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Pop Smear

About Me

I used to be a pretend skater, pretend hesher, pretend punk, pretend hippy, pretend raver, and pretend urban hipster. I was briefly a pretend cowboy, but not for long enough to merit such a long sentence (oops). I am currently a real husband, dad, and soon-to-be licensed high school teacher, and would make a great pretend Mod if I could get around to ironing my shirts. I live in Corvallis, OR.

Favorite Songs

According to Pandora.com, I like songs that are midtempo with lots of syncopation, mixed electric and acoustic instrumentation, a false ending, and lyrics that don't really mean anything or are sung in languages I don't understand or sound like the singer is sucking on acorns and/or being tortured.

My brain's default songs are "Mr. Sandman" and "The Cantina Theme" from Star Wars. I am known to spontaneously beatbox. I am asked to stop.

Favorite Artists

If this can be determined by sheer number of works owned of a particular artist, then it's: 1. Miles Davis; 2. Neil Young: 3. Prince; 4. John Fahey; 5. Sonic Youth; 6. and the Stones.

But I wouldn't bank on that. Since I started teaching adolescents I mostly want to hear metal. And when I listen to reggae, I wonder why I bother owning any other kind of music.

Favorite Albums

Oh, well, that's easy. Here's a random sampling, which will mark me as having come of age in the 80s and gone to college in the 90s, so step off:

Marvin Gaye: What's Going On

Tricky: Maxinquaye

Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington

Beastie Boys: Check Your Head

Neil Young: American Stars 'n' Bars

Prince and the Revolution: Music from Purple Rain

The La's: The La's

Julian Cope: Peggy Suicide

Cornershop: When I Was Born for the 7th Time

Over the Rhine: Ohio

Electrelane: Singles, B-Sides and Live

Death from Above 1979: You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

James Brown: In the Jungle Groove

Future Sound of London: Lifeforms EP

Laurie Anderson: The Ugly One with the Jewels & Other Stories

DJ Shadow: Endtroducing...

Oliver Nelson: Blues and the Abstract Truth

Reigning Sound: Time Bomb High School

Joe Higgs: Life of Contradiction

Los Lobos: Colossal Head

Fennesz: Venice

Boris: Akuma No Uta

Songs: Ohia: Magnolia Electric Company

Spoon: Gimme Fiction

Curtis Mayfield: Curtis

Zap Mama: Adventures in Afropeia

Wolfgang Press: Queer

Glen Brown & King Tubby: Termination Dub

William Parker Violin Trio: Scrapbook

Can: Future Days

The Be Good Tanyas: Blue Horse

The The: Soul Mining

Fishbone: The Reality of My Surroundings

The Dirtbombs: Ultraglide in Black

A Tribe Called Quest: The Low End Theory

M.I.A.: Kala

Wire: Pink Flag

Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers

Stevie Wonder: Original Musiquarium

Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup

The Books: The Lemon of Pink

PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love

DJ Spooky: Necropolis

Ride: Nowhere

Lee "Scratch" Perry: Upsetter Selection

Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole

Ellen Allien + Apparat: Orchestra of Bubbles

Erlend Oye: DJ Kicks

Silver Jews: American Water

Bar Kokhba: Lucifer (Book of Angels v.10)

Nas: Illmatic

Beth Orton: The Other Side of Daylight EP

Six Organs of Admittance: The Sun Awakens

Sly & the Family Stone: There's a Riot Goin' On

Yes: Yes Album

Miles Davis: Everything from 1956-1975

My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves

Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha

Black Mountain: In The Future

Living Colour: Vivid

Sonic Youth: Murray Street

The Byrds: Sweetheart of the Rodeo

dj/rupture: Gold Teeth Thief

De La Soul: 3 Feet High and Rising

Elastica: Elastica

The Black Keys: Chulahoma EP

Charles Mingus: Blues and Roots

Flying Lotus: Los Angeles

My mixes

Recent Concerts

I don't go out much. I can tell you all the ones I've seen in my life:

1. Warrant, Trixter, Firehouse (Triple Trouble!!!)' 2. Arlo Guthrie; 3. Spearhead; 4. A warehouse party in Denver in 1997 with Superstar DJ Keoki (whoever it was that spun before him made me see God. Any ideas?); 5. Olivia Tremor Control; 6. Lee "Scratch" Perry; 7. Over the Rhine, almost, until they cancelled the tour to work on their relationship; 8. Antony & the Johnsons; 9. Los Lobos; 10. Calexico; 11. Does Noam Chomsky count?


