel appreciated. Although, with all the positivity coming from you and David and Cornelius, I've pretty much forgotten what it was I was complaining about. And that's a good thing. Hurrah!


Right On Sean! I think Jesus and Satan would appreciate another soundtrack to their Battle Royale (with cheese)! In fact, I think ol' Ryan Mixtape should use that idea for an assignment. Thanks for sending the I>M>P love. I cannot tell you how many times I've rocked my car stereo speakers to the breaking point with 1987 Mix 1 and 2.


Hey man, I'm glad you liked it. It's nice to hear someone say that they enjoyed one of my joints. My hit rate has been lousy so far. Seven mixes sent out but only two indications of appreciation. Maybe it's my mixing or tastes that just suck? Guess it could be some ignant recipients? Ah well, no matter. Once again, I'm pleased you enjoyed it and if it inspires you to send an extra-curricula mix, more power to ya. I'm looking forward to it. And don't worry, my dog likes cats.


glad you enjoyed the cd! anyone who lists disintegration as one of their fave albums is ok in my book :) perhaps i will be lucky enough to be your assignee in an unknown future ...


Thanks man. I never really mentioned quality as such in that article but the Islands track is equal to and better than many of the albumn tracks and the Klaxons one - woah. That's like some hidden agenda tucked away at the end that should go a ways to realigning peoples opinions and expectations of them - just what a secret track should do really. But I agree. Most of them are just disappointing. MxBx


Thx dude.. there were a lot of mistakes that I didn't have in there originally!!!! And talk about massive editing! Oh well .. whatever, it was fun to write! :)


Wow Sean the care package you sent me is GREAT! I love the '87s and I really like the collection known as 'Knife'. Thank you!


Man O man that would be awesome. I'd love a copy of the '87 mix, in return I'll send you somethin' special! My email = intruderalert@hotmail.com. Drop me a line and we'll swap info and sh!t. Rock on!


Dang it! Your 1987 mix looks awesome! meow.


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