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if my harddrive has 1% of available space....that's bad, right?

About Me


Mixes available to download for limited periods from my blog

My first IMP mix was April 2005

Favorite Songs

Top 100 tracks of 2009, up in that blog post up there: 101:09

Favorite Artists

Bands and artists that don't understand compromise.

Favorite Albums

I might actually think about this at some point and do a work in progress top ten of all time. It's a pretty futile task, but I'm sure there's an angle I can take that I could work with.

Recent Concerts


Earth (St Andrews Church, Brighton: 16-04-09)

Family Battle Snake / Blood Stereo / Nate Young / Aaron Dilloway (Freebutt, Brighton: 6-04-09)

Laundry Room Squelchers / Doug Ferguson / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji / Smack Music 7 / F.Ampism / Dylan Nyoukis / Bad Orb / Teigmouth Electron / Hereharehere / Glyphs / Deepkiss 720 / Slit Pyramid / The Reverend Cal-Mag Boron / Bald Nobbers / Falling Boy / Zero Map / Infinite Gaaaaah / Midland Hotel / Sunshine Variety / Scotch Egg (International Noise Conference, Greenhouse Effect, Brighton: 05-04-09)

Old Mayor (Engine Rooms, Brighton: 18-03-09)

Everyone To The Anderson / Elks / Who Owns Death TV / P For Persia (Greenhouse Effect, Brighton: 13-03-09)

Action Beat / Headquarters / Don Vito / P for Persia (Prince Albert, Brighton: 19-02-09)

Last Days Of Lorca / Everyone To The Anderson / shallwesetbenonfire (Prince Albert, Brighton: 10-02-09)

Wolves In The Throne Room / Fall Of Efrafa / Roman Showers (Engine Rooms, Brighton: 02-02-09)


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Top 20 Brighton bands of 2007

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2007-04-17 04:27:05


The Bee Roared Meat (IMP #55)

For some reason I am really struggling to explain why this mix is and exactly what is does. It's meditative, the tracks are generally long psychedelic repetitions of cycles, earthy and connected to natural rhythms, animals, totems. These could be the sounds of nature fetishists, people in thrall to the dual enormity and insignificance of being, recordings with a sense of scale that draw the listener up in their mass, or reduce them to a speck. Or it could just be my ode to the Microphones In The Trees blog. Order of Samples: Claire Kremen: Honey Bee Pollination Crisis John Cale - Circa 1979: A Signal to Noise (Tuned To The Hum) John Cale - Circa 1979: A Signal to Noise (Saturnalia Again) Bill Drummond - Battle of Ideas: Turn That Racket Off Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show on Earth

Junk Disrupt (IMP #54)

Certain musics lend themselves well to each other in concept, but whether that means they should ever be put together in reality is another matter entirely. For this mix I combined textures from across the tracks - the clean and elegant timbres of soul intoned dubstep with the soil rolled dirt of electrified feral atmospherics. Plus a mind-flipping twist in the middle hopefully. It's taken me a long time to realise that I could blend these together, and there are a few places where it works better than I could have hoped - the grimy sawtooth frequencies of Family Battle Snake that puncture the Untold track; the way the violins in Endless Falls tie Pangea and Joy Orbison together, adding a melancholy hum that enhances the soul elements of both tracks further. Now, if only I could properly beatmatch I would be dangerous.

20:09 (IMP #53)

My annual December mix of the top 20 albums of the year - not necessarily my 'favourite' track from each album, nor the one that I might think might represent it best - just tracks that make a good listening experience form those albums. The only disappointing thing was I had to edit the Saito Koji track down from it's full 45 minutes to about 25 to fit it in.

Content To Play Villain (IMP #52)

Sometimes when the 'heavy isn't quite at its heaviest' it still carries enough weight to collapse minds and bodies completely. This is a mix that should take you a while to recover from in all sorts of ways. Definitely one to let the music do the talking. Order Of Samples: Aleister Crowley (The Fingernails) ; Hunter S Thompson (Manifestation) ; Allen Ginsberg (The Brooklyn Bridge Blues) ; Aleister Crowley (The Call Of The First Aethyr) ; Charles Bukowski (Piss & Shit)

Fail (IMP #51)

IMP Fail. This came right in the middle of my 'bad period', I'd had nothing prepared for it and time just ran away. I checked the recipients IMP page and it was totalyl blank, which isn't very inspiring, and I never recieved any emails about it being missing. Still, I feel really bad that this one never made it out. Sorry Lydia.

Cassette Wreckage: 50 Months of the IMP (IMP #50)

This is the 50th mix I will have sent out into the International Mixtape Project, and to mark the occasion I have compiled 20 of my favourite tracks from my favourite mixes that I received over the last 50 months. In putting this together I noticed how almost no one makes any artwork, which is a shame. Some of these mixes had loads of great tracks, but I limited myself to only one per mix. I think I managed to make two contrasting and listenable compilations out of all these too, that was another challenge I set myself - to make this all a successful mix rather than a cobbled together compendium. That's why it took 3 months! I think it worked, I think it was worth it, and I think I'll be doing this for another 50 months, at least.

Not For Resale Volume 5 (IMP #49)

August's IMP mix is the 5th installment of the Not For Resale mixes I make for the Project. Usually these are compiled from demos, self- and subterranean label releases we've been playing from all over the world; but this one is more special. This is an exclusively Brighton only mix (except the xbx jingles. He's from the US, but no one in town has made me a mini-jingle yet - hint hint!) designed to show off the undeniably awesome strength of a music scene that's full of razor sharp talent, freaks and undiscovered genius. Just in time for Brighton Live too, which is pretty much lacking in a lot of that. So here you go. Here's Brighton for you: NFR!

Summer Winter (IMP #48)

July's IMP mix concludes my Summer Trilogy on the bleakest of notes. Somewhat predictably of me I realise, but its a kind of predictable I can live with especially given the premise of the series - the soundtrack to my summer split into 3. The final part is 70 minutes of black metal, ranging from the claustrophobic through the ambient to feral punk, doom, back-yard and downright (read subterranean) dirty. All that and more. 12 individual caustic/beautiful entities to climax this triptych. Sounds just right for long summer days lazing around the beach right? Yep. Fuck off.

Summer Strings & Skins (IMP #47)

June's mix is part two of my Summer Trilogy and it's all the guitar based tracks that my summer is revolving around. That's as far as the concept stretches but it's still come out as a really involving listen from the patient intro that builds up and bounces on to Wild Beasts right down to the imploding amp firestorm of Mayyors and out into the quivering pulse of Jungle Gym Vaginas; Shifting through scenes and sounds this keeps a certain heat and excited momentum going throughout.

