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The Jeremiest

The Weird turn pro, regardless.

About Me

(insert sick toasting here) A bike messenger and idyllic loafer in Sacramento, CA (City of Trees). Right now mostly preoccupied with planning a trip to Vietnam, waiting for the American River to recede back to safe levels for canoeing, reading books on guerilla warfare, drinking fabulous amounts of green tea, arranging hella more mixes than I'm allowed to send out each month and acting a fool with my girlfriend.

I guess these things are less about me and more about action. But you really only want the action, anyway.

Favorite Songs

Oh, c'mon.

Favorite Artists

Once again: c'mon.

Favorite Albums

Fine, don't c'mon.

Recent Concerts

The Skatalites at Harlow's!!! Never has a band existed that was more fun to dance to. Test my assertation. Smooot Valley High farewell show at Old I, Poplollies (so dope) at the Golden Bear, Hepcat (the most fun you'll ever have at a show) awhile back at the Great American Music Hall in SF. The shitty satelite-radio jukebox at Streets of London Pub (r.i.p. the old jukebox).


Currently there are no blogs published.


Rocksteady Massive

A sampling of massive tracks from that brief era in Jamaican music that came after Ska but before Reggae.

Songs for the Afternoon Train Ride

Tested and approved for use and enjoyment during the hours between noon and 6pm (although not exclusively enjoyable during said hours).


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Hey, thanks for the mix! I'd love a playlist when you get the chance. You're other mixes look excellent, too.


Hey Rock Steady, The comment you left is going to make people expect something. Why you bein' so good to me? I had no idea we were part of the same club, but at the same time I should have known....d to the mo P.S. We should swap the mixes that we've been swapping, dig.


hey -- nope, unfortunately that's not me. but hopefully your mixtape got to the other linda safe and sound!


Two things: my husband used to be a bike messenger in Toronto - you guys have sick talent. And I always laugh when I hear the word Hella because I lived with a guy from Napa when I was in Japan and I sometimes use it even though the aforementioned husband hates it when I do.


Were you once the Jeremier? But then got better?

Ryan Mixtape

Yes! I've had people mistake that for a Judas Priest wink, but it's definitely Kid 'n' Play (roll, roll, roll).