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About Me

Soccer, yoga, coffee, making great radio and narrative journalism.

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Latin Jazz in East Harlem


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Mix #2 for Dimitry

Mixed it up

Mix 4 Meatbreak

Tried to find edgier moments in my groove


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Hi Kyle Like me you have eclectic taste in music and I was wondering if you would be interested in a side email is you may also check out my website


Hiya! Thanks for my intro, I love that. Was wondering if people were doing those, makes it nice and personal. Thanks. I've got to shake off this Metal preconception...but errr...without doing anything! Your right though, maybe it's my name, but most metallers seem to call themselves things like 'Abbatoir Imbiber' or something from Lord Of The Rings. I thought Meatbreak was kind of ambiguous (and I can bore you with details if you've got nothing better to do). I really like your own song, it's great - sounds like a lot of the Scandanavian elecronic stuff that's been around recently - sparse and icy. People's own tunes are the kind of tracks I like to receive, the ones that interest me the most. Maybe I don't like to consider it self-indulgwent because I've done it myself in the past! Anyways, thanks Kyle and keep up the good work. MxBx