Summer Dub & Bass (IMP #46)

May's mix was finally completed right at the end of July. A terrible state of affairs that I can blame on all sorts; mostly I am saying that it's because I was working on the best mix I might ever make if I can actually ever finish it. More on that when it's done. Instead of that I conceded defeat for the time being and put together a load of grinding bass heavy dub tech and ambient soulful dubstep. This is the first part of my Summer Trilogy - an homage to Oneida's Kill Yr Parents trilogy for sure, even if I just made it up off the top of my head mid sentence.

The Swarovski Mix (IMP #45)

Like a lot of the mixes I make this has been based on me noticing a theme running through a lot of the music - usually artists names - that I have been listening to. I am making a concerted effort to be a bit more intellectual about things, but am failing dismally - the proof is clear in the title of this mix. After noticing a lot of jewels in my playlists: Emeralds, Diamonds, Crystals, I found that they were nearly all Crystals. So I just went with those and came up with the most stupid, cheap name and artwork I could think of. It's a really varied selection of music though, so I think it works. I got away with it. Just. I am under duress to stress that the Mr Crystal Face track is one of the greatest pieces of music ever created. There. I said it.

This Is How We Did It (IMP #44)

March's mix seemd to take an awful long time to make - I had the idea for it ages ago where originally it was going to be a comparison of white UK and black US 90's chart R&B, Hip-Hop and a bit of Pop. After listening to a lot of East 17, 5ive, Westlife, Take That and other UK stuff I realised that the UK entries just looked embarrassing and sounded so weak and clueless next to their US counterparts. I guess that was actually the intention of the mix, but we already knew that (though it is interesting to hear in hindsight and proximity and just how large a disparity there is between the sounds - the reality falling so woefully short of the intention). So what it has been distilled down to is pure solid gold 90's chart R&B and Hip-Hop without the cultural cross-examination. Plus two curve balls to mix it up a bit. I am overpleased with the artowrk too - thanks to Thoroflix for all that.

Baphometic Goat Worship (IMP #43)

Every once in a while I need to purge myself of some filthy bestial black metal. I have done it twice before and each time I pity the recipient, because in all likelihood they really aren't going to like it. Fuck 'em. For this mix I picked only the most goatly Satanic bands I could find and tempered them with both black rituals and evangelical preaching. In many ways, this is the most coherent, complete and self contained mix I have ever made, and despite the restrictive nature of the subject matter I think there is a real broad range of sounds. I tried to keep it down to an hour and then realised too late that I should have gone for a 66 minute 6 second running time. Instead it is 63:54 which looks like one of the least significant numbers ever. Enjoy. Or not, as the case may be.

Twelve Scattered Chessmen (IMP #42)

The inspiration for the first IMP of 2009 came from watching Guy Maddin's 'My Winnipeg' over xmas and (aside from it being an incredible film in it's own right) this image just demanded to be made into an album cover, with the narration serving up the title almost verbatim. But what music to go with it? Wintery? Cold? Dead horses? Dubstep? Does that follow? It did to me. I fleshed it out with a little bit of chilly ambience and something nice to lift it a little - after all, this is almost a tribute to Maddin's film so there has to be something warming amongst the icy atmosphere.

20:08 (IMP #41)

This is my top twenty tracks from my top twenty albums of 2008. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. Actually no, scratch that: There are no others like this at all. There are very few lists this year that are that similar to each other - except for the magazines that need to satisfy the advertisers, but we all know they don't count and are to be dutifully ignored. I loved my year, here it is: (full top 50 up there)

Not For Resale Vol IV (IMP#40)

November's mix is the 4th installment of my 8 monthly Not For Resale IMP mixes. Every new one of these I do I think is the best one yet. All 4 back to back would be...a night at NFR! Without further ado, let the demo mayhem commence:

Parting Songs For Tearing Skies (IMP #39)

October's mix has no theme at all, just stuff that I have been listening to a lot recently. I have been using a new program to mix these with ,so it was more an exercise in learning to use that - which means there are some dead fucking smart segues and transitions in it, even if I do say so myself. The ones between High Places and Deerhunter, Zombie Zombie and TVOTR are perfect, perfect I tell you!

Disciples Of Frith (IMP #38)

September's mix was smashed out just before Syd Hauk was born. I knew that if I never got it out before he arrived it would be waaaay late. It's a load of new British bands that I thought my IMP friend across the pond might like to hear...before they get big over there?

The Killer (IMP #37)

August's mix started off a just a load of tracks I'd been listening to recently. then I kind of tightened it up into a cohesive atmosphere but it still didn't really feel right until I found a title and sorted the artwork. It's nice when that happens, and I don't use that approach too often but I especially liked this one a lot for it when it all clicked together. Despite what it seems I don't actually spend all my time listening to music and songs that remind me of killing or death....not all of my time anyway.

Wanderlust (IMP #36)

July's mix was made for a friend first. She's been traveling round for work all summer and wasn't enjoying it at all. So I made her something to...probably not enjoy much either, but never mind. Iit was supposd to alleviate the pain. At least the thought of it anyway. Always about the making. It always makes me feel wrong sending out something I made for someone else, but so be it. Here it is resurfacing unceremoniously as an IMP. Viva la laziness! I hadn't heard He Thought Of Cars in so long I forgot how incredible it was. Seriously. Unforgivably, I forgot KLF's Last Train To Trancentral.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (IMP #35 )

June's IMP was such a long time in the making it was ridiculous. I knew I was going to do it when I was listening to three things dino related at the same time. Three's a theme, yesh? Infinite thanks to Mike Weinstein for the illustrations that go with this. This would have been totally incomplete without them. The guy is deployed in Iraq at the moment and his work will totally fucking shatter all your opinions of a what and who submits to the military. He is what really makes this, so thanks - although I thought the tunes would all turn out crappy and only there to be tenuously linked they do actually sound alright together. So says me anyways.

Womb Music (IMP#34)

Amelia wanted me to make a mix for our unborn bairn. This is my fourth attempt at making the right thing. I struggled to find the right balance between sounds the little beast would hear inside the body, recreating what they would sound like to it, finding music that it might really like (though from what I can gather from research, that could be anything)....actually nailing the concept of this was hard, so this is how it ended up. Amelia is happy with it, so that's good enough for me.

