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The Cover Up - Volume 2

It's been a year since i made my first mix of covers so here's vol II- gooder, badder and uglier. The artwork is a scary exibit from the scary Creation Museum (google it if you want a laugh) showing a legless and robotic Adam & Eve. Let's hope it doesn't all go a bit westworld with rampaging dinosaurs fighting Yul Bryner with a beard as the vengeful Moses...

to the sea

i was quite pleased with this little mix, lots of floaty instrumental tracks, it's interesting how many artists use the same types of noises and samples in songs about the sea (submarine pings, phasing synths, tinkling metallic noises etc)

A Family Affair

you can't chose yer relatives...NB: this ^ is definitely not my me & my family. (It's Meatbreak if you must know)

Hello My Name Is


the devil is in the detail


sometimes i'll just think of a title for the mix and work from there, helps me to get over that blank canvas syndrome. so this is just an excuse to mix up some great songs under the theme 'Animal Mineral Vegetable'

TWENTY (Volume 2 - The Subs Bench)

leftovers from March's autobiographical assignment

TWENTY (Volume 1)

Followed the assignment this month with a song from each year 2007-1987. I didn't try and choose the 'coolest' song from each year but went for songs that meant something to me at the time or reminded me of those times. . .I enjoyed doing it so much i had to make a Volume 2. The cover shows a pic of me about twenty years ago- hence the slip into Dad-Rock towards the end of the mix!

The Cover Up

Poppin' my IMP cherry with this mix of good,bad n' ugly cover versions


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I just sent you an email DROOGY. Let's see if that clears up the problem. As far as my comment being erased...I'll try and conjure up the meaning of my last post inna little while. I need some inspiration if you know what I mean (a nudge is as good as a wink to blind man eh? eh?)


November mix is in the mail today.... sorry I'm tardy


hey droog! still loving your mixes. the "to the sea" is excellent. i sent a holiday package to you and other IMP traders who have given me great music over the past year. it should be at your doorstep in a week. peace.


Hey Droog! What are you saying about me? I've done what with your family? Your To The Sea mix does look very interesting indeed. Good work soldier! Here's your prize: New NFR download. Get it while it's hot. http://www.sendspace.com/file/7vly85


Checking to see if you received the package. Your mixes were a big hit when I hosted a party the other evening. Thanks again.




"Too the Sea" looks devine. Here's my email address..please send me your mailing place and it shall soon be filled with goodness and music!


your package was sent out on Monday, so you should have by late next week.


Ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light? Psst...wanna side trade?


got your cds last night and enjoyed "god botherer" and "family affair". i will give "to the sea" a listen next. thanks for the tunes plus the bonus cds. i'll also looked at your site. very cool stuff!


Cheers mate! Ryan Mixtape should use Jesus vs. Satan as a theme one month. That'd be cool. huh huh huh. Cool.


I appreciate the update on your mix. Looking forward to it after checking out your profile and previous mixes.


hey man, glad you finally got the package. enjoy!


hey droog, i did re-send that mix from way back in march or april or something that you didn't get, complete with bonus material; did you get it? i never heard back from you. if you didn't get it, then i'm inclined to believe that the address i have is wrong or that the british postal system is screwed. but i'd feel bad if you never got it....it was my best of 2006 live compilation? did you get it?


Hey Droog.Cheers for the June mix mate. And TWO at that. Very generous. At the moment I’ve only properly listened to the God Botherer mix. (I’m saving To the Sea for when I go off on holiday next week. I thought it would be you know, more appropriate then) But the other one is deadly. I was trying to think of some sort of related songs but all I could think of was “If You Have a Cross To Bear You May As Well Use It As a Crutch” by Moloko. I suppose maybe there isn’t that many ay. Apart from silent night and that, but they don’t count! Marcus


Hey Droog. How were The Thermals? As good as I would imagine? The Be Be See were great. See you tonight!


ahhh, thanks for clearing things up; i'll get a new one sent as soon as i can. i hope you'll enjoy it!


the cool kids know that "gumboots" is one of the pinnacles of modern music.


hi droog, i was actually your march mixer; the disc i sent you was a bunch of my favorite live recordings from 2006 (you can see the tracklist on my imp page). just want to clarify the month and all, 'cause you did apparently report that you hadn't received a march mix. or, maybe i'm confused and it was somebody else, but if you didn't get that particular one, let me know and i will send you another copy right away. 'k?


Hey, You're my next assignment and I just wanted to say hello. I never usually bother except this time I'm really excited to have someone outside the US. So prepare yourself, because i'm going to make this one really good. -Jeni


hello again, just trying to follow up on the march mix--did you get it? i'd be happy to send another copy if it got lost in the mail or something! just let me know.


Nice mixes! Plus you have Stryper hair! Honestly!


hey droog, i'm surprised the mix hasn't reached you yet, but i definitely sent it; if it hasn't arrived within a week, get back to me and i'll send another copy along.

Miss Van Der Rohe

hey hey hey you never told me what you thought about my first IMP!


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