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About Me

granola eatin' tree hugger who wants to believe in reincarnation and parallel universes so he can come back as a golden flaming hawk in a world that makes more sense than this one. music is humankind's greatest achievement and my favorite distraction from reality.

Favorite Songs

easy, lionel riche. nothingman, pearl jam. willie and the hand jive, eric clapton. tangled up in blue, dylan. careful with that ax eugene, pink floyd. jigsaw earth, disco biscuits. bold as love, jimi hendrix. world on a string, frank sinatra. black tambourine, beck. poor places, wilco. littlest birds, be good tanyas. the funeral, band of horses. dos gardenias, buena vista social club...

Favorite Artists

hendrix, disco biscuits, ween, beck, pear jam, beatles, wilco, miles davis, charles mingus, outkast, radiohead, the arcade fire, cake, david byrne...

Favorite Albums

srgt. peppers, beatles. chocolate & cheese, ween. guero, beck. ah um, charles mingus. vitology, pearl jam. yankee foxtrot, wilco. blood sugar sex, chili peppers. ok computer, radiohead. welcome to the ultra lounge.

Recent Concerts

brett dennon. the hackensaw boys. wolfmother. the disco biscuits. black eyed peas with the pussycat dolls...it's been a slow year.


Currently there are no blogs published.



This mix is representative of the recent Xcountry trip clara and took making the big move from VA to WA. At some points it was as if the ipod could sense what was going on around it (geographically, emotionally) and play a song to cement the moment.


This is part 2 of the best of IMP 1st 1/2 07. I find myself listening to it more than "his" and it never fails to make me scratch a temple.

Best of IMP 2007 1st 1/2, His

This is a compilation of my favorite new tunes thus far discovered through IMP. There were so many, I had to make it a 2-disk set: His & Hers.

Indie Hop

Like everyone else i know, my musical tastes are somewhat eclectic. The most frequently listened to genres for the last short while are indie and hip hop. This mix was an attempt to satisfy both cravings. I tried to only use intelligent hip hop (what i would label independent hip hop) and only indie with a dance beat. I think the most successful example of this is probably The Unicorn's, 2014. It's a hot song. enjoy.

Entomology 101

For this mix, i tried to use only songs with something to do with insects in their title. Ok, so I got a little creative with Death Cab's "we looked like giants", and stretched it more than a bit with wilco's "hummingbird", but i was thinking about those hawk moths that people often confuse with hummingbirds (like the one pictured)...i think that's what tweedy was thinking of when he wrote the song. I'll admit, including William Shatner's, "Common People" is downright cheating but a) he mentions "roaches climbing the walls" several times and b) it's captain kirk. And as for "Honeybear" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I was picturing a bear dressed up in a bumble bee costume, kind of like that chubby girl on the cover of blind melon's breakout. Anyway, I enjoyed making this one...I hope you enjoy lsitening to it.

Memory Lane: the soundtrack

this mix was inspired by a previously recieved mix, and is an attempt to chronologially represent my musical interests from beginning to about 5 yrs. ago.


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Hi Patrick Im Trish.You May mix Partner.Ill be sending you my latest mix.If your in the market for side trades Im your girl.I hope you enjoy my mix Musically yours Trish


Hey, if you're the Patrick that sent me 'Hauntingly Beautiful' then thanks very much; it's nice and wintry and makes a good soundtrack for these cold, cold days. If it's not you then please accept my greetings anyway.


Thanks for the Bumbershoot mix and the cool link to the poster show. Woodstock no doubt misses you. Cheers! Steve


Hey Mister, did you get my mix???


Your mix is on its way :-)


tut tut...and so yuo should feel bad, ah no you're cool, it's my bad. i'm just getting markers tomorrow so i should have the mix sent by monday!


Hi there Patrick, Brian here, your June IMP(er). Apologies you're June mix will be a little late but I promise that's only because of the work thatâs gone into it from me to make sure it's an enjoyable mix for you :-) Please be patient with me. Any problems just send me a comment on my profile. Regards, Brian


Yeah, I don't trust any culture that tries to pass off ham as their own special "bacon." I mean, who are they trying to fool?


just got September's mix. thanks very much.


RE: Roadtripping - August mix a nice simple mix of trcaks that jogged my memories, added new stuff to my library and worked on my (many) roadtrips for work. Enjoy Seattle! Oh and check out Shawn Smith...a local god who i would kill to see one day. Cheers Sid aka. the_rebellious_jukebox


P Dawg, what is up with it, vanilla face??


Salsa Picante is muy bueno, excelente, and totalmente rocas! Thanks, dude...


Patrick, thanks for the accolade. I have been thinking about mixtape length, and all my favorite albums are in the 30 - 45 minute range, so I've been trying to keep things in that range. Only gravy. Too often I've made mixes too long for myself. Variety is the spice of life. Keep rocking.


Oops! You are my April 07 assignment. But I didn't get to mailing my April mix until May 3, at which I got confused and sent the April mix to my May assignment. And I'd already made the May mix, so you'll be getting a CD labeled May for your April CD. Argh. Well, I hope you enjoy the mix nonetheless! Incidentally, you had left a comment on my profile asking if I had created my profile image. In fact, I did not--it's the cover of my favorite book, The Master and Margarita. Specifically, the 1967 Signet paperback printing. Thanks! M


Your mix is in the mail, P Money! Lemme know when you gets it!


I admire terribly your dicipline on "Entomology 101." Mad props.


I actually think I have every track from your memory lane mix, which is why I found it so interesting. If/when I put together a mixtape memoir, chances are a lot of those same artists will end up on mine. But I'd be happy to send you my Bonnaroo mix. I'm going to be making a few more between now and June, when I embark on my trip. I usually end up putting some tracks that are stuck on repeat in my mind though. I can't help myself. If you wanna send me the bug mix, or even better...something original....that would be stellar. E-mail me at vixxenlicious at gmail dot com with your contact info. Heheheheeeee...you boys and your "Just the tip." Man, I'm glad those days are over. That's damn frustrating!! ;)


I like your memory lane mix. It is strikingly similar to a mix I would probably put together if I were to take on such a project. Kudos to you!


May I interject here...if I were stranded on a desert island...I think duct tape is a given here; kind of like RSTLNE on Wheel of Fortune. But I'm going to say that anal beads could be quite a commodity. I mean, think about it, if you had a sturdy, long string of anal beads you could use them to fly through the tropical trees with such ease that even the monkeys would marvel at your tree flying prowess. Plus, you'd never get lonely on those tropical Saturday nights.


You know, thats all you really need if you are stranded on a deserted island: a knife (big and flashy), a bottle of whiskey (jack), and some duct tape. I mean, that would last you a good...3 hours?


WOW...can't say I've ever actually tried anal beads. If I do I'll let you know though! LOL...I have a friend with a VERY similar story to your duct tape/knife/whiskey extravaganza. Actually it's almost identical, but his gash was on his leg. You boys and your sharp object/libation combos. Not cool, Zeus, not cool.


I am glad that my anal bead story amused and entertained you. Your story of drunken friend stabbing made me giggle. I bet you didn't giggle at the time...


Ah! Sweet battle scar!


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