Girl:Girl-Girl:Boy-Boy:Boy (IMP#33)

The sequel to last month's Boy:Boy...mix. The cover doesn't have quite the same attention to detail as the last one (work it out, that'll be fun for you), mainly because there were too many tracks to fit into the same pattern. Ah well, no design points for me. Last months was quite ambient/heady, but this one is all pretty punchy, short sharp shock tracks. They seem to have turned out as complimentary companion pieces, although my intention was a bit lazier - keep running with the theme. So, as it turns out, I am pretty happy with them.

Boy:Boy-Boy:Girl-Girl:Girl (IMP#32)

March's mix isn't that revolutionary a concept, but it suddenly occurred to me that almost all my favourite bands of the moment are in fact two pieces. In fact, this was so unforced I didn't even have to consider the White Stripes for a second. Ha! There's so many other tracks that I couldn't fit on this one, that it looks like next months is going to be the sequel

Not For Resale: Volume III (IMP #31)

February's IMP mix was the third installment of my special IMP NFR mixes. I make one every 8 months so it seems (for no discernable reason, but that's how it's worked out). Of all the demos, self-releases and weirdness we've been playing at Not For Resale over the last 8 months, these are pretty much the best ones.

Covered (IMP #30)

Since I've been in the IMP for almost 3 years, I thought it was about time I contributed my own take on the much loved and well worn 'Covers' concept. So, without further ado and minimal preamble, here it is - my selection of reinterpretations from the great to the weird to the downright unholy. (original artists listed under 'Album', but you guessed that already, right?)

20:07 (IMP #29)

The years 20 best albums reduced to one track each. An impossible task, a hugely rewarding listen. I would hope. See my blog up there for a link to my whole to 50 albums of the year.

Soul Scenesters (IMP #28)

I changed my mind about what to send out this month - got a massive project in the werks, but since New Year is coming up I thought a proper smash-it-up party mix would be more appropriate. Provided the recipient likes hip-hop/electro/housey/booty-crunk kind of stuff. Surely.

Fish Farm BBQ (IMP #27)

This was the mix I made after coming back from honeymooning in Thailand. The original plan was to get some Thai music, either tradional/classical or contemporary but we just couldn't find any that wasn't utter shite. We really looked. We weren't in Bangkok or it might have been easier. So instead, since we listened to the I-Plod on random pretty much the whole time, I thought I'd do the same for the IMP mix. This will probably be the only time I do that, and only because the context was fitting. When the Candy Statton track came up I knew it was working out o.k.

The Reptile Shrine (IMP#26)

I originally made this to twist the arm of a pub who wouldn't let me put a Black Metal night on there. They said 'No'; I put this through their door the next morning and got an email in the afternoon saying 'Yes'. I didn't put any of the obvious BM bands like Burzum, Darkthrone or Immortal on there, or newer stuff like Leviathan, Xasthur or Blut Aus Nord - it's more a mix to show how progressive and diverse in sound it is as an art form. It covers everything from noise to drone to ambience to pure furious hate. I consider much of it to be beautiful. Apologies to the recipient though, because it's not the friendliest thing to receive in the post.

Meatbreak's Summer Sundae 6 Mix (IMP#25)

This is a compilation version of my BBC 6 music set that I played at Summer Sundae festival in Leicester, England. Read my blog up the top there for a fuller account of what went down.

DNA 200707 (IMP#24)

This is the mix that took me two months to make. Audio samples and songs heard during my wedding day. It's a real labour of love.

Not For Resale: Volume II (IMP#23)

The second in the IMP Not For Resale compilations went to Jon in the UK, which was an interesting twist as he can follow up these bands much easier. At least, that's the idea anyway. Demo mayhem and local releases from around Brighton and the UK, plus Bucks & Gallants from the USA and Bay Of Creatures from Canada. All awesome. All should be signed up and distributed immediately.

Here Comes The Fear (IMP#22)

For my good IMP buddy Son Of Ravyn. This is one for low lights and high tension. He's a man who appreciates a good scary story, so I made him a sonic one. even the 'light' stuff is likely to weird people out a bit.

Calling Lightning With A Scythe (IMP#21)

April and May are kind of related, seeing as I did them at the same time. This is more of a mix of tunes that I've been listening to recently, but next month goes down a darker road.

Autobiography (IMP #20)

So I took Ryan up on the challenge of making an autobiographical mix. I wouldn't have ever done it otherwise I'm sure, and I wouldn't have done it unless my girlfriend hadn't suggested it be a 3 cd epic. Tracks 1-27 are me at 00-10, 28-48 I'm 11-20 and 49-65 is 21-Now. When I was growing up in the Middle East there wasn't much on the radio, but I do remember being stuck in a car in a sandstorm at the age of 2 with Stevie Wonder playing, so that's where it kicks off. From there, it's all pivotal discoveries of old or insistent contemporary stuff up to the last cd which has a lot of friends of mine on it and a track from my Uni band. Use this as a guide to the gateway tunes that someone goes through to end up listening to Black Metal and Noise the whole time. There should be a parental warning on Billy Joel albums I think. Too much important stuff had to hit the cutting room floor though.

Jason Pierce Already Took The Only.....(IMP#19)

Full title: Jason Pierce Already Took The Only Good Title For An Album Like This February's mix is about getting blazed, stoned, high - whatever you want to call it, I've got a song for it. These are all songs about smokin', or bands that are into heavily imbibing the skunky funky smelly green shit. Admittedly, The Warlocks and J Spaceman are probably talking about heroin dope not hash dope, but never mind. No arguing with the rest though. Roll.

Ghosting (IMP #18)

25 secret/hidden/ghost tracks that I found one of the most interesting mixes to make.

20:06 (IMP #17)

My top twenty tracks from my top twenty albums of the year. In order, from 20 to 1. I can never decide on mixing up the order or not, so I didn't.

Les Legions Noires (IMP #16)

Les Legions Noires (The Black Legions) were a group of French black metal bands that formed in 1993/1994. This exclusive group contained 35 bands. Many others have since claimed to have been involved, but were not. The bands limited their releases to very small numbers; most were hand-numbered to 88 or fewer. Every single Les Legions Noires release was either a demo or a split between two bands. Because of this, Les Legions Noires releases have become extremely obscure and expensive. Les Legions Noires disbanded in 1998. Their legacy is some of the most lo-fidelity recordings ever committed to tape and an incisive document of the Satanic metal underground of pre-millennial Northern France.

Not For Resale: Volume 1 (IMP #15)

The first installment in a series of compilations set to come from my Not For Resale night, where we play demos and new releases from bands from Brighton and beyond. This first one contains tracks from my closest friends and acquaintences, and yeah, it's a bit heavy with my own stuff, but what the hell.

