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About Me


Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Elvis Costello, Wilco, XTC, the Kinks, the Beatles, the Gourds -- pop rock in all its incarnations. Anything with a fine hook, a killer melody, honey-glazed harmonies. Or most anything inbetween.

Favorite Albums

Get Happy!, This Year's Model, Blood and Chocolate -- Elvis Costello and the Attractions Rubber Soul -- The Beatles London Calling -- The Clash Ghosts of Hallelujah -- The Gourds Kids in Philly -- Marah OK Computer -- Radiohead Before the Flood -- Dylan and the Band

Recent Concerts

The closest thing to concerts I get to make anymore is Austin City Limits.


Currently there are no blogs published.


Name That Tune!

A collection of tunes distinguished by names of people in the title.

Love It or Leave It

February means Valentine's means luv and stuff, right?

Anatomy of a Mixtape

More body means more flavor

2007 In the Rearview

A pretty good year for music. Here's just a few nuggets.

We're Only In It for the Money

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, music used in commercials.


C'mon, do I really need to tell you what this one is all about?

God Loves a Working Man

A little something in honor of Labor Day

No Need for a Title

No need for a comment

[This Space for Rent]

Selections culled from stuff I've gotten my grubby lil' paws on of late.

A Better Mix Than The Cover Might At First Suggest

In the process of trying to sell the house, so everything's in storage. Plainer cover than even LAST month's all-black front, and a bunch of stuff culled from the computer...


"It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black." - Nigel Tufnel

Lips and Assholes

Hotdog! A celebration of some of the music world's biggest egos, prima donas, control freaks and all-around pricks

Lil' Black Book

Love or anti-love for February? Screw that, here's the gals!

Great Scot!

16 tracks from the country that gave us golf, haggis, and undie-free kilts


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Marc, Wow! Thanks for the great variety of super songs from many eras. I really, really love it. Even though I know many of the artists I wasn't familiar with any of the songs so it was really great to get all kinds of new stuff. Thanks for taking the time to put together something so thoughtful.


Hello sir! Your April mix is going out in today's mail (5/4). Sincerest apologies for the delay. Hope you enjoy it!


hello there, october assignment of mine. i've been traveling and have only just made it back home so your october mix will be a touch late (sorry!). but never fear, it will be on its way soon, i promise :o)


Well Marc, I'm not a Loverboy fan, and I knew it might be trouble when making a Canadian mix. Then I thought to myself "I gotta do it my wa-a-ay, or no way at a-a-a-all."


Is this the Marc from RVA? Your accolades inspired me to make an all-Canadian mix and it was a hit.


The May mix you sent me is possibly my favorite of all the ones I've gotten since I joined the IMP in January. I think we have similar taste. "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" is my new favorite song, and I am also forever indebted to you for leading me to The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society, which I got my friend to burn for me after hearing the song "Picture Book." Also I've been on a big alt-country kick lately (could you tell that from my profile?) so the Ryan Adams and Blue Mountain tracks really hit the spot. In short, you win.


Thanks for the March mix. You had me looking for Ted Nugent on the cd. I guess the list could go on forever right? Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, G.G. Allin, Jello Biafra, Whitney Houston.... If we're talking about the Gourds from Austin (in your favorites), I used to work with one of those guys, Jimmy, when I worked at the Gagnolia Cafe on South Congress. We had to come up with a vegetarian Ruben.... (yeah right) I did the murals on all the Mag's walls before moving to Alaska. Small world. Take Care and thanks for the mix.


Your March 2007 mix-too funny! Too funny for being spot on! While being an Elvis Costello fan I do have to agree with you-though what category? Prick or a**hole? Seeing him in concert confirmed it-as soon as afew of the audience members tried to sing along on "Veronica" he immediately started singing it in italian,(or was it spanish? It was a few years back...Memory's getting a bit bleary these days...). I have to say, it really put me off, which I think is a shame-even if you aren't a huge fan of the music- That and the fact that a few years prior he showed up at a local folk concert with a couple of huge-ass bodyguards with him-musta been because of "The Juiette Letters"- completely understandable. But really, a FOLK CONCERT?! Come on! Did he really think someone was going to come at him with a giant patchouli stick or try to garrot him with one of those fugly tie-dye tee-shirts? Yikes! The ego...


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