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Nice Work if You Can Get It

Music To Play Cards By

Charm City

Barrow Full of Monkey Business

Some people seem to be seriously fixated on monkees

All The Young Girls Love Alice

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Torch Songs and Other Hot Numbers

AUG 08 After seeing Melody Gardot, these voices keep swimming around my brain.

I Heard it On the Fish Fry

http://www.kcur.org/ fishfry.html MAR 07

Summertime Funk

JUN 08

Birth To Earth (Womb To Tomb)

May 2008

Pull Up The Covers

APR 08

Chinese New Year!

2008 - The Year of the Rat FEB 08

Bird Song

MAR 08


Made for my daughter, the Pastry Chef, on the occasion of the grand opening of LAMILL Coffee Boutique, in Silver Lake. JAN 08

Siren Music Festival 2007

AUG 07

Reggae or Not

JUL 07

1960 - 2007

Bio Mix MAR 07

iPod Shuffle

JUN 07

Easy, breezy, sexy, 60's

MAY 07

Happy Happy Joy Joy

MAY 07


no new music here, but I like the way these songs feel together. APR 07

Happy New Year

4705 THE YEAR OF THE PIG Wishing you an abundance of Good Fortune and a year filled with Serenity. Gong Xi Fa Cai FEB 07


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Great. I finally finished the great digitizing project. I mean really! What would happen to all of those Jim and Tammy Faye Baker records if I didn't preserve them for posterity.


Valentina: did you get that thing I sent you?


Hey, I got the July CD this week. Sorry you had to send it twice. Thanks!


Hi Valentina the timeline mix looks cool.Feel free to swing by my page and hit me up for a side trade if you want.my email is trishmull77@comcast.net Rock on! Trish


Mix arrived safe! Thank you, I'll have to listen to it today while it's snowing!


Hey Valentina, I got a mix from Bray on the IMP called "red eyes, laundry machines" that contains nuggets that recalled the best tracks from your "fish fry" mix that I've been enjoying so much. Search under "Bray." Best, Steve


I like your choices for the Easy, Breezy, Sexy 60s. Pour me a martini!


Wow Valentina, "I Heard It..." and "Easy, Breezy..." both hit the nail squarely on the head. Note perfect, they are the standard. Thanks for these. Steve


Valentina: Sorry for the delay. They're on their way. Snatch it and grab it.


Wow! Groovy stuff! Thank you for the mix-let me know if you're ever up for a swap again,I'd definitely be up for it!


Valentina-David aka Chesty6 has me inspired-so I thought I'd take a page out of his book and see if you were up for a side trade..


Valentina: Interested in a little side trade??????


Ah, I did a (sort of) bio mix. Focuses on ages 0-12 as I ponder an impending speed-limit birthday.


Can I get a mix tape? Nice Photo by the way. DM

Melanie Anne

you like the duhks, right? come to the city on june 24th and i'll take you to see them for free in central park. also, i have had "my girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the timmmmmmmmeee." stuck in my head for a few days now. how do you raise someone so lame?


Why thank you. I really liked your timeline mix too. If I've got the dates right you and I are pretty close in age and have probably heard it all. More so than most of the young pups on this site. We've lived through the 60's, punk, 70's am radio hits, new country, old country, Grease (which I went to the theatre to see , I'm proud to say) disco, new wave, big hair, skinheads, grunge, arena rock, Trio singing; "Da-Da-Da"...you name it; we were were there. Good God, I can remember Kiss appearing on the Merv Douglas Show!!! During the day!!! And we still like new music. I wish my parent's were this cool.


Hi - I didn't do the bio mix (hmm, sounds like something you put in your flower beds). I tried but was being very literal, trying to go year by year. Some years were just not that interesting. Gave up. I might approach it as you did - pivotal years only - and use that the next time Ryan suggests something that doesn't put a hook in me. By the way, I so love "Norwegian Wood". Any pop song in which I can delight in the protagonist sleeping with a girl and then burning her furniture the next morning, AND which my mom also loves, gets my eternal vote.


Received the March mix 1960-2007 last week and am absolutely loving it. One of my favorite things about IMP and the mixes I receive is the opportunity to re-listen to and reconsider things I thought I knew, and suddenly admiring something I'd taken for granted for so long. The 1960-2007 mix was primed for that, sometimes aligning well with my own timeline mix, sometimes clashing but only in the sense of me thinking gee, we were in really different places in 19-whatever. Great. Thanks. And the FishFry mix is a real treat.

Melanie Anne

Hmm, it's interesting that on a mixtape set to important years in your life, neither 1984 or 1986 found a way on. I suppose the birth of your children wasn't really that big a deal, you know, in comparison to all those other years. THANKS MOM.


I'm so glad to hear that you like it!


I like my having my Cake too. There simply isn't enough trumpet in pop or rock today and Cake delivers on it.


Absolutely great photo!!!

Melanie Anne

fancy seeing you on this here site, valentina!


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