My Top 73 Albums of the 00s

2009-11-04 22:55:57

Metal Disease

2009-09-12 20:23:11

Afro-Punk 2.0

2009-03-23 22:59:15

2008 Throwdown

2008-12-19 14:11:32

Decade of Evil: The Satanic Seventies

2008-04-23 20:58:43

My Top 10, with Digressions and Caveats

2008-01-04 21:35:28

Fighting Mix Bloat

2007-06-20 09:32:16


Our Time: Jazz in the New Century

What, no Michael Buble?

Judy's Blues

Judy was portrayed by Natalie Wood in Rebel Without a Cause (1955).

Purple 1: Prince Since 1999

The "cream" of The Artist's overlooked last decade.

Heart Cooks Brain (A Nineties Mix)

More spelunking in the decade that awaits a revival.

Frantic Low Moment

Techno for an answer.

New Ways of Living

A suitably sardonic love letter to Los Angeles.

Finer Feelings

More, one hopes, than the sum of its segues.

Way Out

A premature look at the past decade.


Not your mother's 80s mix.


Can't shit stop this.

Vulture Story

Metal Disease Vol. I.


Metal Disease Vol. II.

The Wolfpack

Metal Disease Vol. III.




Electropop grrls, mostly.

Lavender Blues

Live at the Lavender House, Summer 2007.

Glam Fuck Monorail

What, the title isn't evocative enough?


Music for a night drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, NM.

Afro-Punk 2.0

2.0 Black. 2.0 Strong.

Dead End Street

In which the Apocalypse is preceded by a night out in the city.

In Jars

A taste of Afro-Jewish Brazilo-Rican-Cuban Jazz Exotica in Dub.


The many hues of Afro-Jewish Brazilo-Rican-Cuban Jazz Exotica in Dub.

James Baldwin to the Rescue

Escape from Afro-Jewish Brazilo-Rican-Cuban Jazz Exotica in Dub.

Disco Africa

What? No Vampire Weekend?

Tyrants Fall

Tyrant, you know... your time has come. Happy election season!

Relaxin' with Sonic Youth

"Sonic Youth are the best band in the universe, and if you can't get behind that, that's your problem." --Robert Christgau

Unlikely Rock Shock

Does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

Made in Oregon

What? No Shins?

Busy Busy Busy

Some favorite tracks from the past year or so (Crunk- Punk edition).

None More Black

Black. Black. Black.

King Dork

Music from and inspired by the novel by Frank Portman.

Final Girl

Notes toward a Feminist interpolation of slasher films.

Decade of Evil

The Satanic Seventies.

Don't You Fall

Wymyn and grrls.

Your Fucking Sunny Day

A weekend in the life of a heartbroken cowboy. He drinks, cries, then takes acid in the railyard and wanders, lost, on the prairie. His epiphany is ambiguous.

Bright Moon

More jazz... it's good for you. Max Roach, RIP.

My Dancing Days Are Done (A Nineties Mix)

My alternative to Alternative from the decade in which I fell in love with music. Laugh now, but when the revival comes around in a few years you'll be begging to hear my old CMJ and Urb samplers.

Black Cherry: A William Parker Anthology

Bassist and composer William Parker embodies contemporary free jazz that is relevant, vital, visceral and deeply spiritual. Plus, you can shake your ass to it.

So Over 2006

Rather belatedly, I'm posting my obligatory Best Of mix from last year. It's 3 CDs long. Sheesh.