He Can Fly Them Against Cruel Harm (IMP #14)

Noise. Lots of it. Harsh, ambient, dischordant, disorientating, transcendent, terrifying. Noise. The title is a reference to Merzbow. It had to be. There's little else to say on the matter, except there'll be another, totally different one along at some point:

For The Girl Who Gave Me Finlay Quaye (IMP #13)

This was the first mix that I got to send to someone who I'd already received one from. From the cover and some of the songs, it looks and sounds like I'm hitting on her - but I'm not, despite what everyone who sees it says. Not even subconsciously .... well .... maybe?

Drive. Faster. Now! (IMP #12)

Music to drive to and drive too fast. Brrrm brrrm.

The Nightime Eclipse (IMP #11)

This was a sleepy, soporific bedtime mix I made; before I realised that mixes don't really work for sleeping to because they make your attention shift between each song rather than lulling you with an albums continuity. Still, pretty songs was the idea and that's exactly what they are.

Beats Beats Beats Beats (IMP #10)

A shotgun blast through electro, techno, dubstep, power electronics, booty rave and stuff that simply makes you danzedanzedanze

Draugar (IMP #09)

This was the month I moved house and everything went uncontrollably nuts; and since I got the mix from January returned to me undelivered (Yeah, that's right, 4 months in the wilderness), I did the thing I would never normally do, and sent it out again. I changed the cover though. I couldn't have it exactly the same, could I?

The Ativan Experience (IMP #08)

In 1977 a benodiazdpine called lorazepam was marketed under the brand name Ativan. Slick ads promoted 'The Ativan Experience' in full-page photograph featuring an intense halo of sunlight ringing a craggy mountain peak. Viewers found the scene connoted serenity, tranquility, rebirth, religiosity. The subject proclaimed, "Now it ('The Ativan Experience') can be yours" via ingestion of these chemicals. The 'Ativan Experience' seemed to refer to a secularised salvation derived from the good works of corporate medical science. In glorifying the drug's effects, the ad infringed too closely on meanings of religious salvation: it seemed to extoll the experience as an end in itself (a practice normally legally prohibited in our society) and thus registered an ambiguous statement about inappropriate drug taking....

Pitch Black Fucking Metal (IMP #07)

This mix was a two-disc chronology of Black Metal, from it's beginnings in England through it's religious and mythical invigoration in Scandinavia and out into the rest of the world. Making this was like shedding myself of some kind of sickness.

Draugar (IMP #06)

See April's IMP #09 for this one, when it actually found the person it was sent to.

20:05 (IMP #05)

My top twenty tracks from my top twenty albums of 2005. Still looks good to me now, though Sunn O))) really should have been higher. Not sure what I was thinking.

Triangle Triangle Triangle (IMP #04)

This is probably the most diseased, ridiculous mix I ever made. It looks kind of tame on the outside but it'll flip your head once you get into it. Keeps speeding up, slowing down, turning inside out - probably breaking any and all rules of mixtape making.

Who Rules The Wasteland (IMP #03)

I must have been up to something this month, because it's all very messy - and the next month is too. Have no idea what was going on, and these compilations aren't helping.

Subvert Generic Audience (IMP #02)

These are much better when you think of a concept to tie them together with. And I never realised how stuck on certain songs I had been. Maybe that's part of developing into mixtaping regularly, because now I am very conscious of repeating myself. Clearly I wasn't so much 16 months ago.

Safe As Houses (IMP #01)

My very first mix disc for the project. In actual fact, I had never made many mixes before in my life. How things change.


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Hey....I just wanted to thank you for putting so much work into this thing. You had sent my your 20:08 disc a long time ago and shortly after getting it; I moved and it went into a box. Well, that box got squirreled away in a corner of a crawlspace and only saw the light of day today. I've just loaded the 100 tracks onto my Ipod and I'm going to listen to as many of them as I can while on a trip for the next two days. It's obvious you put a lot of thought and effort into your mixes and whether I like them all or not; you've got a great, varied and wide-ranging taste in music.


question: if I made you an actual cassette tape, would you have a way to listen to it? or would that be useless?


Hi Meatbreak, Apologies on the lateness of your June mix. I was very late in getting it done, plus there was a postal strike that just ended last week, so it maybe be another couple of weeks until it arrives (coming from Canada). I included a bonus mix, so I hope that makes up for the delay! Cat


Hi Meatbreak! I'm so sorry I was running late on sending you your May mix but I sent it today so I hope it gets there soon!


Hey Meatbreak! DId you receive the April mix? I hope it's still floating around and will eventually get to you. Hope you like it!


Hello sincere apologies, the March tape I had sent you has been returned by Royal Mail with the sticker "We were unable to deliver this item because: not called for" I assume they left a notice and the packet had not been claimed. Would you please confirm that the address in your profile is correct? Thanks David ps: my email davidshalom@netscape.net


Hi MxBx. I'm so glad the mix arrived & am delighted that it's a good addition to your driving soundtracks! Take care, Ashley


Hello. Your January mix was dropped in the mail yesterday (1/31) & should make its way to you in the next 3-5 days. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy the mix. Thanks, Ashley


Hi there Nikki in NZ - just wondering if the May mix is on its way? :) Nikki

Thomas J

I did indeed get the long awaited mix. Thank you for sending it, I have enjoyed so far but only spun it a few times. Going on vacation soon to give it a proper listen. Thanks again.


Thanks! Glad you liked it.


Howdy! Your February 2010 mix will be mailed tomorrow (2/16).


Sweet, thanks! I just downloaded it and can't wait to listen to it. I will write more later....


Sweet, thanks! I just downloaded it and can't wait to listen to it. I will write more later....


Dear MeatbreakI am glad to imform you I mailed a mix out to you this week!Trish


Dear meatbreak Some rat bum hijacked my hotmail account new personal email is trishmull77@comcast.net Id like to send you my christmas mix may I please have your snail mail address again Thank you! Musically yours Trish


Uh-oh. I did indeed send my mix to you... if you've not gotten it soon let me know and I'll send you another copy!


Great, thanks for keeping me in the loop! Can't wait to get it!


Thanks for the kind words about the mix. Especially meaningful from someone who seems to be a little mix crazy prolific! Hope you're getting settled in your new place.


Hey Meatbreak. Okay I will not mark your September mix as not sent since you said that you would mail it out eventually. Thanks for keeping me posted. Good luck with the move.


Hopefully you'll get it soon. It's a mix of music that has a texture I've been enjoying. It also made me realize that the sound I like means I should really just get a record player and some vinyl. crackle and hiss.


Was waiting to hear back from you and then forgot about it. Just got a reminder from RyanMixtape though so I'll send it out again.


