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About Me

I live in a beautiful rural area in mid- coast Maine. I work in the special education department of a middle school. I devote most of my free time to playing and listening to music, making mixes, and organizing community events.

Favorite Songs

It's impossible to say.

Favorite Artists

My favorite artists are ones who have an incredible technical talent, or ones whose music isn't like anyone else's. I'd rather not be specific, I don't want my preferences to affect any mixes that are sent to me.

Favorite Albums

While I do love listening to technically talented musicians, I think a great album is more the result of a group or artist heading in a unique direction and embracing some form of coherent creativity.

Recent Concerts


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There's An R In February

2nd annual mix appeal to encourage people to pronounce both Rs in February. Includes only songs whose title begins with R.


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Just wondering if my September mix reached you alright?


Conan, I received you May mix on Friday. Thanks!


I have recieved your mix today. Thank you very much, I've enjoyed what I had a change to listen to so far.


Did you get your April mix yet?


Hey, weirdly enough we got each other for March. I just got your mix (thanks for all the documentation, I love that stuff) and I hope you got mine in a timely fashion (I think I mailed it pretty late).


Your April mix is in the mail.


I love your userpic. I also love the idea of lobster in Maine. It has such a romantic image in my head. Although it's probably the same as everywhere else!


that's a great idea for a mix. nice choice of songs.