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Don't. . .Eat. . .Metal!

About Me

Just like you, except not so beautiful on the inside.

Favorite Songs

"How Did Mr.Penguin Get That Way?"

Favorite Artists

Thomas Kinkade

Favorite Albums

Aunt Nancy's 1964 Trip To Historic Pennsylvania

Recent Concerts

Mrs.Hubble's 1st Grade Choir (with Recorder Ensemble)


Currently there are no blogs published.


Is This Love?

There is a mighty fine line between love and hate.

Are You Ready To Die?

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Can You Escape The 7 Deadly Sins?

Oh Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?

Goin' Nowhere Fast

Sing along with the Nowhere Man as he heads down Dead End Street in his modern drift!

Neophyte for Obstruction

Where do middle aged women get all them spice racks?

The Mix That Fried My Little Brains

Where there's smoke, there's brains sizzlin' on a spinning platter!

This Is Where I Belong

People take pictures of their summer. . .to prove that it really existed.

The Life Aquatic with Mr.Sharpadero

Who lives in pineapple under the sea? Pfft-- who cares!

Let's Talk About The Weather

Today's forecast : Partly rockin.' Some listenings may produce gusty winds and FUNderstorms. Chance of enjoyment 100 percent.

Road To Ruin

I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque!

ROCKIN'!!! (On The Inside)

Head banging is a state of mind.

The Good Life

I love the smell of ether in the morning.

Explore the Planet of Sound with RayGun Sharpadero

So far out, it's in!

Records From The Looney Bin

Everybody loves a nut!

Hey Baby

Is you is or is you ain't my baby?


It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting wet

Sing and Dance with Mr.Sharpadero

A collection of today's best dazzlers-for-dancing, presented with style and authority by Mr.Sharpadero.

Life Of The Party

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


Good to the last POP.

The Devil Made Me Do It!

I was seduced by his wicked sense of rhythm and hypnotized by his haunting use of harmonics.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs

The weather is looking ruff. Purr-fect day for staying in and rocking out.


More songs, more better.


The creepazoid's guide to having delusions of grandeur, hiding in bushes and getting even.

Something's Wrong

Sometimes wrong feels soooo right.


Sometimes life is easy. Sometimes it's full of killer robots.


Some things are better left unsaid. A collection of songs that lets the music do the talking.

Train In Vain

A collection of songs about trains and why it's probably best to avoid public transportation if you can.


Spooky songs to keep you and your baby up all night!

Beware of the Mesmerizing HYPNO-MIX!

Beware of the mesmerizing Hypno-Mix!

Summer Is Ready When You Are

Sunny sounds for surfin', shack-shakin' or sweatin' on the vinyl seats of your car when the AC dies.

Thank God for the International Mixtape Project

A mix of gospel songs that will no doubt inspire all who hear it to become better people.

22 Songs About Men & Women

A philosophical debate about the differences between the sexes set to some rockin' good tunes.

Wrong Time Wrong Place

The perfect soundtrack for a romantic picnic for two. Or three.

Wait In The Car

A nice bunch of songs to listen to in the car while your boyfriend asks for directions .

Houston, We Have A Problem

A few songs actually have something to do with Houston, Texas.

Get Illuminated!

Follow me and I will show you the way to salvation. For reals.

Everywhere I Turn There's An Enemy

The truth about birds and why everyone should always wear protective eyewear.

Another Day In Paradise

Life is good. Or not.

The Man Whose Head Expanded

The answers to absolutely everything accompanied by a steady backbeat and wistful musical solos.

Everyone's A Winner!

Give it a spin, kid! Whattya got to lose?


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Your November mix is being sent out today. Enjoy!


Raygun, I sent you a mix titled My Iron Shirt on the 11th of Feb. I got a notice that you didn't get it? Another one's coming up quick-like. Steve


Thanks for the awesome mix! I've really been enjoying it.


