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Profile - Ian - International Mixtape Project
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About Me

English bloke living in Canada

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Wu-Tang Clan * UNKLE * Tricky * The Wonderstuff * The Strokes * The Streets * The Smiths * The Prodigy * System of a Down * Super Furry Animals * Suicidal Tendencies * Soundgarden * Smashing Pumpkins * Slayer * Scratch Perverts * RZA * Roots Manuva * Rolling Stones * Red Hot Chili Peppers * Radiohead * Queens of the Stone Age * Qbert * Public Enemy * Prince * Primus * Primal Scream * Prefuse 73 * Portishead * Pitman * Nine Inch Nails * Nina Simone * Ned's Atomic Dustbin * N.W.A. * Mr. Bungle * Mighty Mighty Bosstones * Method Man * Metallica (but can't forgive them for the Black album or anything since) * Megadeth * Massive Attack * M.I.A. * Lo-Fidelity All Stars * Libertines * Led Zeppelin * LCD Soundsystem * Kyuss * Kasabian * Kaiser Chiefs * Jurassic 5 * Jon Spencer Blues Explosion * Jimi Hendrix * Jane's Addiction * James Brown * Isaac Hayes * Iron Maiden * Gorillaz * Gomez * Funkadelic * Faith No More * Elvis * DJ Shadow * Diplo * Dinosaur Jr. * Cut Chemist * Chemical Brothers * Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine * Busdriver * Blackalicious * Black Sabbath * Ben Harper * Beck * Beastie Boys * Aretha Franklin * Arctic Monkeys * Aphex Twin * Anthrax * Afghan Whigs * AC/DC

.....and a bunch of others that change like my socks and I can't think of right now

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Aesop Rock; Black Moth Super Rainbow; Blockhead; Blackalicious; Klaxons; Mystery Jets; Nine Inch Nails; Bloc Party; Arcade Fire; LCD Soundsystem (again); Red Hot Chili Peppers; Enter Shikari; Dinosaur Jr; Kings of Leon; Ash; LCD Soundsystem; Kaiser Chiefs; Jurassic 5; Cut Chemist; Massive Attack; DJ Shadow


Currently there are no blogs published.


Totally Inappropriate Music

Happy Valentines

An Aural Feast

A new year and another mixtape.

Chico Science E Na�ç�ão Zumbi.

According to iTunes, this is the title of my mix. Who am I to argue?

Emotionally Retarded...

....or so my ex would have me believe. Maybe these tunes prove her point. Regardless, I felt happier after playing this through a few times. Time to move on.

From Tyneside to Texas....

Wistfully funky. Serious and silly. My accent used to be impenetrable like Pitman's, but I got tired of North Americans saying "excuse me?" all the time, so there's more enunciation going on these days.

Special Blend

Still just using the same old selection of tracks on my work laptop. Can I help it if making these mixes is more fun than working? One of these days I'll get round to compiling a mix from the home library. Or maybe it's time to add more tracks to the laptop? Could be dangerous, 'cause I'd never get anything done.


Oh, I dunno. Can barely remember last week, let alone last year. A bunch of random songs played randomly.

Music for Mr Peacock

I made this one for my cousin Andy. Used a program called Mixmeister to (badly) mix, loop and beatmatch some of the tracks. Time consuming due to the learning curve on the software. Still just an amateur with good (maybe???) ideas and poor execution. A lot of love went into it so I thought I should use it for my Feb IMP assignment too, even though the track list is compiled from my last few mixes. I don't know anyone, except me and maybe him, who likes everything on here. Whatever, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out

New Year, Still Confused

Don't have enough music on my laptop to get a good theme going, so these mixes keep being random selections that I just throw together. Suppose that's still kind of a theme?


Did this one in a bit a hurry. Had been away on vacation and was well overdue for August's mix. Anyway, after picking 6 or 7 tracks to use, I realized they were predominantly instrumental, so there was my theme for this month

Born Cynical...

...but I mostly got over it. Also, finally, mostly happy with this mix.

07/03 Start to Finish

Forgot that I'd compiled this. Picked the tracks in early Jan when I was making that month's mix. I'd meant to use it for Feb because it seemed like a good cautionary tale for all that Valentines stuff (and there was me saying I couldn't get a good theme going). Sure, it all starts out happy and upbeat, then it's all lovey-dovey, and then it's all head-in-your-hands misery. Never learn though. Rinse, repeat.