Hey! Just saw your post today 9/28. I don't remember when I sent it but know I did because I put a check next to you on my list. Did you get it yet? If not I'd be happy to send another. If you did get it remind me what mix I sent.


Hi Meatbreak After arriving home from a busy ass day I was greeted my your mix.Thank you!Trish


Cool send it out when you can.


MB, got the CD yesterday and so glad you decided on the dubstep mix in the end - it's awesome! Was worried that I may have envoked the meatbreak wrath by banging on about lateness and ended up with one of your filthy black metal blasphemies!


Hey meaty! It's now July and still no May mix! Shame!


hey, your mix was returned to me by the post office for insufficient postage, even though they told me how much postage to put on it! i re-sent it, it's coming.


No worries, take your time - judging by your previous mixes I'm sure it will be worth the wait. BTW I'm a huge dub fan so feel free to send me your first choice mix! I'm rolling a fat one in anticipation!


I'm happy to hear you dug the mix. From the looks of it, you're a high voltage mixtaper yourself! Thanks for the feedback, RayGun


Hey Man..wanted to let you know I got the cd's. I'm still listening to 'em and want to get some un-interrupted time to really listen to them. Then I'll get back to you. At fist glance though...it's veeerryyy good.


just got your mix today, its quite simply brilliant. ive never really given that whole genre a chance but that cd wont be leaving my car stereo for a long long time! great to see your from brighton too, i live in worthing when im not up at uni in preston! moving back down to brighton in august time so hope its still a classy city. peace


I've never checked out last.fm, but if we've got a group maybe I shall... I'll get back to you.


Don't apologize....I think anything that can expand the power and possibilities of IMP is a great idea. Heard people and mags talking about last FM for a while, but I keep forgetting to check it out. But I'll definitely remember to go there now. Nice job, meatbreak!


Doing good MxBx. Sign in with the last fm-IMP. I will add more info to the site and comment on my fave IMP of 2008 when I have the chance. Interesting idea; love to see more members join.


Hey, man the IMP site asked me if my latest mix arrived (Dec) and I said it did, when actually it hasn't yet. But I'm sure it's on it's way and I'm really looking forward to getting one from you. I've been watching your page a lot and was hoping you'd get my name at some point.


"Muh Bowdy Language saays I am note affraiiiid"! I read about Monotonix in Spin and would really love to see them! I don't know if they'll play Reno, Nevada though. Unless they were on their way to S.F., Cali. Did they really light drums and shit on fire? BTW - Happy New Year!

Just another Bloody David

Hi Meat Love the mix, it took me several plays to 'get' it but now it's a staple, and on the Zen. Good mix, I hope mine get to this standard! Cheers J.A.B.David


Glad you liked it MxBx. Praise coming from such a prolific mixer as yourself is quite a compliment.


Merry Fucking Christmas my friend: http://www.sendspace.com/file/n3x0kn


Hello there Mister Meatbreak, sir. I'm glad you enjoyed the Black Mix. And thanks also for getting in touch. Most of my mixes have disappeared into the aether with never a word from the recipient and I'd begun to wonder whether this IMP thing was just a huge practical joke. I'd love to get a side trade from you. Do you have my return address? Yes, I know and love Meursault. In fact, "Pissing on Bonfires..." is one of my favorite records of the year. A friend in Edinburgh picked up a copy for me at their CD release party a few months back and it's been in heavy rotation since. Totally unique I think. I also can attest that A Place to Bury Strangers is incontinence-inducingly loud, and I was caught without earplugs.


Greetings Mr Break! Thanks very much for my CD; I'll give it a go later! Loving the fact someone other than me uses the word tardy, it's my middle name! Cheers again x


Aargh. For the past few weeks I've been so wrapped up in the whole election process over here that I've completely neglected my IMP-related responsibilities, not to mention my persoanl hygiene. In other words, I'm late with the damn October mix. I'm on it, however, and hope to get it out soon. Sorry for the delay.


Here's the treat: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gs7j61


I guess it turned out to be a trick, damn zshare they used to be reliable. I'll try a different service. Sorry about that.


Trick or Treat!!! http://www.zshare.net/download/19052227c70e5127/


Thanks, tis the season and all that. I did a special Halloween mix so I figured why not change my look a bit. TMH seems pretty cool thanks for the tip.


Congrats on the birth of Minnie Meatbreak! My daughter in almost 6 and I love her more than anything (even me-self) Again, Cheers mate!!


Damn brotha I'll send you the last few mixes. Please tell me your physical address. ( intruderalert@hotmail.com ) Take care man!


MxBx, I'm glad you're enjoying "Cause of Death". I hadn't seen that episode in years and I came across it on youtube and as I started hearing the dialog I started saving some of the really choice lines. It eventually all fell together. I put more effort into this one than some of the others I must admit. Thanks again for the high praise because I've gotten some awesome mixes from Sean too and the fact that I got recognition from him for it means a lot to me. The same goes for you being that you are such a prolific mix taper who obviously takes a lot of care in putting together your mixes.


Sorry I've lost touch bro. I've been listening to the NFR from Dec. 2007! Really awesome mind blowing stuff for me. Thanks man!


August mix in the mail today 8/29. Hope you like it.


I finally saw Casino Royale last night and man you are right. That Chris Cornell song is beyond bad. I had tears coming down my face from laughing so hard. Then I realized I can skip to the next chapter on the dvd and I returned to normal status.


Jack also has a duet with Alicia Keys for the new James Bond film in October. I don't think the boy gets much sleep. Maybe the stabbing in the head will slow him down.


You are truly the only person on here I would dare to send that Incapicitants song! Glad you liked it, I think it turned out pretty well.


Errr, running dreadfully late - I'll post your mix tomorrow, should get to you soon. Sorry!


I forgot about the Coke ad. I would had to get it from youtube because the ad was never shown here in the States. I am still getting great music from your NFR downloads; I haven't check out June yet. Thanks for those; great stuff.


Shit, guess I better remove all the Nickelback, then. I dug out something I'd been working on for a while but secretly feared was too abrasive/random/out there for some random IMPer... I'm sure you'll take it all in stride though. I'm liking how it's sounding these days, which a few recent additions. I have a fairly perverse or liberal notion of mixtape 'flow', but I think this one does, in an odd way.


Hopefully the latter. I'll try to get some good stuff on there.


Guess who I've got for June's assignment?


Thanks for the tip Meat*Runaway is an awesome song*Enjoy all them notes & harmonies*How's marriage?*Stay loose*Yours Jon*


Thanks for the link. That was real sweet of you. The second album was a lot more listenable to my little ears. It's good to have your taste stretched from time to time, to be sure. Cheers, Meribah.