So evocative, so mysterious, only an ambiguous French word could describe it.

Disappear from View

Dub. Roots dub. Designer dub. Dubstep. Some Swedish techno and a doo-wop song. You know, the usual.

King of the Road

Partly a reaction to indie rock burnout, and partly a tribute to my late grandfather's long-lost breed of cool. If it isn't my favorite mix ever, it certainly makes me happiest when I hear it. Special thanks to my friend Dave, who once put both the title song and the Bob Newhart piece on a tape for me.

Lose Control

Something upbeat for a change.

Something Isn't Right: White Funk, Blue-Eyed Soul

We can take the funk, and we can break the funk, but we can't fake it.

El Camino Madre

An interstate driving mix. "The Mother Road" is the name for Route 66 in New Mexico.

The Angels Fell (A Nineties Mix)

"NOTE: you will encounter strange noises, sounds, scratching and hissing on many of the tracks on this record. These sounds are deliberate and not production errors." -- From the liner notes to The Trip Hop Test Part One (Moonshine Music, 1994)

Don't Break My Heart

As an avowed Feminist, Pacifist, and non-drinking, non- smoking, non-tattooed father of two daughters, I find it hard to reconcile my sudden and intense love for the nastiest, greased-up garage rock 'n' roll. But I do, because it sounds so freakin' GOOD.


Inspired by the film by James Spooner. *** "When most people think of Black music they don't think of punk rock." --Jamila Clarke, "Afro-Punk seeks a Black Audience" *** "When I first heard the Bad Brains, I thought, 'Those white boys are bad.' When I found out they were Black, my world just stopped." --Angelo Moore (Fishbone) qtd. in Michael A. Gonzales, "The New Danger" *** "Rick, this is like Black punk rock. How can you waste your time on this garbage?" -- Russell Simmins to Rick Rubin, on Rubin's involvement with Public Enemy; qtd. in James Porter & Jake Austin, "Black Punk Time" *** "What many people don't understand is, Afro-Punk is a state of mind; it's not just a style of music. When I think of Black punk, Miles Davis & Nina Simone come to mind." -- Sasha Jenkins, qtd. in Gonzales, "The New Danger"

Baby, We'll Be Fine

I made this for a friend who is teaching English at a women's college in Korea. She was feeling a little lost and lonely. While I'm not sure how this could possibly have helped, it's her favorite, and mine too. And possibly yours as well. How would I know?

Vampire Hunter in Love

I don't always imagine full- length erotic horror anime films when I make mixes. But this kind of just... happened (see exposition in Album boxes to the right). See the film. Read the graphic novel. Download the wallpaper. Buy the glow-in-the-dark pajamas (bat wings not included).


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Hi Robert, I like the look of your 'don't break my heart' mixtape! I want it! I have no idea how to organise this! Can I swap you? I haven't got my past mixtapes up but I'll just make you something super special? My profile is at http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/showPersonsProfile.ph p?profileId=1342 Cheers! Gabrielle


Did you get the disc I sent you?


Dear Rob I received your mix today and plan to listen to it this week and will get back to you soon with a review.Do you own that record store you enclosed the card with?Trish T


Dear Robert I understand.Febuarywas a tough month.I thought I received one but I said I did receive it.I have a few mix trades going with a few folks at zen running order so its hard to keep track check it out though.www.zenrunningorder.com


Mix received. It has a nice "vacationing-in-better-weather" feel to it and should help me stay awake during the waning hours of the "graveyard shift". Aside from Air, Spoon, and Stereolab, most of the artists are new to me. The Swordsmen track is growing on me. Lead-off song gets stuck in my head. Diggin' the second selection also. Well done. Thank you.


I've been procrastinating and have not yet sent your Feb '10 mix. I promise it will be in the mail this weekend. Thanks, Andrea


Hmm, lost in the mail? Dog ate it? Just curious. All best.


