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Hold the Vest

About Me

An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a vest (ok, hold the vest).

Favorite Songs

"Roaches in the Sink" - Alice Donut "Lazy Flies" - Beck "Don't Ask Me Why" - Billy Joel "The Drum" - Bongwater "Ripple" - Grateful Dead "Upward Over the Mountain" - Iron & Wine "Dogma - KMFDM "Like a Prayer" - Madonna "Flower" - Pansy Division "New Slang" - The Shins "Spiraling Shape" - TMBG

Favorite Artists

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

I meant to see the Violent Femmes in December, but didn't get around to it.


Currently there are no blogs published.


August 2007 Mix

IMP July 2007

May 2007

Lactate Sin Free: An Alice Donut Compliation

Songs that Refer to God

IMP 1-07


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There's not nearly enough Alice Donut in the world.


Aaron, Got the mix, thanks so much. really wide range of stuff in there. I have it in my car and am getting to know some of the songs really well. All the best in 2008! vinny.


Hello, I am your December sender... please forgive me as your mix will be a little late as I have been fighting off the dreaded lurgi for the last week... I have boiled your CD, so don't be alarmed (It's a Canadian lurgi, and for the sake of all that is good and fine in the U.S of A...) ... uhh, Anyways, hope you enjoy, when it finally arrives. Cheers, Constance


thanks for the mix! the school house rock was a nice touch


Aaron, It's Chris Murray here. I'm supposed to send you a July mixtape - and I just realised it's sitting here on my desk... and not in an envelop speeding its way over to you! A thousand apologies... and it'll be in your hot hands very soon. Cheers, Chris

Ryan Mixtape

Aaron has sent me a couple of my favorite mixes. Anyone who remembers Pansy Division is OK by me. Aaron is also one of the very few IMPers I've met after becaming a member of the project. It didn't hurt that his mother fed me delicious soup!