Woohoo! This means the my bribes at the post office carried through properly. That mix is really a mish-mosh -- literally I jumbled all these songs I had wanted to spend more time with onto a disc. Don't know if that makes it more prescient and within the spirit of a mix... or a cheap cop-out. Or both :)


Dearest Meatbreak, Apologies on your truant January mix. It should be reaching you shortly bearing puppy eyes and an authorized tardy note.


Hola Meatbreak*Thanks for that! Got a card from Jan's neice~ a young person no less~ who had given the IMP 23 a listen* Parker's Barbara was her favourite* Sign them to MeatbreakIndustries pronto*The kids love em<>The old folk love em. Stay Cool Meatbreak* Your pal Jon*


I read your blog "When it all seems worthwhile" and can appreciate it greatly. I think I have recieved a 25% response to the assignment mixes that I have sent. On the plus side, everyone that has traded with me has given me not only good feedback but some serious tunes. However, to get a response that was written and mailed to you has to be a wonderful feeling. On the plus side, everyone that has traded with me has given me not only good feedback but some serious tunes.


hey meat, my '08 goes well so far. i think i'm'a buy that black mountain cd next tuesday, it seems like something that'd be up my alley. otherwise i went on a butt-nuts radiohead b-side binge there for a while which hampered my top-ten-writing but i finally got it done: blog.you-phoria.com. it's lacking some of the features of last year's model, but i'll probably put up a separate list of disappointments when i get around to it. i'll be putting matthew's list up there soon as well. and i gotta say, i thoroughly enjoyed "the introvert perversion". some of it gives me sort of a liars-with-unlimited-free-studio-time feeling, but i love the visceral churn of "grinding meat" and my fave is "follow the stick", just awesome. i haven't had time for the nfr yet but i will catch up soon. check ya later.


It is indeed (my vanity knows no bounds) Hope you liked it


I'm checking out that link right now! I'm going! Thank you! Happy Belated Holidays to you and yours :) (zang)


Why, thank you. I depend upon the kindness of strangers.


Hotel Wrecking City Traders. Great name. The Porch. Great song. I also enjoyed your Serpentine Tuberculosis. I plan on using it when I do a mix of instrumentals with your approval of course.


lots of stuff i've never heard of (as expected)! i know you and matt are super sweet on the of montreal; i've warmed up to it, but it doesn't reach me the way it does other people, i guess. the biggest surprise for me was that jesu doesn't make an appearance on your list! but i'm always surprised when my favorite stuff doesn't get more props. you've definitely given me lots of ideas for stuff to seek out once the new year is here and i don't have to worry about making lists for another fifty-odd weeks. i'll send you a link to my list extravaganza once i get it finished. have a happy new year!

Ryan Mixtape

You should check out Umbrella -- it was 2007's closest thing to pop perfection. Also, how was Thailand? I vacationed in Phuket, Bangkok, and Ko Samui/Ko Tao a couple winters ago. Magical.


MEATBREAK is DEE MAN!!! Thank you so much for sharing your N.F.R. mixes with the cyber world. You are the shiznit!!! I am having/had a great holiday time in the desert, for once my family was well behaved. Please email me your addy so I can send you a mix. I realise it won't be as current or local as your awesome mixes but I'm willing to face up to the challenge of making a mix for Meat!!!


I am happy to hear you are enjoying those mixes, I take extra time to make those just right for my taste. I did receive your 20:07 and played it right away. "Through The Shimmer" is one awesome listening pleasure. Thank you so much. I'll have to download the recent NFR also.


p.s. you never told me how your festival dj set went! i think i myspaced you about it months ago but maybe i dreamt that.


actually, i have already checked out 50-31 and am on tenterhooks...as well as feverishly working on my own list. i submitted a rushed random-order list to ryan, which may or may not end up intact...naturally, after seeing your top twenty i'll probably be bummed about what i missed, but that's probably going to happen every year.


happy to know that the mix help set the mood as you trimmed the tree. The music is very diverse but that is why I like doing this theme. I am looking forward to your end of the year mix.


glad to hear you got the cds. Enjoy them when you can; it is all in good fun. I did find something to go with Milk's song also.


DNA 200707 (IMP#24): still a freaking brilliant mix...even now that I've stopped listening to it in my sleep.


Nice article on Stylus. I wish I knew of its existence before but I can always search on the net and discover its history. Glad you liked the sexlove mix. Sound bites are fun to work with but sometimes the song is hard to match or I want to use a great song but I don't have the sound bite to match. Right now, I am having this problem as I am making something for the holidays and I can't find anything to go with Milk's "Don't Eat The Sweets". This mix by the way will be heading out to you in about a week or so; my gift to the IMPers who have traded and given me great music.


Thanks again for the article, man.

Son of Ravyn

Hey. The article ran back in September, and can be found in the "News" section of this here site. In addition, I've been meaning to get a few copies of the issue in which it ran, so I can send a copy to each of the IMPers who helped me out in its creation. Glad you liked the Texas mix cover, and the YLT mix. Feel free to have a crack at the contest; nobody else has. Thanks for stopping by.


Played the latest NFR mix several times and really dig the Hotpants Romance tune. Good stuff!


Glad to hear you are enjoying Favorites. Some of those tunes are from my vinyl collection. I am interested about your view of fucksexlove. I downloaded the November NFR and played a little; the Medicine & Duty song is great. I'll play it all on my next day off.


MeatBreak you are a beautiful human being (even though your image looks like a very scary gnashing fangs and eyeballs thing) This is the coolest gift I've gotten all year. Thank you very much mate! "Rock On Over London, Rock On Chicago!"


practically everything on the NFR mix; Girls from Egypt, Zettasaur, Turbowolf, and Parker were definte "let me play that again" songs.


Got the music yesterday. Thanks for the bonus mix; Resale vol. II is awesome! I love Dreamer's 15 minute instrumental at the end along with all the other tunes. Ghosting is very good also. Who does the little instrumental hidden at the end after the Marilyn Manson phone message? Your mixes should be to you soon and there might be some ghosts on them. Thanks again and if you like to trade in the future, just let me know. Oh yeah, on my 'feucksexlove', I forgot to mark a new track so 'If I Your Grilfriend' and 'Bubble Love' are one track. I hate making mistakes on mixes. Later.


Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the mix! I sent yours out last Friday and added a last minute mix to the package.