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I am loving the photo of your dog...


Hey man, I'm not usually a late mix sender, but I've been out of the country for 5 weeks. I will send your mix first thing next week. Sorry for the suspense. I hope you LOVE it.


yes ian i did send. did you get it yet? please do let me know. katie


Your January mix went out right at the end of the month, so you would have gotten it recently. If no, give it another couple of days, then let me know and I can resend as needed.


Nope, I don't delete comments . . . I just never look at them! Thanks so much for leaving me one. I'm bummed that it was after my "H" CD. But I did like my CD. The whole point of the project is to listen to things you don't know. Yeah I had my James Brown fix but who knew I liked the Kaiser Chiefs? It was just thrilling to get one in the mail! My last four or so have involved minor headaches. Oh and I love your dog. It'll be a fantastic day when I can find a yard and finally get that second (big) dog of my own.


yay! your mix was definitely worth the wait! I'm not really familiar with many of the artists, but the main reason I joined imp was to be exposed music I would otherwise rarely listen to. everything flows together perfectly, and ive broken my own rule of not listening to the same cd over and over again (which I usually really hate!) but I keep finding myself clicking back on the playlist....anyways I don't even remember the point I was trying to make so I'll end with a simple thank you. thanks for the mix.


Haha, ok I was wondering about that! and patiently waiting. But thats ok, I bet it's worth the wait. It better be. Or else. Just kidding, its apt# 4 if you didnt get it :)


ian, got the mix this week. it's great! i knew the blur song, but since it doesn't have any words, i sort of hummed along instead :)

David M

Ian. Hope you liked the June mix. Cheers!


Ian: Got your disk a couple of days ago. I really like the flow and the tunes. I can't quite make out some of the track listings on the back due to the colour of type and background photo; but does everything I hear have to have a name? Thanks a lot. It was good to get.


Very happy to hear you enjoy the mixes. I tried to keep it fun and simple with all styles of music. If you ever like to swap again let me know.


Ian don't let the bastards git you down! (RE: people not sending the love when they receive yur mixes) Too many fools don't even send mix discs (I've been dissed 3 times since Oct.) let alone a tiny email blurb when they get a disc in the mail. I just chalk it up to busy lives or whatever, make side trades with people who do appreciate (like Sean), and keep sending my MUSIC out to the world!


I was playing your mix to a friend and had to make a copy for him. Thought you might like to know that the mix is contagious.


It's , as they say, in the mail.


Ian: Great. Go bonkers, nuts, crazy, postal, wobbly...whatever... any way you want. I'll leave it completely up to you as to what you want to send. My email is dhaw@persona.ca. Contact me and we can trade the "where- do-I-send-it" information.


Completely apropos of nothing.... would you be interested in a little side tradin' Mr. English Bloke in Canada?


I recieved your mix yesterday and it is fantastic. All the songs are great and how can you go wrong with Bill Hicks? You can't. I am going to send you a copy of something I did last summer that you might like.


I'm hoping you are Ian Parkinson? I just wanted to let you know that I'll be posting your March mixtape to you in the next couple of days. I am sorry that it's late. James


cute dogs :) well we gots the crumpets but you get the mooses (meece?) and prime snowboarding, arrr. good mixing, i see the wu tang clan on the same tape as slayer, good stuff!

Kristina Pia

cool, cool and cool. very welcome.


Random comments from confused old person. Ah, an Ian, my brother's name is Ian but he doesn't do mixes as far as I know, which makes that a stupid thought really........ So you're confused? Isn't that what life is about? part of the surpise of waking up each day I reckon! And I thought that Mixmeister was so cool. DOH! My son gave me Cubase to play with and thought it hilarious that I'd stooped so low as to use free software to mix my stuff. But then he is a "musician", so I guess he would. I wish his band would be successful then he could buy me a huge house in the country and I could retire with a stable of exotic cars and studios etc....Come on Slow Burn!


it's like looking in a mixtape mirror...makes me warm and fuzzy. i would have to come up with an entirely new mix for you...i will rise to the occasion, you are not ready!


So you think your old man would like the 74 mix, huh? clay.addy@gmail.com


power to the ian's!


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