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About Me

Favorite Songs

Fight Test - Flaming Lips, The Gentleman Who Fell - Milla, Lose Yourself - Eminem

Favorite Artists

Flaming Lips, Nada Surf, The Samples, Phil Collins, Jimmy Eat World, Jellyfish, Sunny Day Real Estate

Favorite Albums

Flaming Lips - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Jimmy Eat World - Clarity; Static Prevails Nada Surf - Let Go Jack's Mannequin - Everything In Transit

Recent Concerts

Pigface, Nada Surf, Flock Of Seagulls


Currently there are no blogs published.


December '07

The year-round tradition

July '07

sorry there's no Scream

March '07

california, without phantom planet

January '07

Excellent live songs, naturally including something from 101


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Your picture reminds me of the show with puppets that was out years ago called captain scarlet. Steven this is the voice of the mysterons we know you can hear us earthman..Hey do you want to do a sidetrade?drop me a line at Please type sidetrade in the subject line so I dont span you! Musically yours Trish


by the way, it is your March mix. But I think I labeled it April. Sorry for the mix-up (pun intended)


Sorry that your April Mix is late. I mailed it today.


Yep ... still stops me in my tracks {!}


February is a short month! Your mixtape is being mailed today first class.


Sorry about this, but the 09/07 mix is running a LITTLE bit late.... but it is forthcoming! I apologize sincerely. Should be reaching you sooner than later.


That picture's still something else. Stops my heart a minute each time it goes by.


Stop looking at me like that STEVEN! You're really creepin' me out.


If you live in the UK, your mix was sent out a couple days ago (express! my fault it's late). Let me know, though.


Wow -- That picture is somethin' else.


February's mix is on it's way. Sorry about the wait.

Ryan Mixtape

I love your first mix's cover art! How did you do that with the ticket and all? Pretty neat stuff.