I would love to get a copy of your "ghosting" mix. If you are up for a trade let me know.


how are you meatbreak? i hope all is well. i am glad to hear that the mix reached you so soon after i sent it. would love to hear any feedback you may have. i hope it was a satisfying listen. i have been so busy with work (today and tomorrow...which would be normal work days are / will be pure overtime)...i hope that the speediness of the mix reaching in england fast will be just as speedy when i send my mix recipient his mix as it will be a little late. just wanted to send a quick hello and thanks for the lovely comment. to you and the maiden a wonderful weekend.


hey meaty just been checking out your recent mixes, new black metal 1 looks to be a cracker, is brighton ready for a black metal night, i'd like to think so!!! also your dna mix sounds interesting, when saw it was wedding related my first reaction was oh fuck is there going to be celtic songs on it, but luckily you missed that pleasure haha! take care mate.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I went away just after your mix arrived, so I haven't had a chance to listen yet. I suspect you're right, and I'm not going to find the mix easy, but I appreciate your candour & I am looking forward to at least sampling it when I get home. I will update you once I've had a listen.


Sounds a real adventure at Summer Sundae Meatbreak* Well done mate* No worries over the letter and if you think folk would find interest in the thoughts on N F R then thats fine to blog up.Very kind*Thanks. Just in from a blow about on the tops above Halifax.Set out on the old cobbled cart horse track the Magna Via. Practically vertical.Stay Cool**


how can i relax when i love reptiles so much...(!)


greetings lord meatbreak. i got to the postmaster on earliest saturday to have the august mix sent your way. it should arrive in a timely manner. well, as timely as it can considering that it late. =) be well good lord meatbreak.


No problemo. I will wait patiently. And call in sick to work every day until then. You are going to reimburse me for that...right?

Son of Ravyn

It has landed. I am digesting slowly, as the caustic nature of the contents is burning a hole in my throat. Thrilling, really. Thank you, sincerely. More comments to come. . .

Son of Ravyn

You are one motherfuckin' good guy. I nominate Meatbreak for IMPer of the year. I will be hounding the 'rents daily, in anticipation.


Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully one day I might get one of your mixes in the mail.


greetings victor of bbc competition. i hope all is well 'cross the pond. after many long hours fawning over tunes and things, i have completed the audio portion of your sound journey. please allow a little bit more time for visual presentation (i am a busy chap at the clock in/clock out site). in a week or two it shall be on its journey towards you and your musik-player. be well and congrats on your victory =)

Son of Ravyn

Hey Meatbreak. I appreciate your perserverance, man. If you haven't already posted it, let's try something different. Send it to me, care of my folks, at their address, to see if it's just my local post office: Nick Hall C/O Terry Hall 11002 Hilcroft Houston, TX 77096 USA

Son of Ravyn

I still haven't gotten the goods. USPS sucks so hardcore, I can't even believe it.


I was really close to putting DWDDDFD on there, although I was going to use the SKM-Etr mix. Looking at it, though, you could swap 'P' for 'Aaron' and throw the original DWDDDFD right after 'A Giant Alien Force'. I think I'd still have to whittle a few seconds here or there, or maybe try to make it a continuous mix with some blending, which might be neat anyway. All I'm saying is I think it could have been done. I just didn't think of it at the time. :D


I have that Beats mix sitting on my CD cabinets at home. One of these days I'm even going to mail it to you!


Hey Meatbreak,yup the re~mix got here.The Cat is obsessed with track nine.Sorry so lax getting back to you been in Wales for Birthday parties and burial tombs.Home tonight to big floods and detours & watersplashes in the van.You on 6mix? I find the presenter so annoying is she Ok in real life? will vote.More on mix later.Have Fun Jon*


i look forward to a trade for you. and yes...i will vote! =) great taste in music...perhaps a swap dealing in noise? =) gargantuan cheers and hellos!

Son of Ravyn

Hey, Meatbreak. I still haven't gotten your mix. The anticipation is causing me to develop spontaneous Tourettes syndrome. I walk down the street, and every once in a while, "Meatbreak" comes tearing from my lips, making people stop and stare. Children cry. It's becoming a social liability. Oh, don't worry, I don't want to spoil the surprise for myself, so I back-doored my way directly to your comments section, bypassing any possibility of viewing anything about the mix you sent. At this point, though, I'm concerned it's not gonna make it here. When did you send it? I'm going to try to follow up with my local post office and try to track it down. Oh, one more thing. I'm a freelance journalist, mostly for my local Alt-Weekly The Houston Press, and am doing an article on IMP. Would you be willing to provide a few statements when I actually get around to writing the damned thing up? I figure, what with your Radio 6 appearance, you


Your cd for June is in the mail as of today. I hope you like it.


"Don't worry, Donny. These men are cowards." "Say what will you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos!"


If you mean on the Office article, then nope, not directed at you... you seemed one of the more sensible ones, really. If it was on something else, you'll have to remind me! And I'm with Borges: Nihilism is an essentially immature, incomplete response to reality that we tend to adopt (and I definitely include myself in that 'we') because it makes us feel cool.




You must be the fellow who's always leaving insightful and occasionally exasperating comments on Stylus. Carry on.

Ryan Mixtape

Of Montreal is wonderful live. Although the whole shebang is pretty choreographed, the show is still fun and pretty natural-feeling. They also sound great live, even better than on disc.


wow, exciting; i didn't even realize tomahawk had a new disc in the works! it doesn't come out for another couple weeks here, but i'll definitely be buying it. they've always put on a great show when i've seen them, but i'm still waiting for the album i know they're capable of that will really stick; the first two have been instantly gratifying but haven't kept me coming back too often. i have the patton disease, but most of his other projects have proven more rewarding to me, although right now secret chiefs 3 is blowing them all away.


my copy of IN UTERO doesn't have "rubbing alcohol;" i was forced to steal the 12" of "heart-shaped box" from my college radio station to get it, but it still serves as a hidden track in my mind. i think my fave is mr. bungle's "the secret song," which is in the middle of side a of DISCO VOLANTE, but you have to pick the needle up and place it precisely in between two other tracks to hear it. the cd, of course, cheats for you (boooo). i also think the hidden "track -1" on they might be giants' FACTORY SHOWROOM is one of the group's best songs; i cannot for the life of me remember how i found myself rewinding past the first track, but i felt like i'd just cracked a government cypher by accident...great article, i wish i'd thought of that idea for a mixtape first, but i reserve the right to borrow it.

Son of Ravyn

Has my time finally arrived? Should I begin an elaborate cleansing ritual in anticipation of the sacrament? Truly, I am unworthy. Seriously, I've felt that way for the past two mixes; my computer was out of comission for a while, due to a run in with my one year old. I've missed two mixes, and am owing badly. Abuse me as you see fit. High expectations are in place, though, so don't disappoint.