No worries on the tardiness. I found myself nodding at your musical tastes and I don't mean nodding as in nodding off to sleep. Definitely looking forward to getting your mix. I'm headed to Portland tonight for some chill music from the Album Leaf.


Hey Robert, I'm your mixer this month, but the mix is going to be late -- finals/Christmas frenzy slowed me down. Sorry! I'll get it to you as soon as I can.


Got your mix on my doorstep this afternoon. I really dig the cover art. Great mix too, I've been drowning in 80s lately and it fits my mood perfect. Thanks much!


Hi Robert. I love the look of some of your mixes especially the recent reggae one and 'disco africa'. Would you be interested in a side trade? email me your address and make it happen! mrtgb5@aol.com cheers Martin.


Thank you for the reggae - I LOVE it!


thanks for the mix, was pretty awesome


Rob, June mix arrived yesterday - listening to it (And liking it very much) right now. Many thanks. C.


Hi! I had you for February.... and alas I spent most of the month travelling in Canada (for work, not pleasure).... anyway: your February mixtape is going out in the mail today (3/9/09)! Sorry for the delay!


Hello! Forgive the spammy nature of this, but I've got to spread the word. I went a bit IMP fan-boy and made an IMP group on last.fm. Don't know if you use it at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project. I started a topic thread that I hope will be a pretty good start to the year and a nice discussion. Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


Hi Robert Im Trish.Ive got an awsome reggae playlist of you want a copy.you may email.trishmul77@hotmail.com also check me out on myspace http://www.myspace.com/trishmul77


Hey Robert. Your Nov mix is in the post. Sorry it has taken so long - the sleeve notes will explain all. It's coming from the U.K., so may take a little while to get to you. Hopefully, it's worth the wait!


Hello, Robert. I am your October MixMaker. I dropped it in the mail today (10/9) & it should make its way to you in the next 3-4 days. Please let me know if you have any problems. Otherwise, I hope you dig the mix. Thanks, Ashley

Jon Paul

Oh yeah - that image you have up for your profile pic - is that a screen shot from "Gandahar?"

Jon Paul

Right on, thanks - glad you liked the mix. If you ever want to do a trade or something let me know, I'm always up for swapping CDs. I've got a pretty esoteric collection ;-)


I never owned a record as a child, born in 1984 I was given CD's when I was old enough to really enjoy music, but I understand what the feeling you describe in your Purple Rain article is. It's the same feeling I get every time I hear Darling Nikki or notice the DVD on my shelf. The feeling I got at 8 when I snuck my parents VHS of Purple Rain into my overnight bag. Thanks for reminding me of the memories :)


Hey Robert. I need to send you your June mixtape, but I had a last minute trip to South Carolina & just got back home. I'm leaving for UVA tomorrow for my college orientation so I'll make the tape when I get home. I should mail it out by Thursday. Sorry for the delay.


just read your article on world music. thanks for the direction, well done.


Hi Robert, Your April mix is in the mail as of today(4.15).


Hello. Anyway you would like to trade? I would dig a copy of the William Parker mix. I could either send you one I have made or a special out-there jazz mix. EMail me at b_e_stevens@yahoo.com if interested. Bruce


Reading your blog makes me want one of your well planned mixes. I had a similar epiphany in a blog called mini mixes. At the time I cut back to a drastic 45 minutes or so, but now I think I'm up to the 55-60 mark. Nice to see there's someone deeply into mixing.


Hello! I just finished December's Not For Resale mix and thought you might like it. Here's the link to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. Let the demo mayhem commence!!!!! happy holidays. MxBx


Oh, thank you thank you thank you for my November mix. It was a breath of fresh air. Yes, it was Jazztastic.


Though I've never been one of your English students, you can peg me as the class procrastinator. It is the last hour of shipping for November and your mix is technically going out on time! Huzzahs. Let me know what you dig on it.


