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Profile - Saleem - International Mixtape Project
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"DJ Heirloom", a side project of h.u.e (hope-uplifts-everything)

About Me

Poet Federico Garcia Lorca writes, “The poem, the song, the picture is only water drawn from the well of the people, and it should be given back to them in a cup of beauty so that they may drink – and in drinking – understand themselves.” In a similar spirit, it is my goal to voice the experiences of those marginalized by society—be they economically disadvantaged, mentally or emotionally challenged, or in the ethnic or sexual minority. By re-presenting these realities in an authentic context—one full of nuance and inconsistency—we can become better aware of our similarities and differences. I am an interdisciplinary artist uniquely rooted in hip hop culture. I utilize the following four disciplines to create compositions with a unified aesthetic:

In visual works, discarded materials such as corrugated metal or driftwood are often combined using thread, wire, or yarn and then painted. In written works, punctuation and capitalization are used sparingly, allowing the reader to determine the relative importance of phrases, and place emphasis accordingly. In musical works, rhythms counter to conventional hip hop tempos are achieved with off-kilter snare drums—jarring the listener to instead find the song’s beat within the vocalist’s lyrical delivery. In performance artwork, contrast and dichotomy are explored by presenting a 2-D character (such as a young black man wearing headphones, vigorously nodding his head) and then imploding this creation to a more dynamic 3-D level (having the youth begin to mouth Johnny Cash lyrics).

My work is an offering, a release, and a blessing. Though never labeled by any formal name, my visual, written, musical, and performance art all give praise to a Creator. My art is a reminder that we each are united and separate, distinct and yet part of something bigger; unable to exist without connection and a place to belong. I choose an acronym to further convey this message: h.u.e represents “hope-uplifts-everything.” It is my hope that with this art, we can all progress; away from fear, towards freedom and love.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

speech/arrested develoment, billy corgan/smashing pumpkins, common, bob marley, kahlil gibran, saul williams, hafiz, jar-e, YD/jungle poet/finger puppetman, andre 3000, nick drake, sufjan stevens

Favorite Albums

Top Ten Releases of 2006 compiled by h.u.e (hope-uplifts-everything)


1. J-Dilla, 'Donuts'

2. Lupe Fiasco, 'Food & Liquor'

3. W. Ellington Felton, 'Postcards from the Edge'

4. Broken Social Scene, 'Broken Social Scene'

5. Sufjan Stevens, 'Songs for Christmas'

6. Gnarls Barkley, 'St. Elsewhere'

7. Joanna Newsome, 'YS'

8. TV on the Radio, 'Return to Cookie Mountain'

9. Arctic Monkeys, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'

10. Ali Farka Toure, 'Savane'

Recent Concerts

New Birth Brass Band Preservation Hall, NOLA May 17th ...It was Unspeakably Good!



2007-03-04 22:28:43


February 2007: Sin/Saint Love/Fate

Compiled by DJ Heirloom (myspace.com/hueart)

Jan 2007 Wanting to Be: TeaSteam/WoodSmoke/SoonSle

Compiled by DJ Heirloom (myspace.com/hueart)


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Your July mix is coming, might not get to you by 15th but fingers and toes crossed.


Saleem! Some great looking mixes you have there-what do you think about a trade? Let me know...


Good variety of bands there in your info - did you watch I'm From Rolling Stone - where Russell did not have a good go around with Lupe Fiasco? That was interesting.


"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration … that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." ---Bill Hicks


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