Interesting article on hidden tracks. If one appears on a new cd, I always hope it is pure gold. Most hidden tracks I have discovered are just filler.


The "murdered musicians" listing is somewhat out of context to the original guest blog it accompanied. "Nurturing Phrenology or Poor Charlie Manson" leads into that listing with the disclaimer that, there is a certain amount of speculation around some of the deaths/crimes. With Brian Jones, there are several inconsistencies with the accounts of those present during his death. Yes he was an ass, and I'm not necessarily crying about him checking out early on us...and I would believe that he was murdered, because people can't control themselves and do fucked up things to others.


Oh my Satan! Chetara...THE damn sexiest cartoon character! Jessica Rabbit be damned!

Ryan Mixtape

Three discs, Wolf Eyes-Teddy Bears-Crystals-Beefheart-Purple People Eater, must be a kook, no that's just Meatbreak. God bless Dunc.


Friggin' Thunder Cats Theme! Awesome. I bought the box set and my four year old daughter is SOOO into it. Now she's Chetara!


I don't suppose you'd like to help me hear them, hmm? That third one in particular sounds like good stuff. I hear sendspace is very good, and if you should somehow hear of a place I could hear the album at, you can always contact me at imathers at gmail dot com.


I've never heard 65 Days of Static, and only have heard of them in the most casual, jumbled fashion possible. Details?


A fine, fine song. Weirdly enough, when I bought the album sound unheard and heard it for the first time on my Discman, there was some problem with the connection between the player and my headphones and instead of Olley's vocals there was this layer of ferocious distortion (an effect I've never been able to replicate). I've since grown to love the actual music, of course, but you cannot imagine my disappointment when I heard it for the second time. I had heard Loveless on steroids, and now I had 'mere' rock music.


I still love those guys (glad to hear they're reuniting), especially the first three albums. I think you're right about "The Closer You Get," but it's so thoroughly raging that I tend to put on "The Way I Feel Today" more often. Nice work on the autobio mix - I wish I could have been that thorough, but I've got to ration my CD-Rs these days.


ps. how come you got so many tracks on that CD? did you use a DVD instead or just make it an MP3 cd?


Yeah, it was weird to put that on there.. but hey, it's what started it all .. so I can't just ignore that fact! It's always nice to know that your tastes change and hopefully get better over time, rather than stay with the same old drivel. Nice to see we share some tunes. :)


Looking at the dates, it appears that you and I started at exactly the same time, but you didn't have anything for May/June or June/July (the crazy time after everyone signed up after hearing about this crazy thing on Stylus [that's how I got into it]) of '05. Anyway, I'd be happy to do a little trade or whatever. Beats for beats?


Hooray! All sorted! Thanks for the tip. I feel WAAAAY better now.


finally got my hands on a copy of DIADEM OF 12 STARS. amazing album. i just love the drummer--he is nothing like a typical metal drummer, he is just constantly changing his patterns and going for brute feeling rather than trying to pack as many beats into a fill as he can. the album reminds me of primordial somewhat with its overall wilderness-y feel, but obviously, blacker and less waltzy. it actually reminds me of a lot of great things at different times, but it definitely has its own cohesive feel. thanks for turning me onto this band.


I'm jealous of the fact that all of your mixes show up in chrono order. How'd you do that?


Yeah, I worry almost obsessively about whether or not my mixes will cause a listener to react the wrong way. Glad you liked the Stylus article!


Also, excellent call on "John the Revelator." Good shit.


I really like the Ativan mix - anything that includes both "Sheets of Easter" and "Night Falls on Hoboken" has my vote, for sure. I'd be tempted to put the former right after the latter though, y'know? I'm not going to lie, I've been tempted to pull the same Dopesmoker trick (mainly because that album is so awesome), but you're right it violates the spirit if not necessarily the letter of the IMP rules. As far as Eluvium goes, I've only heard Talk Amongst the Trees, but it's a fantastic record. I really like your "Ghosting" and "Nighttime Eclipse" mixes, although yeah, I couldn't sleep to the latter either...


I actually really want to hear Wold, I should bug Stew about it. The thought of something like Goslings but MORE intrigues me. And dude, you know I (and the rest of Stylus) tries to expose as much good shit as possible - but there's too much stuff, and too much of what get sent to us is shit. Which makes the occasional real discovery (Goslings, Horse Feathers, Corrina Repp, etc) even more precious. I like a bunch of your mixes too, even if all of them have a bunch of people I've never heard of. Triangle Triangle Triangle in particular - "Oh, How To Do Now" is a fucking awesome song.


Meatbreak! Any other Stylus comment goons hanging around this place? (I use "goons" with affection, by the way) And I'm glad you like the Goslings - definitely one of the few bands I both care enough about and feel are obscure enough to warrent proselytizing on their behalf.

Son of Ravyn

My youngest daughter, Juliette, is about to have her first birthday. We like to be a little cooler about that shit, for her benefit. Her party is themed around "Where the Wild Things Are", thus the photo. I am also putting together a disc of "Wild Things" songs. I did one for my older daughter in July. She turned three, and wanted a Hawaii/Lilo and Stitch theme. I try to make these mixes interesting to both kids and adults, and work in some stuff that a lot of parents wouldn't think of their kids digging. I should post the Hawaii mix here. . .Anyway, I am looking for Wild Things themed tunes. Any suggestions? Of course, the music has to be palatable to kids. Shouldn't be too abrasive, no cursing, no inappropriate subject matter. I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have/be able to solicit from your multiplicity of mixtaping friends.


RE: Ghosting There's a great one hidden on Tool's "Opiate". It's a pretty typical tongue and cheek telling about a friend who took too much acid. I believe Tool has put something hidden on most of their stuff.


Arcade Fire on SNL 2/24!!!


Hmmm... I might take that on as a challenge. Can I find 99 tracks and still have it be a cohesive, engaging mix? Interesting...


Yes please. I've got my fuzzy gloves right here! Oh yeah, shoot...I'll need to get to the hardware store and get some dust masks that I goop all up with Vics Vaporub. I'm down. (I ran the psychedelic lights at the last break beats show we had) Good Times.


there are too many band names containing "wolf" these days... and based on what i am familiar with from your top 20, there is at least one more i need to seek out (i was just happy wolfmother wasn't on there).


What, no Happy Hardcore? (f*ckin' rave kids anyway)

Ryan Mixtape

Meatbreak loves nu-rave, which is forgivable because he also loves metal and is conflicted over a love of YLT. I can't wait for this guy to post all his favorites because they'll be an instant point of influence for my favorites. Plus, that hair!


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