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Music Nazi

About Me

After college, in the age of CDS, I'd show up at parties with three binders full of CDS, earning a nickname: music nazi. I've lightened up now that I have an IPOD but I do keep a cable in my car so that I can connect it to stereos at a friend's house. I ask first, of course. I just need music - the right music - in the background at all times. My dream house includes a motion sensor stereo. As soon as the door opens, music starts playing.

Favorite Songs

I'm less about songs than artists - I can't pick. Right now I'm overplaying The Bank & Trust (The Elected), She Moves In Her Own Way (Kooks), Always a Bridesmaid (The Good Life) and Ship of Fools (Ron Sexsmith)

Favorite Artists

The Beautiful South Paul Simon Guster Rogue Wave The Elected Liz Phair Madeleine Peyroux Ron Sexsmith - recent discovery!

Favorite Albums

Choke & Superbi (The Beautiful South) Graceland (My family took this tape on a sailing trip in 1986, it was in my purse by accident. we listened to it on loop for a week so it's so nostalgic for me)

Recent Concerts

Los Amigos Invisibles The Beautiful South (TWICE!!) Guster Lyle Lovett

and I'm hoping to see Bishop Allen in March! and I've got Voxtrot tickets for June at the Black Cat. Yippee!


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May 2007



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A Jennifer sent me a September mix that was great. I'm not sure if it was you, but it was the best IMP mix I have received yet. If it wasn't you sorry, but if you like I'll defy you to make a better mix :D Cheers (in the horray way, not the drinking way)


Yeah thanks so much!


Yuppy is the guppy who loves me!


hiya! thanks for kinda sexy. i'm really digging your vibe and flow. top pics are the kid sister, mika, and "let's get moving into action." all peace, kyle


i love guster too; weeeee!


your may mix is coming! actually mixed- making 2 to make up for the lateness. -i'm really sorry; exams are KILLING ME!


Yes I did, and I really enjoyed it- a solid mix- esp. the Brazilian Girls song- that is on constant rotation


Hi Jen! Thanks again for the January mixtape(s). Really enjoying them. We decidedly share some of our tastes in music. I see you like Ron Sexsmith - he is one of my favourites as well. I got to see him in November and it melted my heart (cheesy, yes. But true.) Take care, Bryna