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The Machinist

About Me

I'm a wedding DJ, but working on trending more towards DJ and less towards wedding. It's good money, but too stressful, and creatively...well, it's a wedding. You know what they're like. Need to get out more and stretch my musical legs, in a manner of speaking.

I love the music service on Pandora. I've been exposed to so many great songs and artists that have become new favorites. I would never have heard them without Pandora. I strongly suggest you create a station for yourself there. www.pandora.com. It's free and fantastic. No spam, either. You won't be disappointed. No, I'm not on their payroll.

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Feist Morcheeba, with Federico Aubele


Currently there are no blogs published.


The Dark Ages

Another late night type of thing out of me. I'm detecting a trend...

Mr. Lucky

In Las Vegas, the sky's the limit!

The Nighthawk

A journey through the city, in the hours between "very late" and "very early"...


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Dear Daniel I agree with Laura that your Mr Lucky mix is fabulous!Trish


correction on email trishmull77@comcast.net


Dear daniel If you ever get interested in a side trade Im your girl.my email is trishmul77@comcast.com also feel free to look at my blogs and playlist here and tell me what you think! Musically yours Trish


Dear Daniel Try being a DJ at a Baptist Church!Talk about stress!oh Lord!!Where in the bible does it says Dancing is a sin???


Hi Daniel Did you get your October CD from me? I gave my friend it to post but I'm starting to think she's maybe not done it yet, or she did it later than I hoped? Let me know if you've got it or I'll post you a replacement (which may get to you before the original) If not hope you're enjoying it! xx


8/6: I finished the CD last night and should be able to mail it tomorrow. Sorry for being late, but it will be coming soon. - James


The Dark Ages was one tasty mix. Thank you!


I think crossfade is sometimes excellent. I'm a big fan of zero delay between tracks, especially if it gives you something like FADE Fade fade (old song fading) CRYUNCH! (new song beginning). It's a choice you make, and I love receiving a mix where someone's gone through the effort of cross-fading, or puzzle-sequencing, or beat-matching, or whatever. It's kind of like what Carroll Smith wrote about having a washer under each bolt head: "It looks nice and shows that you care." Thanks for asking.


Hey Daniel* Glad that all is well with you*Crossfade away* I think anything you feel like doing is useful here*There's only one Daniel* you've got to follow your star*I found a huge sack of casettes at a studio clear out.Already recorded on*I'm recording over those with blasts of the original recordings between songs* Stay cool* Swop Christmas cards*It'll soon be here. Jon*


I'm usually not into simple crossfading---- but a mixtape can become a piece of art and therefore something like crossfading or cutting off songs at different points begins to make sense and can aid in achieving some greater meaning or emotive quality (like a DJ). ---- so basically, do it like you like and make it unique!


Ach, you're a sweet man, Daniel. Thank'ee for the feedback, and glad you liked the Autmunal Equinox.


Got some langourous autumnal delights comin' your way, sir.


Hey Daniel~that's pretty strange,my sister called round today & I was explaining IMP to her she was disappointed that this months mix had no cover. Hang on I said I'll show you the best cover I had~~& dug out yours! Given it a good old play & it's still sounding great. Hope that you are happy & well.I'm sick with an inner ear infection.Everything is fast & loud! Your Friend Jon*


Your "Mr. Lucky" mix is fabulous! :)


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