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About Me

I'm a retired record store girl turned preschool teacher. Although I love a good circle time song, I miss the music swapping days of my past. I'm interested in hearing anything and everything.

Favorite Songs

The Pixies-Hey Sam Cooke-Lost & Lookin' Stevie Wonder-Sir Duke The Smiths-How Soon is Now Biz Markie-Just a Friend Roger Miller-King of the Road Of Montreal-Happy Yellow Bumblebee Hayden-You are all I have Elvis Costello-Blaim it on Cain Magnetic Fields-Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing Joe Jackson-Fools in Love Donovan-I Love My Shirt Roy Clark-Alabama Jubilee A Tribe Called Quest-Verses From the Abstract Beethoven-Fur Elise Chopin-I honestly don't know the title, but every time I hear it I know it's Chopin, and I know I love it. Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody #2

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I'm getting my mixtape off a little later than usual- Look for it in the next couple of days. Cheers


Actually, I think when I posted that comment you didn't have a photo on your profile yet, only a deep, black rectangle of despair. You certainly do look cheerier with the bebe!!!


Hey Donna, thanks for my cds. Don't worry about tardiness - I'm even worse, especially this month. Just canm't get into gear. I'll be back with opinions when I've had a listen to them, but the tracklists certainly look interesting.

The Jeremiest

Donna's the type of mixtaper who was slapping together your favorite songs before you had even heard the bands; the proverbial Big Sister. It's an intuitive craft, and any Off The Record alumni is chock full of intuition. p.s. I heard your latest. It's hecka fun! I love the Buddy Holly demo in the beginning.


Donna: You're looking a little down.