RE: Black Cherry - A William Parker Anthology Great Stuff!!! A real curve ball mix that totally blew me away. Informative, Educational AND Groovy. Thanks for not just re-igniting my jazz side but for giving me some ace ideas for new mixes. Cheers Sid aka. the_rebellious_jukebox


My goodness you wear a lot of layers. What would happed if we peeled the onion away, layer by layer. What would be left? Your pure essence. (Fantastic Planet is one of the creepiest, coolest movies ever)


semblable? I had to look it up! sem·bla·ble(smbl-bl) adj. 1. Having a resemblance; resembling or like: unfamiliar symbols semblable to religious icons. 2. Seeming; apparent. n. Archaic Something that closely resembles something else. [Middle English, from Old French, from sembler, to resemble, from Latin simulre, to simulate; see simulate.] excellent CD which arrived today - thanks have just read your "bloat" blog. Having also been mix- taping for ages, I fully understand and agree with what you're saying - it's the old "less is more" thing. In musical terms its what you leave out that makes the whole better. I've recently come to realise that CD's have to be more concise, and that the kitchen sink approach doesn't work well.


your mix is on the way! I think youll dig it, pplenty of foreign language singers with acorns in their mouth there.


ah yes...fantastic planet...what a lovely film. cheers.


Missy's Greatest Hits album SHOULD be released in the US - I agree! Careful with those Volvo speakers, my friend. ;)


Haha. Yeah, that's me. Thanks man, I intend to. I love your Don't Break My Heart mix, that is a tracklisting to die for! I hope whoever got that appreciated it. And anyone that includes Moondog on a mix has got to be alright by me. MxBx

Ryan Mixtape

Hey Robert. Your "White Funk, Blue-Eyed Soul" piece and accompanying mix are wonderful. Really, really well done. Easily some of my favorite writing about music this year. Thanks again for your contributions!


Hey, just read yr piece on white funk, good stuff! what's yr feelings about Beck's 'Midnight Vultures'? although it's a pastiche, i think there's some soul in it... i saw chomsky too! at st paul's cathedral. he was wearing a gold lame suit and sang 'Rio' by Duran Duran well... he shouldda....


You saw Antony & The Johnsons? I'm jealous -- must've been beautiful.


"I'm so sorry for everything..." LOVE your mixes - I'm a lucky lady if something by the likes of you ever arives in my mailbox. :)


Yeah,I do gas on quite a bit-so much so I was "cut off" Here's the rest of the above missive that went MIA- ....lucky individual who received your November 2006 mix- Inspiring and inspired....


I was going through past assignments thinking about the occassionally good, the often times bad and in my own case, the exceptionally rare but unforgivably evil things we do when mixing... I have been carrying alot of guilt surrounding that nameless, monthless mix-Mariah Carey and Snoop Dog followed by Yoko Ono ( screaming, natch-the song was "Don't Worry Kyoko, Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow...") followed by Shakira,ugh-Not good. I felt an apology was definitely in order-but scrolling through all those assignments I really couldn't determine who the unfortunate parties were. But coming to the last assignment,(that being my first),I came across your profile. So I guess that since I couldn't say "Sorry" the least I could do is say "Thank you". Thank you,(albeit belatedly),for that generous missive you sent me-It gives me hope. Perhaps I'm not so evil after all...Although I do admit to being TREMENDOUSLY envious of the luc


I like your tracklist for the driving mix! Reminded me of how much i like Cake and their fun percussion instruments (stickshifts and safeybelts was one of my mix favs)! *thanks much* Manda


That wouldn't be Mr. Sandman...by the Chordettes? And if so, why is it one of your default songs?


I hope you received the February mix okay (I'm a space noodle and didn't include my email address!)


nice article--i hope the sensuality of dipping the needle into a pool of blackness hasn't left you. i suggest you get a tattoo that reads "i'm the creature from the black leather lagoon." psychobilly is the new old pretend rockabilly. p.s. i listen to THE NEW POSSIBILITY every christmas. all day long.


Great mix. I'm a big fan of The Wolfgang Press. "Sucker" got me through a lot of pissed of moments in undergrad. Just wondering if the DeVotchka is a Siouxsie remake?


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