Hey RayGun - your mix is in the mail. Hope you like it - Shelly


Your mix is done and has been sitting on my desk, but I currently don't have a car to get to the post office when it's open. It will be on it's way ASAP though!


Starting your mix for May tonight! It's gonna be tough, I was looking through your mixes and it looks like we have pretty similar libraries, I'm gonna have to really dig to make a mix for you.


8/25: August CD is in the mail.


your July mix is in the mail.


Raygun! Thanks so much for the April mixes...well worth the wait. I love the art and the music; it makes my mixes seem so inadequate! I especially loved the Cash songs and the Yo La Tengo one on the weather mix. Hooray!


Thanks for the mixes - two of the best I have received.


Your Oct '09 CD is on its way! Sorry for the delay! (He he, rhyme)


Please tell your mailbox I am sorry, also...


My intentions got ahead of me, for which I apologize. The mix will be coming soon...again, I am so sorry for the lateness...I will include August also to make up for that. ;)


Gun: Just got Life of the Party, duct-taped my kids' ears and rocked out to your hand-picked tales of disorderly conduct and debauchery. I have several mixes I'd like to offer up in side trades, most of them heavily themed as well (e.g. God Bless the USA, So I Married and Axe Murderer, Finest Worksongs, etc). If your interest is piqued, look me up at http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/showPersonsProfile.ph p?profileId=535... Ian


I'm mailing your July mix this week - sorry for the lateness! Promise it will be kick ass!


Hey man, I got your mix last week. Thanks for that! it's always a pleasure to receive a mix from someone who cares, and you most certainly do care Sir! it arrived just as I was leaving for a car trip, so it came with us and soundtracked it. Great stuff! MxBx


hey Ray - Your 'I Accept My Destiny' mix has been nominated as a best IMP Of The Year over on Last fm. Check it!: http://www.last.fm/group/International+Mixtape+Project/forum/114071/_/495293. Do you think this idea has legs? MxBx


I got your mix(es) today, am incredibly excited to listen to them. Thanks a lot.


Halloween may be over but it's always a good time to "Shake Some Evil". Thanks for the trade!


Hey You, So you're the lucky person who should be getting a mixtape from me this month, only I've been a bit slack at sending it. Namely because I've been galavanting in Iceland but don't worry, I'll get it sent out this week. Amber


I'd love to get a copy of SHAKE SOME EVIL for Halloween I have this: http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/mixtapeStuff/showMixtape.php?mixtapeID=2745 http://www.sendspace.com/file/gs7j61


I accept my destiny! Thank you for showing me the way. Everything is great; the artwork, the packaging, and the music! More bad bananas!


Glad you got the mix! Yeah, the interesting choices were mostly due to the laptop getting stolen and having to kind of put in whatever random stuff was around. I'm saving your mix to listen to for the first time Halloween week. I'm looking forward to it.


Hey Ray.... Are you up for a side trade? I'm liking what I see.....


Hey there---your Halloween mix is going out tomorrow. So sorry for the long delay!


Hello there, Mr. RayGun! Just wanted to let you know that I got your July mix and that I can't wait to give it a listen as I am, in fact, ready for summer. Thanks a bunch! :) Liz


Hey! I got your mix and am really excited to listened to it. Unfortunately my laptop got stolen recently and I lost a lot of my old music, so I don't have a lot of the original songs to put on the Halloween mix. I could theoretically buy them all back on iTunes, or would it be ok if I still made you a mix, but with a slightly different theme? Let me know.


Thanks for a very well researched/thought out "Train" mix. I ended up letting a friend of mine borrow it, and he dug it the most. The artwork/design is too hot for TV. Where do you find those cardboard cases? Keep on keepin' on! And all that jazz.


Sure! So you want to swap that same mix? I'd be up for that. Email me your info---my email is rachel.woodnutt@gmail.com


Hey, Got the April mix - loved the artwork!!


Hello! I got my October mix! Thanks so much!


Hi, there, Thank you for your very thoughtful mix!


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